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J E Morgan revisits the city of his youth. It echoes with a double entendre implied in Suite Invitation: Never Say Never

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, July 27, 2022 / -- It was satisfying, electrifying, and insightful such that few authors achieved. However, J E Morgan does with splendid invitation reflecting his endeavor: ’Never Say Never, first published in 2015. is quick and fulfilling. Short stories about the author reveal the trials of his early years: New York’s Suite Invitation’ becomes an escape. What differentiates it from other erotica novels is that Morgan’s stories are set with philosophical thought and delivered with ease. The author writes:

“The past became a closed door, and I wanted to leave it that way. However, my demons wouldn’t allow it; for now, I had to pass through a lonely place where time stood still, Purgatory.”

A Suite Invitation: Never Say Never is perfect for leisure, something wise yet sexy, or for those seeking love calling for a different kind of foreplay that leaves the reader breathless.

J E Morgan is a quick-witted author. As a military veteran, retired teacher, actor, and musician, he has many stories, from life lessons to how they were learned. His works are his way of revisiting what has been. He enjoys semi-retirement and lives in New Jersey with his wife. More information about A Suite Invitation: Never Say Never is available on

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