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Where Poetry Dwells

Connie Holt revisits what has been in her short poetry book Where Poetry Dwells

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 28, 2022 / -- Where there is life, there indeed is poetry, and vice versa. If there is anything that writing teaches, it is this as well as how much it helps in remembering experiences. Connie Holt agrees as her book "Where Poetry Dwells" revolve around the bits and pieces of her life before.

"Where Poetry Dwells" is a short poetry book that was only very recently published by Inks and Bindings. Every page is filled with Holt’s memory of the early days when her and Marvin’s love was still young and blooming to her becoming a wife and then a mother. She remains carrying these memories so very dearly now in the present and expresses them through her writing.

The book is an ideal and absolute treat for those who want to vicariously live another person’s life, whether that be to gain inspiration from or to simply enjoy.

Connie Holt is a strong and loving woman, wife, mother, sister, and friend. She was born in Tennessee and grew up there too. Writing has been her comfort and escape since the early age of ten, and now she gets to tell the world stories through it, without ever failing to emphasize her faith.

According to the author, “Before there is a book, it is merely gaining life experience.” So, live life, celebrate the big and small, and keep the faith and live by love.

For anyone interested to read about a sneak peek into the life of the author Connie Holt, "Where Poetry Dwells" is available on Amazon and other digital platforms.

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