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Book cover Kosmos Connecting with Nature Don Pierce

New book aims to change our thinking, change our behavior, and change the world.

Don Pierce author in nature

Author Don Pierce says his approach is the fulcrum needed for revitalizing the conservation movement.

Heartwood Path Book series

Heartwood Path book series shows how nature appreciation makes people happy, reveals trustable truths, and protects the environment. Available today.

New dimension: Change the world and, in the process, become happier.

SANTA BARBARA, CA, USA, July 26, 2022 / -- After a professional career as a lobbyist and grassroots organizer for conservation causes, Don Pierce is unsatisfied with his accomplishments. His successful efforts to stop bad dam projects, to defund the construction of a nuclear power plant, and to preserve tens of millions of acres of wild land might satisfy most environmentalists, but not Pierce. He knows he can do more, and is doing so by adding a new approach to his work.

In his new book, Kosmos, Pierce tells of how he is switching from what he learned from his mentor, famed environmentalist David Brower—“saving the earth one place at a time”—to also “saving the earth one happy mind at a time.” Says Pierce, “by combining eco-psychology with conservation psychology in a particular new course of study and action, we have found the fulcrum needed to lift the world in a way that regenerates nature and, in the process, makes people happy.”

“Recreation opportunities, scientific study, climate maintenance, ethics, and wildlife conservation are among our traditional lobbying points for the preservation of wilderness,” Pierce says. “Now, we know the act of saving nature also makes people happy. Given that, we need to both preserve more wild places and tell people what they can do in these places to become, informed, guided, and happy.” Pierce calls what people can do and his new approach the "Heartwood Path.” He introduces it in the 394 pages of Kosmos.

Pierce says his book sets the reader up for a “revolutionary but fun course of study” that simultaneously solves two of the most prickly issues: unhappiness and the destruction of the natural environment. “Who knew getting ‘glad’ and getting ‘green’ could be accomplished together at the same time and in such an effective and rewarding way?”

Kosmos readers are made ready for an enjoyable course of study—the Heartwood Path—that shows a novel and proven way to connect with nature. It turns out that this approach changes lives for the better and simultaneously improves the health and beauty of the natural world. But only if you are prepared, and that is what happens in Kosmos. Here, says Pierce, “you will be given fifty prescriptions aimed to prepare you at the Trailhead of the Heartwood Path—fifty specific directions that will prove helpful in your life. You will learn to become more ecocentric, you will be prepared to receive guidance from nature, and you will be introduced to the natural way to become an effective elder.” Pierce says he “wrote Kosmos as a way to begin preparations for the development of greater integrity and the perspective needed to invoke the world we so desperately need.”

At each of the fifty learning stations, which make up the bulk of Kosmos, Pierce includes an outdoor activity aimed to do such things as making outdoor spaces transformational places, removing one’s illusions of separation, following attractions in nature, and savoring attractive natural beings as a way to receive guidance and trustable truths. The result of following these directions and doing these activities is excellent preparation for developing more compassion, more effectiveness working in groups, and greater perseverance in one’s efforts to make a difference in the world.

Towards these ends, Kosmos prepares readers to effectively and safely use eco-psychology, conservation psychology, and communing with nature to reawaken their bond with nature. “This bond proves to be the key to happiness and a regenerated natural environment,” says Pierce. Kosmos is available today on and The 9x6 printed book is available for $24.99 and the e-book and Kindle version is available for just $9.99.

“The Heartwood Path is unique and enjoyable. It is a fun way to become someone driven easily to see what needs to be done, to stand up to injustice, and to persevere in serving those without a voice—including nature,” says Pierce. Go to for more information, including how to obtain guidance.

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