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Warding Off Evildoers cover

Warding Off Evildoers cover

Author Joan Arehart-Treichel headshot

Author Joan Arehart-Treichel headshot

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Award-winning Science Writer Awakens, Entertains, Informs about Behavior of Evil People

...a vivid piece of forensic psychology that explores the creation, intent, and operations of the criminal mind...WARDING OFF EVILDOERS is highly recommended.”
— Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review
WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2022 / -- WARDING OFF EVILDOERS, just released by Armin Lear Press, is award-winning science writer Joan Arehart-Treichel’s riveting exploration of the minds and motives of evil people, as well as a guidebook to staying safe. She also makes the argument that there are evil impulses in all of us and offers informed advice about how we can keep from becoming evildoers ourselves or turning our children into one of them.

The book taps not only the knowledge, observations, and analyses of forensic experts, but also scientific study findings to see what they can tell us about who evildoers are, how they got that way, and most crucially, how we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from them.

“WARDING OFF EVILDOERS is a must-read book for anyone serious about understanding violent offenders and the origins of evil. This book is packed full of interesting details and studies and provides some great insight into the architecture of evil. Joan has a knack for writing in a very engaging and conversational tone, and the end result is a scholarly book that reads almost like a novel. Do yourself a favor and read this important book. You will be glad that you did.”
Kevin Beaver, PhD, professor of criminology
at Florida State University in Tallahassee

“WARDING OFF EVILDOERS is an expose of those who commit evil and represents a vivid piece of forensic psychology that explores the creation, intent, and operations of the criminal mind. It comes from a senior staff writer for Psychiatric News and synthesizes decades of Joan Arehart-Treichel's interviews with psychiatrists on the subject, as well as her research into studies of criminal minds... The result is a powerful lesson in personal safety, moral and ethical choices, and better understanding the incarnation and presence of evildoers at all levels of society. While WARDING OFF EVILDOERS is highly recommended for any general-interest library, its message will ideally be profiled in mental health, safety, and awareness groups and book clubs dedicated to psychological understanding and improving members' lives with better information.”
Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

About the Author
Joan Arehart-Treichel is an award-winning science writer who has written four previous books for the public about scientific advances, notably Biotypes: The Critical Link Between Your Personality and Your Health. For 15 years, she worked as a senior staff writer for Psychiatric News, a newspaper published by the American Psychiatric Association for psychiatrists.

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TITLE Warding Off Evildoers
AUTHOR Joan Arehart-Treichel
ISBN 978-1956450255 (PB)
978-1-956450-26-2 (eBook)
PRICE $18.95, $9.99
PUB DATE July 11, 2022

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