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Pamela Cummins author of This Curly Woman Went Gray

Pamela Cummins Author

This Curly Woman Went Gray by Pamela Cummins

This Curly Woman Went Gray by Pamela Cummins

A new book helps women with all types of hair textures take the steps and use the tools to stop the vicious cycle of covering up the grays.

JACKSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, July 19, 2022 / -- In This Curly Woman Went Gray (Paperback $9.99, July 2022) Pamela Cummins, a curly woman, shares her experience of going gray cold turkey. While transitioning from dyed to gray hair is not an easy path, it’s filled with many powerful lessons. This guide has step-by-step tips to ease the reader’s journey of returning to their natural hair color.

The timely book validates why more and more women are choosing to stop dyeing their hair to save time and money. This Curly Woman Went Gray exposes why ditching the dye involves more than just hair color. Cummins goes over:

• Pros and cons of the three transitions technique.
• Tools to use in the beginning to feel less self-conscious and more empowered.
• Techniques to stop polite hair trolls with their 4 types of unsolicited advice.
• Ways to determine if you have hair trauma and advice to heal it.

“When I look back at mine and the other women who shared this path with me, watching our hair turn gray is only a small part of the journey,” says Cummins. “We’re dealing with our insecurities of growing old because of society’s negative beliefs about women aging. Then add in the critical comments from family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers. I wrote this book to empower women to be who they are, despite the opinions of others. And to live their lives according to what is right for them, whether that’s letting their hair turn gray or something else.”

Pamela Cummins stopped dyeing her hair in March 2020, after being inspired by a precognitive dream. She has been a dream interpreter and spiritual growth intuitive for over three decades, helping thousands with their personal growth and spirituality. Pamela is the author of seven books.

This Curly Woman Went Gray ($9.99, 90 pages, 4x6, ISBN: 9780997670356) is available at online and neighbor books stores. It’s also available in eBook format. For more information, please visit

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