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Where Poetry Dwells

Poet Connie Holt enlightens readers through her passion in poetry

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 28, 2022 / -- Poetry, like any other kind of art, can inspire deep feelings and capture people's hearts around the globe. Through this, people can express what they feel. It is a craft that translates one's emotions and thoughts into something that people can read and relate to.

"Where Poetry Dwells" is a heartfelt collection from the author herself, Connie Holt. She is a world-renowned poet in the United States of America. Her passion for poetry is expressed in the pages of her book enlightening people's minds through the words shared. When emotions go unspoken, Where Poetry Dwells helps readers settle.

“Born and raised in Belfast, Tennessee, I now live in Waynesboro, Tennessee with my husband Marvin. I have been in love with writing since the age of ten. Writing is a good encouragement for thoughts and imaginations. Writing is building blocks for strong faith and love. Before there is a book, it is merely gaining life experience. Love for my husband and privilege of kids, and my grandchildren, who I love and they love me.” She shares it with readers.

Just like in her book, “When roses are bloom, the scent is everywhere. Writing’s got to be real—feelings that conjured up dreams they were afraid to believe in. Know to start wherever you are.” Holt leaves traces of her experience in life.

Readers who are enlightened by the work of Holt can purchase her book "Where Poetry Dwells" on Amazon.

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