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Author of Livingood Daily - Amazon #1 Best Seller

Dr. Blake Livingood

Livingood Daily

Dr. Livingood

CARY, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, July 21, 2022 / -- Dr. Blake Livingood knows what it takes for one to live their best, healthiest life. As the author of Livingood Daily, a number 1 bestseller on Amazon for the past two years, he talks about the 5 foundations of health and how he was able to turn the health of his father around.

In Livingood Daily, he talks about how he nearly lost his father at the age of 51 due to an autoimmune disease and heart failure. The number of doctors his father saw for his conditions at the Mayo Clinic was astounding, and constant medications and surgeries were not helping. Dr. Livingood developed the process of the 5 foundations of health and was able to save his father in the process.

One can heal their body naturally, Dr. Blake Livingood has found out. He has been able to lead his father off of all the medication he was prescribed, and his dad is back to playing with his grandchildren. As a nurse, his wife is also committed to healthy living, and together they hope to build a large natural health care clinic. So far, they have helped 25,000 people reach the same success as Dr. Livingood's father.

The book Livingood Daily was written by Dr. Blake Livingood in 2018 to bring awareness to natural ways to improve overall health. He wanted to share his father's journey and how he was able to heal using natural resources. The book talks about the 5 foundations of health and offers readers a 21-day challenge to get started on their journey.

During the time spent as #1 on the Amazon bestseller list, Livingwood Daily has sold more than 500,000 copies throughout the world. Dr. Blake Livingood knows that by sharing his father's journey, he is able to teach others how to live their best life. By following the recipes and supplementation discussed in his book, people have been able to take their health back into their own hands.

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