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Life in the Hands of Jesus

Author Sharmila Panirselvam writes her love story with God in her book Life in the Hands of Jesus

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, July 8, 2022 / -- Things happen for a reason, and that is either by accident or destiny. Most of the time it is by the former, however, Sharmila Panirselvam believes more in the latter as she finds herself writing a book, Life in the Hands of Jesus, about finding answers to her questions about God.

Life in the Hands of Jesus is a book about destiny, which makes it destiny itself. The author, Sharmila, asked questions and found the answer during an ordinary day.

“Life was a mystery because I did not know the purpose of being born into this world. At night in my bed, I asked the question, “Where did all the dead people go?” she writes.

Growing up, Sharmila was exposed to different religions. This prompted her curiosity to learn and understand more about them and even hoped to meet God one day. And sure enough, one day happened and her life took a good 180-degree turn.

Life in the Hands of Jesus is a product of strong faith and love for and of God. It is proof that He watches over us, listens to us, and is there for us. Always and in all ways.

Having found God, Sharmila learned her purpose in life is to convey one of God’s gifts to the world—the power of faith and destiny. In the simplest sense, Sharmila asked and God delivered.

For more inspiration, Life in the Hands of Jesus is available on Amazon as well as on other online book purchasing platforms.

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