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Christopher Reeve as Superman
I always found the story of Superman so inspiring. An alien, from an advanced civilization forced to live among us backward self-hating humans of Earth. But more inspiring than the story of Superman is the story of Christopher Reeve himself. Born in the ’50s, Reeve came about in a different era than I did — I’m a child of the ’70s. Reeve grew up somewhat privileged as his paternal grandfather was the former CEO of Prudential and attended some of the finest schools in the US. From Cornell to Julliard, Christopher studied and became a great actor, starring in more than 18 movies and countless television shows he became an icon in American film. As most people know, in 1995 Christopher Reeve was injured with a cervical spine injury that left him paralyzed. But, that didn’t stop Chris. He stayed active and used his celebrity status to push more research into spinal cord injuries. He hosted the Paralympics in Atlanta, GA and spoke at the Democratic National Convention. The Christopher Reeve Foundation originally started in 1982, was eventually changed into the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation with Chris lending his name, celebrity, and funding under the management of AFP. To this day, the foundation still operates with its original mission. Chris never gave up. He continued fighting until his death in 2004. His wife later followed him into the afterlife in 2006. Life will always through you curveballs as it did with Christopher Reeve. In the end, it’s whether you get back up from what life throws you that really matters.
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