• Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) Starts FMGE Coaching Classes Following Remarkable Result in 2021

    Best FMGE Coaching Institute in India

    Best FMGE Coaching Institute in India, Call for more information 1800 833 7707

    Best FMGE Coaching Institute in India

    Leading Faculties @ Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) for FMGE Coaching, Call for more information 1800 833 7707

    Top FMGE Coaching Institute in India

    Meet our Prominent Faculties @ Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA), Call for more information 1800 833 7707

    Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) Starts FMGE Coaching Classes Following Remarkable Result in 2021! Call for more information 1800 833 7707

    Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) has outshined everyone by ceaselessly delivering the best results in FMGE over the years than any other institute in India.”
    — Dr. David K Pillai, Chairman
    CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU, INDIA, January 7, 2022 / -- After the outstanding FMGE result in December 2021, Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) starts their FMGE coaching classes for the next batch. The institute will be conducting live classroom sessions as well as online classes for students. They have also prepared to extend one-on-one training programmes for tomorrow’s doctors and healthcare specialists.

    Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) has recently become India’s no. 1 achiever in the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) with exceptional results, evidencing their proficiency once again. This compulsory exam, conducted by National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences (NBEMS), grants the much-needed license to Indian medical students with a foreign degree for practicing medicine in India.

    Dr. David K Pillai, the chairman of the institute, informed, “Our institute is the principal associate of Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) in Philippines. KIMA, one of the prominent institutions in India, has secured a pass percentage of 91.4% in FMGE 2021 whereas the same in all of India is close to 23.3%.”

    Being one of the toughest exams in the country, Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) requires additional and personalised guidance from mentors. Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) offers benefits like integrated technology, strategic curriculum, well-researched study materials and experienced faculties including Dr. Deepak Marwah (Internal Medicine), Dr. Siraj Ahmad (Pharmacology) Dr. Shrikant Verma (Anatomy), Dr. Yusuf (Orthopaedics), Dr. Shivani Jain (Ophthalmology), Dr. Vijay Gupta (Physiology) and others.

    As shared by the chairman, Dr. David K Pillai, “Our prominent and experienced faculties will conduct aptitude and mock tests regularly to enhance the efficiency of students and provide them with hands-on experience. FMG Students will also learn effective time management, get exposure to essential questions and gain accuracy and speed, which are the most important factors.”

    Apart from the above, Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) will provide updated study materials and make FMG students solve simple to complex assignments with short-cut solutions and tricks for the best quality preparation. This all-inclusive training programme is designed to help them in practicing for the next examination and securing high scores.

    FMG Students enrolling for this FMGE coaching will get to avail doubt clearing session, performance analysis, revision on high-yield topics, offline classes with interactive review and more. They will be mentored comprehensively to acquire additional skillset apart from their MBBS degree for qualifying in this computer based licensure test.

    Besides the above-said, the institute ensures the best amenities to its students including AC classrooms, in-campus food and accommodation, friendly staff, highly equipped study halls with individual cabins and 24x7 support.

    According to the Chairman, Dr. David K Pillai, “Every year, our institute helps more than 90% of the students from India to get admission in Davao Medical School Foundation, Philippines and other reputed colleges in the Philippines for medical studies. We also bring the best FMGE coaching for foreign graduated students in India.”

    This time as well, Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) strives to prepare the best batch who will come out with flying colours in the next Foreign Medical Graduates Examination.

    About Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA)
    Established in 1999, Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) is a renowned institute in India and the primary associate of Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) in Philippines. They open doors of opportunities for aspirants to study medicine abroad and practice successfully in India. They also offer the most holistic education to medical students for cracking exams and developing additional skillsets for their professional careers. KIMA comes with facilities like advanced lab equipment, latest safety installations, wireless-enabled classrooms, audio-visual enhancements, fire hazard proofing, etc. Over the years, the medical training institute has become the preferred choice not only for their unbeatable results but also for their affordable courses to make dreams come true.

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    Kings International Medical Academy
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  • Nextbrain ranked #1 mobile app development company in Dallas

    Mobile apps are one of the best ways to reach customers effectively, and with an effectively good design

    DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 5, 2022 / -- As mobile devices have become more powerful over the past few years, people have begun using them to do an ever increasing number of things. Now businesses have realised this and have started trying to reach customers through the mobile market. Mobile apps are one of the best ways to reach customers effectively, and with an effectively good design, you can get ever more engagement from the customers through the app. The internet traffic has drastically shifted in recent years, and more than half of the population accesses the internet on a mobile device rather than any other kind of device in a given point of time.

    There are already 3.8 billion mobile apps available on official Android and iOS app stores, and this number keeps on increasing every year. While some of them are paid and people might not download those, most are free and help the business make profits after downloading them. Mobile apps are expected to generate 935 billion dollars in revenue by 2023, and millennials in particular are prone to opening a well designed app over 50 times a day. With such statistics, we can easily see why mobile application development has become important in the development industry.

    Nextbrain Technologies is a leading mobile app development company in the city of Dallas, USA and has served a multitude of clients from around the world. It has helped develop custom mobile apps from the ground up with an emphasis on UI, security and feature richness. To ensure total customer satisfaction, our app developers use an agile strategy to ensure that all of the client's criteria are met. Recently the company was ranked number one in the city of Dallas in the realm of mobile app development.

    Mr Saran, who is the CEO and Founder of Nextbrain said “we are immensely proud with our ranking of our company in Dallas city in the US” and also stated that “our clients are our top concern and we will try our very best to give the most effective solutions to their problems”.

    By combining sophisticated technology, resources, and unique ideas which are collaboratively formed with the help of clients, mobile app developers constantly believe in providing unrivalled mobile app development services to attain the highest profit margin. We also try to incorporate and study about artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT technology, the latter of which we have already started working on in the company. This is necessary to keep up with the market conditions and essentially beat the competition in the market.

    About Nextbrain
    Nextbrain is a Bangalore based Indian mobile app development company that specialises in various types of development technologies. We have offices in Dallas, United States and Toronto, Canada. We serve clients globally. We develop both Android and iOS applications and have expertise in technologies that allow us to create cross platform mobile apps. We also provide web design and digital marketing services for our clients and have in-house UX/UI designers that help develop custom UX design for every application that we develop so as to increase the client ROI to the maximum possible value.

    Started in 2016, we have helped various businesses become successful through the custom services we provide. For all our services and especially mobile app development services, we provide support services that help upgrade the product to a better suited version according to market demand. We are also well invested into new Technologies like IoT and artificial intelligence and actively try to learn more about them.

    karthikai Selvam
    KSA Enterprise
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  • GLOBAL LANGUAGE MONITOR (GLM) Names the Numerals the Top Words of the Year 2021 for Global English

    Global Language Monitor

    Global Language Monitor

    Paul JJ Payack Has Been Using the Latest Technology to Monitor Global English Since 1999

    Paul JJ Payack Has Been Using the Latest Technology to Monitor Global English Since 1999

    Payack Chose the Top Global English Words of the Decade for the BBC

    Payack Chose the Top Global English Words of the Decade for the BBC

    Covid-19 dominated the news in 2021, however, It’s the accompanying numbers that lift the numerals to the lofty position of Word of the Year for 2021 (#WOTY).

    Covid-19 has dominated the news in 2021 but It’s the numerals that accompany every story, in any language, in any medium that lift the numerals to the lofty position of Word of the Year (#WOTY).”
    — Paul JJ Payack, President and Chief Word Analyst of GLM.
    AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, January 3, 2022 / -- "The Global Language Monitor has named 'the Numerals' the Top Words of the Year for 2021 for Global English (#WOTY). This is the first and only Word of the Year effort for Global English," said Paul JJ Payack, founding President of the Global Language Monitor.

    The Covid-19 Pandemic has dominated the news in 2021 as it had in 2020. However, It’s the numbers that accompany every story, in any language, at any time, in any medium that lift the numerals to the lofty position of Word of the Year (#WOTY).

    There are billions of permutations of the basic ten numerals And no mention of Covid-19 is complete without a full run-down of the relevant stats, e.g. cases, deaths, vaccines administered, changes per day, week, month, year, totals, etc,

    The Heart emoji was the Top Word of 2014 the first time a symbol took the honor.

    Next Big Numbers for 2022:

    US:  1,000,000 Covid Deaths

    World:  5,500,000 Covid Deaths

    The Top Words of the Year 2021 for Global English follow.

    1.     The Numerals (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 0) – Every time Covid (or one of its variants) is mentioned, it is surrounded by three to five numbers. Covid-19 currently has about 4 billion citations on Google, which are accompanied by tens of billions of supporting numbers.

    2.    Covid-19 – Word of the Year in 2020, could be the word of the year in 2022? Perhaps for the decade? Perhaps the 21st century?

    3.    Wokeness – The state of being awakened to the social distresses found amongst us.  Though this appears to occur for every generation it is used by politicians as a never-before-witnessed phenomenon.  Favored by Progressives.

    4.    Variant – The longer the coronavirus persists, the more variations will emerge.  Remember the great plague in London in 1666?  It was merely a replay of the bubonic plague of the mid-1300s. And the Hong KongFlu?  A replay of the Spanish Flu of the World War 1 era.

    5.    The Pronouns – People have been attempting to re-define their language for their own political purposes, at least since the French Revolution.  The Marxists expanded the practice in the early 20th c., right comrade?  The practice increased during the Sexual Revolution (Ms., etc.) and continues to grow during the recent ‘racial reckoning'.  Today, the Woke among us are attempting to use personal “woke pronouns” to help define their sexual orientation (and yours).

    Here is a list of gender-neutral pronouns:

    He/She -- Zie, Sie, Ey, Ve, Tey, E
    Him/Her -- Zim, Sie, Em, Ver, Ter, Em
    His/Her -- Zir, Hir, Eir, Vis, Tem, Eir
    His/Hers -- Zis, Hirs, Eirs, Vers, Ters, Eirs
    Himself/Herself --Zieself, Hirself, Eirself, Verself, Terself, Emself6.    

    6. “Flatten the Curve.” – Don’t hear too much discussion about ‘Flattening the Curve” nowadays.

    7. Supply Chain – You knew the global economy was linked in ways never before imagined.  Now you KNOW it.

    8.   Cancel Culture – A movement to negate whatever political facts you find inconvenient.  Particularly strong on college campuses.

    9.   Latinx – Gender-neutral version for people of Hispanic heritage, formerly Latino and Latina.    I am planning to refer to myself henceforward as HUMANX.

    10.  D Variant – Another Covid-19 variant

    11.  Omicrom – Yet another Covid variant.  This can go on for decades (see above).

    12.  Coronavirus – Human coronavirus was first identified in the mid-1960s. Unfortunately, Covid-19 will be far from the last encounter.

    13.  Joe Biden – 46th and current President of the United States.  Biden has about one-half the number of citations as his predecessor.

    14.  Donald Trump – 45th president of the United States.  Trump has twice as many current citations as his successor, Joe Biden.

    15.  Tokyo Olympics – The 2021, née 2020 Olympics were a modest disappointment, nevertheless, a major achievement to have taken place in the midst of a raging worldwide pandemic

    16.  Lockdown – At the end of the various national lockdowns; many felt like they had been locked up.

    17.  WHO – The World Health Organization, whose charter requires it to help “the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health”.

    18.  Global Warming – ‘Climate Change’ and/or ‘Global Warming’ have ranked near the top of this list for the entire century,. Keen observers of Earth Sciences observe that as recently a 25,000 BCE, the Paleo-Indians were crossing the Bering Land Bridge into the Americas. This means the oceans were some 300 meters lower than today's level.

    19. January 6 Event at the U.S. Capitol Building according to Global Citations 1) Attack, 2) Uprising, 3} Insurrection.

    20.  Vaccine – Operation Warp Speed has begotten a number of vaccines with others, no doubt, to follow.

    21.  Afghanistan – The fall and unseemly retreat from Afghanistan cast a pall over an already somber year.

    Global Language Monitor began recording the Top Words of the year in 2000 to document the history of the 21st Century through the English language, the world’s first truly global language. The words are culled throughout the English-speaking world, which as of January 2021 ranks more than 3.18 billion speakers.

    Global Language Monitor employs its NarrativeTracker technologies for global internet and social media analysis. NarrativeTracker is based on global discourse, providing areal-time, accurate picture about any topic, at any point in time.nNarrativeTracker analyzes the internet, blogosphere, and the top 300,000 print and electronic global media as well as new social media sources as they emerge. In addition, the Global Language Monitor also tracks the Top Words, Phrases, and Names of the 21st Century. 

    About Global Language Monitor

    Based in Austin, Texas, the Global Language Monitor collectively documents, analyzes, and tracks trends in Global English, the world's first truly global language The company is known for its Word of the Year, political analysis, college and university rankings, high-tech buzzwords, and media analytics. For more information, visit the

    Paul Payack
    Global Language Monitor
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  • IComm Alternative Media Business/Marketing Guide

    ICOMM – Conservative Business/Marketing Guide

    ICOMM offers some great outlets to brand your business without censorship.

    ICOMM was designed for business owners who believe their free speech was comprised by big tech, fake news outlets, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.

    Writer's Publishing House has developed an exceptional business marketing process.

    ICOMM Alternative Media Icon

    ICOMM Alternative Media Icon

    ICOMM offers some great outlets to brand your business without censorship. Writer's Publishing House has developed an exceptional business marketing process.

    If you want to predict your future, then create it”
    — Abraham Lincoln

    PRESCOTT , ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, December 30, 2021 / -- What is marketing? By definition, it is “the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service.” But, the art of marketing is more than just assembling product lines or writing simplified phrases. The process takes time and dedication to assemble a unique campaign for each individual company or business.

    ICOMM Alternative Media Business/Marketing Guide was designed for business owners who believe their free speech was comprised by big tech, fake news outlets, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. If your online presence is silenced, without explanation, then ICOMM offers some great outlets to brand your business without censorship. Alternative Media Outlets include:

    • GAB
    • Minds
    • GETTR
    • Rumble
    • Bitchute
    • Clouthub
    • Telegram
    • MeWe

    Writer’s Publishing House has developed an exceptional marketing process. A strategy builds on a company’s value proposition, by which the client’s campaigns shine above the competition.

    The best marketing campaigns revolve around product solicitation. A company does not create a marketing strategy from scratch. They start with the value proposition and distill the campaign from those messages.

    The basics behind ‘ICOMM’ is all about matching the customer’s needs to the right product or services. Proper marketing eliminates the struggle to find your potential customer. When a business owner creates content designed to address the consumer’s needs, it will attract qualified prospects, along with the ability to build trust-based on compatible interests.

    A good marketing campaign is based on educating the potential customer. People do not want to be sold. The best option is to communicate through your knowledge and expertise in the field you practice. When a person understands a concept clearly, it is easy for them to make an informed decision.

    In the ICOMM Alternative Media Business/Marketing Guide, readers will find a step-by-step process to develop exceptional marketing campaigns, ones that can compete with large companies who have fully staffed departments to spearhead all product marketing. Once the key fundamentals of social media networking and website basics are learned, professionally creating campaigns is highly simplified.
    Included in this business/marketing guide:

    • SEO Optimization
    • Reputation Management
    • Running Ads
    • Graphic Design
    • Grants & Business loans
    • Setting up a business

    Writer's Publishing House has developed an exceptional business marketing process. Successful marketing strategies emerge from matching the customer’s needs to the right product or services.

    Lizzy McNett
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  • Scrimmaging Writing Barriers and Inspiring Young Authors With Tanisha Tiwari, Author and Journalist

    Tanisha Tiwari

    Tanisha Tiwari

    I will win without war

    I will win without war

    Scrimmaging Writing Barriers and Inspiring Young Authors With Tanisha Tiwari

    ‘When a child is raped, not only the physiology but the emotion is raped’. ”
    — Tanisha Tiwari
    DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, December 29, 2021 / -- ‘Writing is unrestrictive and has no rules’ is what Tanisha Tiwari believes. For her, writing is not just about the friction between the pages and the pen, it’s the language that binds souls. She believes the world can change, a bit at a time, if it involves writers and readers. Finding writing to be the true potential, she holds the title of author at the age of 23.

    Whether it’s a part of her love for English lectures or making it to the inter-school writing challenges, she never gave up on her dream of being a writer. At times, people told she was not good enough but all she stood for was ‘her writing’.

    The journey of being a published author is not easy, it’s draining, it’s exhausting, it’s the lack of self-importance and it’s also believing ‘I am not good enough’ or ‘Who will read my books’ but as the curtains are down, it’s about being called ‘The author’. The word itself beholds a lot of pride and fierceness and that’s what she lives with.

    At a time when the internet has made it easy for people to read more books online, people don’t tend to read books enough or to say ‘they don’t value the smell of the books’. This, she feels, is the reason for a lot of nuisance that’s created in the society. As her father believes in, knowledge is not something you get with the degrees, it is what you capture in your morals and that’s what reading gives you. Rogering her father’s footprints of knowledge, she is a self-contemplating woman who stands bold in her decisions, in her writings and personal life.

    Apart from being a published author, she has also been a part of major organizations including NDTV, India’s largest Labour Bureau Project, Handled projects of the Ministry of Labour and Employment. She is also the CEO of a news organization titled ‘The Voix Tribune’ which has been meticulously working to raise voice against crime and injustice.

    Her book ‘I Will Win Without War’ narrates the story of a young woman, Sarah, who faced her childhood traumas, finally managed to conquer her fears and see her criminals face the wrath of agony. It’s about child abuse- the topic that needs to be discussed more in the society but is feared of been spoken as call it ‘a sensitive topic’. Her book is a little step towards acknowledging the predicament of the children, not in this country, but in the planet, who have faced any and all kinds of maltreatment that had led to them losing their childhood.

    A quote from the book ‘When a child is raped, not only the physiology but the emotion is raped’ is enough to explain the trauma that a child suffers when he witnessed child abuse or child rape. The aim of the book is to bring ‘CHILD ABUSE’ in the spotlight and ‘TALK ABOUT IT’.

    Find the book here:
    Being a part of the society and being a responsible citizen are two different things, Tanisha believes in the latter. For her, it’s what you do for people rather than what you expect them to do for yourself.

    For her, it’s about making those small changes that might not get noticed but you can’t unsee them for long!

    Tanisha Tiwari
    The Voix Tribune
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  • Study finds that Canadians prefer to be approached for donations online. As pandemic triggers shift in donation habits.

    Canadian crowdfunding platform

    Canadian crowdfunding platform

    werbylo online donation

    online doanation

    QR code donation

    QR code donation

    Study finds that over a third of Canadians prefer to be approached for donations online, rather than in person. As pandemic triggers shift in donation habits.

    we rise by lifting others”
    — Robert Ingersoll
    NORTH YORK, ON, CANADA, December 29, 2021 / -- A majority of Canadians dislike being approached for a charitable donation in person, a study has revealed - as the new Werbylo app helps donate to good causes in just three taps.

    A study by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Foundation for Philanthropy found that more than a third (34%) of Canadians surveyed preferred receiving an email asking them to make a charitable donation over any other method.

    The second most popular method of receiving a prompt to donate was via mail, with 26% of donors favouring this method.

    Whilst 21% of the 1,561 Canadians surveyed by AFP said that they disliked being approached for a donation in person - such as by a cashier at checkout.
    And a massive 76% of those surveyed had made a charitable donation in the last year.

    With the pandemic causing a seismic shift in the way that charities fundraise and how donors choose to give, it’s no surprise that technology has stepped in to fill the gap.

    Apps and websites such as Werbylo (We Rise By Lifting Others), a Canadian crowdfunding platform, have allowed charities of any size to set themselves up online with no hidden fees charged.

    The adoption of this technology has coincided with an unpredicted rise in global charitable donations throughout the pandemic.

    Incredibly the charity sector has seen a huge rise in the number of people making donations globally, with 33% of the world’s population having donated to charity in 2020, the Charities Aid Foundation’s World Giving Index 2021 found.

    With the loss of physical fundraising events and the closures of stores worldwide, this rise can be largely attributed to the introduction of fundraising apps and websites such as Werbylo.

    Additionally, the donation amounts that Canadian donors are giving have risen in value to an average of $965 (CAD) - perhaps with people more willing to donate large sums with the anonymity that online giving allows.

    Unlike many other platforms, Werbylo is free to use for donors and has no hidden monthly fees for non-profits and charities - just an essential processing fee of 3.9% + $0.30 per transaction for the recipient.

    Fees charged by many crowdfunding platforms have previously put charities off from making the move online, as they feared paying large processing fees to accept their hard-earned donations via a payment platform.

    Mani Rahnama, the founder of WERBYLO, said: “The way donors give has changed as a result of the pandemic with 42% of charities cutting down their cash donation collections for hygiene and logistical reasons.
    “We’ve seen the number of online donations skyrocket, and there’s no indication that this number is set to fall with the end of the pandemic as so many organizations continue to move operations online.
    “We created WERBYLO, an online crowdfunding platform, to allow charities, non-profits, and places of worship of any size to be able to accept payments from their supporters free of charge, and without the need for a physical exchange of cash.
    “Werbylo makes it easier to act on that moment of goodwill within seconds, by simply pulling out a phone and making a donation in just three clicks on the app.
    “Werbylo crowdfunding platform has raised an incredible $110 million for good causes since launching, our goal is for it to reach $1 billion in 2022 as more and more charities move donations online.”

    However, for the charities that have made the switch to online fundraising rather than holding in-person events or opening fundraising kiosks and shops, 48% said they believed that fundraising had changed for good and wouldn’t be going back to traditional methods, a survey by CAF found.

    In the UK a Government assessment of Covid-19’s impact on the charitable sector found that 11% of charities had seen an increase in funding by using an online payment platform.

    But in the USA that figure was much higher, with the 2021 M+R Benchmarks Study reporting that total online revenue grew by 32%, with Hunger and Poverty charities seeing a mindblowing 173% increase in their online income.

    Charities using a service that allowed their donors to commit to a monthly donation, such as Werbylo, found that their monthly revenue from donations increased 25%, accounting for 19% of all of their online revenue in 2020, M+R reports. And the value of one-off gifts from online donors increased by 37% in 2020, the report found.

    Those that donated online through their phone gave an average of $42 (USD) whilst those who hopped on their desktop computer or laptop to donate gave an average of $80, the study found.

    The study also found that charities that took part in Covid-19 relief work saw their online incomes rise by 40% - mostly through one-off donations - whilst those that didn’t saw their online income rise by 22%. This donation pattern is similar to what is usually observed following a natural disaster.

    This year it is not only charities turning to online crowdfunding platforms, but also many places of worship relying on platforms like the Werbylo app to help collect worshipers’ contributions in a contactless manner.

    Payment platforms such as Werbylo have been essential for places of worship as congregations returned to physical worship, with physical cash donations halted to prevent the transmission of covid-19.

    But it is not only monetary donations that have made the pandemic a charitable time, with a miraculous three billion people (55% of the world’s population) helping a stranger in 2020 during the Covid-19 global crisis.

    Through the Werbylo app nonprofits can also manage their upcoming events and volunteer workforce, a difficult task in the midst of a pandemic when 51% of charities surveyed by Ipsos experienced difficulty recruiting volunteers.

    Why not donate to a charity right now and set good intentions for 2022? Visit or download the Werbylo donation app for Apple or Android, to make a donation in just three clicks.

    Phillip Argyropoulos
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  • The Gift of Writing

    Tim Powers, David Farland, and Orson Scott Card teach the Writers of the Future Online Workshop

    Orson Scott Card teaches the Writers of the Future Online Workshop

    David Farland teaches the Writers of the Future Online Workshop

    Tim Powers teaches the Writers of the Future Online Workshop

    Give yourself the gift of writing this holiday season in L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future Online Workshop.

    What this course can give you is counsel that might help you jump forward in your ability to handle the tools of the writing profession.”
    — Orson Scott Card, author of "Enders Game"
    LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, December 23, 2021 / -- Give yourself the gift of writing this holiday season, say David Farland (“The Runelords”), Tim Powers (“On Stranger Tides”), and Orson Scott Card (“Enders Game”). All three international bestselling authors and Writers of the Future Contest Judges are the featured guest lecturers for the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Online Workshop.

    Initially announced in the Summer 2020 issue of SciFi Magazine by noted editor Jeff Berkwits, who referred to the new Writers of the Future Online Writing Course as “an extension of L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future (WOTF) Contest, the world’s preeminent competition for up-and-coming genre authors.” Berkwits acknowledged the goal “to help budding speculative storytellers become future Hugo, Nebula, and WOTF award winners.”

    The writing workshop is comprised of 13 videos by Orson Scott Card, David Farland, and Tim Powers, along with 11 essays by Contest founder L. Ron Hubbard and writing assignments.

    Essays and practical assignments take a writer from research and concepts to a completed story. With a 4.7 out of 5-star rating, the course is designed for the participant to go at their own pace.

    It has been well received with nearly 6,000 aspiring writers from over 100 countries worldwide enrolled. An impressive 72% of those taking the workshop have a story completed by the end of the course, an accomplishment many have unsuccessfully aspired to in the past.

    Orson Scott Card stated, “No writing course or workshop can give you your style or your voice; you already have them. What this course can give you is counsel that might help you jump forward in your ability to handle the tools of the writing profession.” As to why this online workshop, he concluded, “Let us help you prepare to bring your own stories to life in your own voice.”

    The competition for new stories can be daunting―R. R. Bowker reported more than 1,000,000 books published in 2017, up from 300,000 in 2009, with 2/3rds being self-published. And so, the Writers of the Future Online Workshop was created to help authors take their stories to the next level and rise above the competition.

    Regarding the value of the workshop to help take stories to the next level, Tim Powers stated, “The online workshop is tremendously valuable―it saves new writers years of trial-and-effort struggle.”

    “Everyone has a story to tell,” stated David Farland, Writers of the Future Coordinating Judge. “That’s not the problem. How to tell that story in such a fashion that others will enjoy it and tell others about it is what is needed.” That is what the nearly 6,000 aspiring writers are learning with the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Online Workshop.

    So if you are an aspiring writer, why not give yourself the gift of writing this holiday season. Anyone can sign up for the writing workshop at Free Online Workshop.

    The Writers of the Future writing contest was initiated by L. Ron Hubbard in 1983 to provide “a means for new and budding writers to have a chance for their creative efforts to be seen and acknowledged.” Based on its success, its sister contest, Illustrators of the Future, was created five years later to provide that same opportunity for aspiring artists.

    Throughout the Contests’ 38-year history, over 500 writers have been awarded. Winners have published nearly 1,200 novels and over 6,000 short stories and have produced 33 New York Times bestsellers, with their works selling over 60 million copies.

    For more information on the Contests, visit

    Emily Goodwin
    Author Services, Inc.
    +1 323-466-3310
    email us here

  • PlayTreks named a Key-Player in the Global Music NFT market

    the PlayGrounds by PlayTreks NFT Marketplace

    the PlayGrounds by PlayTreks NFT Marketplace

    NFT minting made easy with the PlayGrounds by PlayTreks

    NFT minting made easy with the PlayGrounds by PlayTreks

    Create Non-Funglible Tokens with the PlayGrounds by PlayTreks

    Create Non-Funglible Tokens with the PlayGrounds by PlayTreks

    PlayTreks named a Key-Player in the Global Music NFT market

    PlayTreks (TREKS:TREKS)

    We believe that the HTF report shows we are on the right strategic path to serve our clients and the industry.””
    — Anjo De Heus
    HASSELT, BE-VLI, BELGIUM, December 23, 2021 / -- PlayTreks, the All-In-One platform for the music industry, was named a key player in the Global Music NFT market report researched by HTF Market Intelligence

    The majority of key players are focussing on securing a leading market in the music industry, as PlayTreks is doing with its NFT marketplace, The PlayGrounds. Other key players include OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, and Rarible among a few others.

    PlayTreks, an innovative company applying artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to make artists and record labels meet the growing demand for transparency and new ways of monetizing music, today announced that it has been named a key player in the Global Music NFT market by HTF Market Intelligence.

    PlayTreks NFT PlayGrounds marketplace was recognized because of its readiness, global coverage, and completeness, and was researched based on primary and secondary research, white paper, publications, website, world bank statistics, and HTF market intelligence.

    The music industry has been inextricably linked to technology since the discovery of sound recording in 1877. Technological innovations have influenced how music is made, played, saved, distributed, and enjoyed. This is from the first discs to streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music from the birth of record changing to the rise of modern electronic sound.

    The rise of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, is a developing trend in the music industry. NFT transactions enable audiences to bid on one-of-a-kind content from their favorite artists in auctions. These tokens, as well as the transactions that entail them, currently empower the artists who sell them. Only time will tell if NFTs are here to stay, as they are brand-new breakthroughs. An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a one-of-a-kind digital asset held on the blockchain.

    For record labels, publishers, and their lawyers, licensing and transferring ownership of music is now a pretty complex process, and manually clearing samples for usage or transferring rights can even postpone the release of the music. However, with efficient and secure document transfer, NFT makes licensing and transferring music as simple and quick as shopping online.

    “We are honored to be recognized by HTF Market Intelligence as a key player in the global music NFT market,” said Anjo De Heus, CEO of PlayTreks. We’re continuing to build our comprehensive platform for music management and execution to serve as the engine that drives commerce for our clients. Music Data is essential to the blockchain platform for NFTs, and that's what sets us apart. We believe that the HTF report shows we are on the right strategic path to serve our clients and the industry.”

    This is the first time that PlayTreks has been named a key player in the global music NFT market as they only went live with the All-In-One platform in April of 2021 and the market for music NFT's is relatively new.

    The power of the PlayTreks platform is its completeness with services such as music distribution to traditional streaming platforms and blockchain-based NFT marketplaces, radio airplay monitoring, music rights copyright control, and driven by lots of data so artists always have a 360-degree view on music performance.

    HTF Market Intelligence is a registered trademark of HTF Market Intelligence, and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and are used herein with permission. All rights reserved.

    About PlayTreks and the PlayGrounds NFT Marketplace:

    Playtreks is an ALL-IN-ONE platform, serving artists, record labels, artist managers, composers, songwriters, and all those who wish to stay in control over their creations. With the platform, we collect and correlate metadata, and users can then analyze the data in a powerful dashboard using artificial intelligence. Data being presented is derived from streaming, social media, and content sharing platforms as well as from our global radio airplay monitoring. An intelligently driven marketing SaaS platform for the music industry which allows for distribution to traditional streaming and block-chain based streaming platforms, providing full transparency about the retail performance of content sold on a variety of digital streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, social media, content sharing platforms and includes a powerful feature turning content into NFT aka Non-Fungible Token to establish Digital Proof of Ownership of creation, whether this creation is music, a document or a file. The PlayGrounds blockchain-based marketplace gives an additional outlet to creators, where creatives can monetize exclusive content and earn significantly more.

    Anjo De Heus
    PlayTreks BV
    +32 471 38 29 40
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  • Bhutan Kings: Jigme Singye Wangchuck and Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck World Happiness Awards 2021 Laureates

    World Happiness Awards

    World Happiness Awards

    His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck and his son His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck

    His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck and his son His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck

    There are incredible public policy developments happening at all levels of governance and we want to say thank you.

    Systemic change happens through Public Policy as it can determine social happiness and well-being for long periods of time. ”
    — Luis Gallardo, Founder & President - World Happiness Foundation
    NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 22, 2021 / -- Both the Kings His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck and his son His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck are the inspiration for the present times and times to come. We are blessed and delighted to honor them as World Happiness Awards 2021 Laureates in Policy Making.

    Join us in our celebration of people and communities, making this planet a better place for all!

    When a young Crown Prince running at 17 years of age became the King of Bhutan in 1972, one of His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck’s first and ever-lasting initiatives to bring happiness and wellbeing to his citizens was through the principles of Gross National Happiness, which he propounded was more important than Gross National Product. This concept questioned the conventional economic measurement system that GDP alone could not bring happiness and well-being to citizens.

    Although still a teenage monarch, His Majesty was wise beyond his years. He firmly believed that happiness was a valid indicator and a sign of progressive development for his country. He also believed in the legitimacy of public participation in defining Bhutan’s development goals. He brought the nation to a democracy without making the citizens realize it.

    The concept re-counts Bhutan’s ancient legal code of 1629 given by Zhabdrung whose embodiment is His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck that states ‘if the government cannot create happiness for its people, then there is no purpose for that government to exist.’ The code notes that Bhutanese laws must promote happiness for all sentient beings. For the King, the focus was never just the economic progress of his country but creating a flourishing human society living in harmony with its environment.

    Today, plentiful research shows that wealth alone doesn’t contribute to happiness and life satisfaction. The Gross National Happiness index measures the quality of its development holistically, believing that the positive development of human society happens when material and spiritual growth occurs alongside each other. That is why this small Himalayan country is considered a living example of sparking the debate on human development.

    Four decades later, Bhutan, now a democratic country, still ensures the inclusion and continuity of GNH values as enshrined in its Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan. As a public policy, the GNH development framework is supported by four pillars:

    Sustainable and equitable socio-economic development
    Conservation of the environment
    Preservation and promotion of culture
    Good governance

    An overarching objective within these pillars is eradicating poverty without any compromise with nature.

    His Majesty made sure to teach his son, the present King His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, the same values so he could continue leading the country according to the most important gauging legacy – the happiness. GNH has been further enhanced and signified by the King His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck as ‘Development with values bridging with kindness, equity, and humanity'.

    Acclaimed as ‘the people’s king,’ His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck has already won over hearts worldwide. He is a gentle, compassionate, and kind monarch who expanded a royal welfare system that helps the rural poor.

    He started his reign with the democratization of his country. He traveled and continues to visit all parts of the country mainly on foot, talking to people from all walks of life understanding their problems, and helping them through his government to come out with measures and policies to overcome their issues. He is engaged with young people about the importance of higher standards in education, business, and servicing. He signed the abolishment of anti-homosexuality laws and launched the National Cadastral Resurvey to resolve issues of excess land. He also established the Rehabilitation Project, which focuses on improving the lives of people who live in remote or difficult areas.

    According to the King His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, every generation must interpret GNH in their own way because of the changes of time and environment that they would live in. He believes that a vibrant economy propelled by the right kind of technology and educated civilization is the very foundation on which national happiness can be built.

    Hannah Cassimere
    World Happiness Foundation
    +1 3476065317
    email us here

  • UNESCO and Takhte launch the third book of youth essays ‘Year 2 AC (After Coronavirus)’

    (Right to Left) Shivani Kasturia, Head- Takhte and VOV, Mr Eric Falt, Director, UNESCO New Delhi, and Goldie Kasturia, Founder- Takhte and VOV launching the book at UNESCO office.

    GURGAON, HARYANA, INDIA, December 22, 2021 / -- Continuing with the momentum of the previous editions of their pan India essay contest, the UNESCO New Delhi Cluster and Takhte launched the third edition of the Essay contest book, ‘Year 2 AC (After Coronavirus): A Future Imagined by Youth’ on 17 December 2021.

    The book contains a compilation of 100 winning essays written by young Indians and presents their unique perspectives on the challenges that youth face in the wake of the COVID pandemic – from disruption to education, to massive increases in the use of digital challenges. The contest presented them with a platform to imagine solutions to these challenges, both for the short and long terms. Over 900 submissions from across 30 States and Union Territories were received.

    The book is a must-read to understand the observations, perspectives, and foresight of young writers across India. It includes a plethora of issues covered by the young writers, varying from education to culture, community to biodiversity, and the environment to disruptions in tourism. The anthology of essays is distinctive and unique, providing an important space for young people to demonstrate their knowledge, capacities, and drive for action.

    “This book serves as a repository of reflections drawn directly from the minds of young people across India. What is so inspiring about these essays, however, is that a common thread can be found in young people’s desire and energy for change. They are demonstrating that they have the knowledge and wherewithal to step up and be part of the solution as we recover from the challenges of the pandemic," said Eric Falt, UNESCO New Delhi Director.

    “Writing can be therapeutic. Children and youth must pen their thoughts as it can be incredibly relieving during these challenging times. Channelling the energy to the exclusive way of expressing and journaling can help one find better solutions,” said Goldie Kasturia, Founder -Takhte & VOV.

    UNESCO ( is a specialized UN agency with a mandate to build peace through international cooperation in the fields of education, the sciences, culture, and communication and information. UNESCO's programmes contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals defined in Agenda 2030, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015. The UNESCO New Delhi Cluster Office is mandated to cover six South Asian countries -- Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

    Takhte: Writers & Publishers ( is a fast-growing firm, which provides support in writing and publishing books by writers of all ages. It also aims at promoting the importance of effective writing amongst young minds and for this conduct ‘Writeshops’ and annually organizing in partnership with UNESCO New Delhi, pan India online essay contest for children and youth. Takhte has also launched an online free publishing platform ‘Voice of Views’ for children and youth to express with their writings in any form of literary work on topics closer to their heart.

    Takhte Writers & Publishers
    email us here

  • Profound Writers- A budding writers community.


    All india best writers awards 2021

    Hard work of PW Team

    we’re privileged to assemble the passionate & exuberant writers of all categories (Novice, Intermediate & Professional) from all the corners of the World.

    DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, December 22, 2021 / -- Profound Writers is an established writing community founded on 8th March 2020 by Mr Randhir Kumar, with a dream of providing a platform to the budding writers for improving their writing skills.

    In the digital world where you can find profuse and diverse writing communities at your doorstep, Profound Writers Community provides every single thing a writer can ever dream of.

    Profound Writers provides a platform for new and aspiring writers across the world to connect and grow synergistically. The operations here are currently remote and that helps the authors to achieve their dreams with freedom and flexibility. PW assembles the passionate and exuberant writers of all categories be they novice, intermediate or professional from all corners of the world.

    It consists of skilful individuals at the top, those who judge the writing skills of writers not on the content but along the lines of literary, grammar, and linguistic comments to help the writers to express their notions through the art of writing. Here, the writers are encouraged to open their minds to new possibilities of writing.

    The community also organizes several creative writing events like AIBA (All India Best Writing Awards), PPL (PW Penning Pearls Global Writing League), SWAT (Super-talented Writers Annual Tournament), MUSHAIRA, OMC (OPEN MIC CONTEST) in Hindi, OMC (OPEN MIC CONTEST) in English, SWIL (Super Writer Insta League) and many other notified from time to time which allows people to promote their reading and writing skills while having fun at the same time. The main intention behind these events is to help the writers explore how their thoughts can be developed into an interesting story, or how the words we use every day can be arranged into a rhyming poem.

    Apart from regular contests, daily challenges test the writers of their prowess and build upon them. The winners of the daily challenges organized by the PW are uploaded on different social media sites regularly. It helps to promote not only the writers' thoughts but also the writers personally.

    It provides a platform for writers and artists to show their skills in various languages in which they feel best comfortable. There are separate Whatsapp groups for different languages. For English, the groups are Crescent, Glorious, Spartans, Gleam, Bluz Knight, Thrive, Daily Quotes, Collab Hindi, Sandhyamini, Collab English, Hinglish, Jashn-E-Sukhan. Various groups are available in many other regional languages as well.

    It is a platform not only for writers, as the name itself suggests, but it is an embodiment of writers, video editors, video actors, voice-over artists, compilers, designers as well. Moreover, Profound Creation is another branch of PW, created separately only for artists engaged in sketching, drawing, and painting.

    Profound Writers have made it exciting for writers with their reachability on the podcast platform. It provides a bunch of other opportunities to writers where they can get their content converted to be a podcast and distributed all over the globe providing them with a universal and everlasting identity. The same is circulated on all the major podcasting platforms as "PW Melody Stars" including Spotify, Gaana, Anchor, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, JioSaavan, Radio Public, Pocketcast, Breaker to name some of them.

    Like any other publishing community, PW also has its own publishing house "Profound Writers Publishing", the information is on PW's website, and the books published are also available on Amazon and Flipkart. The first published book is "Are All endings good?" By Mr, Saurabh Arora. PW has already published their first physical book in form of an anthology. Another anthology is underway to publish. Apart from it, it allows various individuals to compile books to show their creative skills by engaging themselves in various anthologies which in turn provides opportunities for writers to work as co-authors.

    Also, it is the most proliferate and dynamic company that provides the best services to publish literary works. In other words, PW is a publishing program for writers serious enough in creating an impact through their writing skills. This gives the best platform to take a work of literature on the heights which one can dream of.
    PW never fails to uphold the members of its community. It is available on many platforms like YouTube, Nojoto, Quora, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more. Apart from all the writing and associated opportunities, PW provides profile icons for its members and volunteers and also issue badges according to a set parameter. These collaterals from the organization help the members to get promoted according to their efforts and work which boosts them to do more and better.

    Profound Writers
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  • The University of the Visayas Gullas College of Medicine world ranking is 6650 for excellence

    Director of Admissions of UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions 2021 Suba Ramesh

    Director of Admissions of UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions 2021 Suba Ramesh

    UV Gullas College of Medicine Logo

    Gullas College of Medicine Campus Staff

    Gullas College of Medicine Campus Staff

    Gullas College of Medicine Student reviews

    Gullas College of Medicine Student reviews

    Gullas College of Medicine Philippines

    Gullas College of Medicine Philippines

    The Gullas College of Medicine world ranking jumped to 6650 for excellence while ranked 3 in Philippines shows how MBBS in Philippines is improving in standard

    An incredible year during challenging circumstances and yet we prove our worth by climbing up the ranks of excellence. As Robert Frost says, we still have miles to go before we sleep.”
    — Dr Suba Ramesh
    CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU, INDIA, December 17, 2021 / -- UV Gullas College of Medicine world ranking is 6650

    UV Gullas College of Medicine has been having tremendous leaps and bounds in terms of achieving its objective of being the best medical college in the country of Philippines when rated as a destination to pursue MBBS Abroad. Today the Gullas college of medicine world ranking stands at 6650 among all the best medical colleges in the world. The UV Gullas medical college has got this world ranking for its excellence.

    MBBS in Philippines has been rated as a commendable affordable Medical education that can be pursued by the Medical aspirants across the globe for two reasons – one is the syllabus which is the US based syllabus, the latest in medicine that anybody can pursue and learn and secondly the fact that one pays in pesos for a course that could have been charged in Dollars.

    Communication, observation, and engagement are the tools that will help one become a great doctor. When you study medicine in a foreign country, you are exposed to a variety of cultures, languages, and individuals. Thousands of Indian medical students confront the challenge of getting into a good medical school for further education every year. Few students pass the entrance exams for government universities, while others continue to hunt for opportunities at private universities. The majority of students are unable to pay the hefty fees demanded by private Medical universities. In such situations, international medical universities step in to save Indian medical students. Many universities in various nations provide affordable MBBS and other medical programs, which is absolutely not the case in Indian colleges.


    Over 10,000 overseas students pursue Medical Education in Philippines. For more than 50 years, the Philippines was a US colony, and as a result, the Philippines adopted the American educational system. The Medical Colleges in Philippines follow the American Standard Medical Education curriculum, helping students prepare for USMLE and the Foreign Medical Graduates Exam (FMGE). The Philippines is an excellent choice for MBBS students. MBBS earned in Philippines is internationally recognized and Filipinos are unbelievably friendly and accommodating. The Philippines is a safe country that provides housing to all students pursuing an MBBS degree at a Philippine medical school.

    If in the United States, you must first earn a four-year bachelor's degree in science before applying for a four-year medical program. In the Philippines, international students first complete a two-year BS program before enrolling for the four-year MD program.

    MBBS in Philippines is known as MD program (Doctor of Medicine) and it is equivalent to the MBBS in India.

    MBBS in the Philippines is rising as a popular choice among Indian students primarily due to the region's largest English-speaking population. Students can pursue the medical education in Philippines entirely in English. International medical students can acquire a low-cost, high-quality medical education in the Philippines.

    Students seeking to study MBBS in the Philippines, ned not complete IELTS or the TOEFL, which is required to study medicine in Australia or other English-speaking nations.

    The MBBS cost structure in the Philippines is quite reasonable and budget-friendly, which is why students from all over the world choose the Philippines as a study abroad destination.

    For most Indian students, studying MBBS is a dream come true. The cost of MBBS in the Philippines is quite affordable. The Indian Medical Council, for example, recognizes students who study medicine in Philippines.

    Advantages of studying MBBS in Philippines:

    Top Medical Universities of Philippines are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and enlisted with the World Directory of Medical Schools.
    English is used as a medium of instruction in all the Medical Universities of Philippines.
    Affordable education, accommodation & budget-friendly living cost.
    Philippines follows the American Style PBL Curriculum. All eligible students should clear all three steps of USMLE to practice in the USA.
    Philippines is the fourth largest English speaking country in the world.
    Philippines attracts students from more than 65 countries. Students come from the United States and Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Hong Kong and especially India.

    The Philippine government is always willing to assist universities in maintaining infrastructure and addressing research-related challenges in the field of education. Studying MBBS in the Philippines is an excellent budget alternative for Indian students because the institutes charge very low tuition and have a flexible cost structure.

    The cost of living is quite low, making it ideal for international students. The Philippines is establishing itself as a medical education hotspot, offering top-notch educational opportunities to students. The ratio of standard students to teachers in Philippine medical universities is an advantage for students as attention is devoted to them on resolving problems relating to any subject.

    The National Medical Commission has approved a large number of medical universities in the Philippines (NMC).

    The island country of Philippines has a tropical monsoon climate classed as Koppen. Cebu City has a short hot season between March and April, with the rest of the year being damp. Average daily temperatures range from 27 to 29 degrees Celsius, with humid conditions similar to those found in India's southern states. One of the enticing aspects for medical students to choose the Philippines over other nations offering MBBS education overseas is the easy to adjust to climatic conditions and affordability.

    Medical universities in Philippines enlist the help of the Philippine government in order to maintain their educational standards.

    Graduates of the Philippines medical university are qualified to work anywhere in the world.

    International medical students who aspire to study MBBS / MD in Philippines can choose to study from UV Gullas College of Medicine (Study MBBS / MD). For Indian students, the Philippines is ideally placed as a good country to study MBBS or MD.

    When it comes to medical institutions in the Philippines, UV Gullas College of Medicine (Study MBBS / MD) ranks first among those that provide medical education to international students. Students can apply to Philippines Medical Colleges by confirming MBBS / MD Eligibility in Philippines and sending the information. Most students from all over the world select this Philippines medical school because they believe UV Gullas College of Medicine (to study MBBS / MD) is ideal.

    Don Vincente Gullas founded UV Gullas College of Medicine in 1919, and it is one of the greatest medical schools in the Philippines. Cebu City, Philippines, is home to the medical university. It is a well-known medical institution among Indian students since it offers English-medium courses for the complete six-year programme at a reasonable cost. The UV Gullas College of Medicine world ranking is also good, which attracts international students to apply. The Gullas College of Medicine world ranking stands at 6650 in terms of excellence in the world and among the top medical colleges of Philippines, it is ranked as the 3rd.

    Cebu City is home to the Gullas College of Medicine. Because it is in the heart of the city, it has convenient access to all modes of ground transportation. The UV Gullas College of Medicine also provides a good educational environment within the UV Gullas Campus both for Indian and international students.

    A well-known MBBS university in the Philippines for Indian students, with a high MCI pass rate for Indian students, the admission process to the university is simple, with direct admittance to the BS programme lasting for one and a half years and then the MD program lasts for four years.

    Cebu city is one of the safest cities of the world ranked as the safest island of Asia. No violent crimes on foreign nationals or students have been recorded in the past decade. Students can safely reside here and study without any fear for their entire course duration.
    The University of the Visayas (UV) is a non-government higher education medical institution that was previously known as the Visayan Institute. In 1948, the Visayan Institute was granted university status, and it was renamed as the University of the Visayas (UV).

    The University of the Visayas Gullas College of Medicine is a leading medical school in the Philippines, with a reputation for academic and scientific distinction. Since 1919, we've been assisting students like you in discovering a variety of educational choices.

    UV Gullas College of Medicine campus boasts of smart classrooms, innovative teaching aids, luxurious and comfortable centralized classrooms, exclusive study halls, digital microbiology and pathology laboratories, best anatomy labs, and other infrastructural facilities to promote the best learning environment for students. Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital, Tan Kim Ching Cancer Center, Perpetual Suffering Hospital, and CDU Hospital are all located here to provide medical students with hands-on professional experience.

    UV Gullas College of Medicine features large campuses with all of the high-tech conveniences and world-class kitchen facilities, as well as superior housing and other necessities for students who choose to study here.

    UV Gullas College of Medicine has two campuses, one within Cebu City and the other, as previously said, in Cebu City's downtown region. Academic support is provided by a well-equipped laboratory high school. The College of Dentistry and Nursing, which is also an autonomous campus in Mandaue City's Banilad neighbourhood, surrounds the Gullas College of Medicine and the Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital. Another campus, formerly known as Mandaue Academy.

    The MCI recognizes UV Gullas Medical College as a provider of undergraduate medical education.

    Students interested in pursuing MBBS abroad might consider UV Gullas College of Medicine in the Philippines. For international students, we provide a high-quality education in a safe setting. In comparison to many colleges, the fee is quite modest.

    UV Gullas College of medicine Accreditations

    • National Medical Council - NMC
    • Commission on Higher Education - CHE
    • World Health Organization – WHO
    • Medical Board of California – MBC
    • Australian Medical Council Limited - AMCL
    • World Directory of Medical Schools – WDMS
    • Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates – ECFMG
    • Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research – FAIMER

    Why UV Gullas College of Medicine

    • 40 decades of experience in Medical students promotion
    • UV Gullas College of Medicine world ranking is 6650 for excellence
    • 3rd rank among the best medical colleges in Philippines
    • US-based educational and syllabus curriculum
    • Dedicated faculty members promoting best standards of education
    • Special batches for International students for their comfort
    • 1400 plus Indian students currently pursuing medicine
    • Best infrastructure and facilities provided
    • Veg/Nonveg Indian food and separate hostels for Indian students at the campus
    • The healthy and friendly atmosphere at the campus
    • No Donation/Capitation/Entrance exams needed
    • The low and very affordable fee structure which can be paid in installments

    UV Gullas college of medicine fee structure

    The tuition fee at UV Gullas College of Medicine is affordable. The UV Gullas College of Medicine Fee Structure contains no donations of any type! The Philippines government has banned donations, hence MBBS in the Philippines is free of any contribution or capitation charge.


    International students seeking MBBS admission at UV Gullas College of Medicine are always provided with perks like the personal assistance by the Admission staff of UV Gullas College of Medicine, Chennai in Vadapalani.

    The admissions department of the Gullas College of Medicine will assist students through the process, which includes:

    • Free Counseling.
    • Both candidates and parents are urged to consider interest to study MBBS in the Philippines before enrolling them.
    • The admissions process for UV Gullas College of Medicine will be quite transparent.
    • The counseling covers all that is to know about the UV Gullas College of medicine, including the UV Gullas College of medicine fee structure, the UV Gullas • College of medicine hostel, food and lodging, safety and security, and the UV Gullas College of medicine syllabus.
    • The procedure will begin after the admittance status has been confirmed.
    • The University will send a notice of acceptance.
    • If the student does not have a passport, the UV Gullas College of Medicine staff will assist
    • They also assist the students in obtaining PCC.
    • Documentation is also helped with
    • Processing of visas is handled in the office
    • Training and taking the students for the visa Interview is also handled by the UV Gullas Staff.
    • Ticket is taken for the student by the office itself, so as to send them in batches together
    • The Staff eventually joins the students on the trip to the Gullas College of Medicine in Philippines.

    UV Gullas College of Medicine Criteria for Eligibility to study MBBS

    Note that to apply for admission to this college, a student must have a minimum score of 50% marks. (It is for the aggregate of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics). Students who wish to apply for admission to UV Gullas College must also pass the NEET exam in India in order to continue their education there.
    The Indian applicants must pass the NMAT exam in the Philippines to pursue MD program after the BS program. According to reports, the application processing period at UV Gullas College of Medicine is projected to be 3 to 5 working days.

    The institute will send the selected candidates a Letter or Notice of Acceptance at a later date. At the time of the admissions procedure, it is critical to present all certifications, including mark sheets.

    Admission requirements at UV Gullas College of Medicine are as follows:

    In order to be admitted for pursuing MBBS in Philippines the list of documents that must be submitted to UV Gullas College of Medicine is listed below :

    • The student must be 18 years old or older.
    • The student must have graduated high school and the application form for admission must be thoroughly filled out.
    • A Certificate of Good Moral Character from the most recent university attended
    • An original copy of the birth certificate
    • 12th grade report card
    • 10th grade report card
    • NEET scoring sheet/card
    • Passport photocopy
    • These documents must be scanned and emailed to before sending the originals to the office.

    The Staff will evaluate the documents, and if they are determined to be in good order, the university will send a confirmation email within two business days.

    It is critical to prepare the following crucial documents for submission once an email from the university is received:

    • Prepare the post-admission letter.
    • For the apostil process, obtain a financial affidavit.
    • Medical report is mandatory.
    • Original certificates must be submitted to the college administration.
    • The documents supplied must be sent to the Philippine Embassy in New Delhi for certification and apostilship.

    The Philippines Embassy will set dates for visa interviews after evaluating the documents. The student must attend a visa interview at the Philippines consulate on the said date.

    The Visa is normally issued within 10 days of completion of interview. It is best to approach the the International Admissions office of UV Gullas College of Medicine, Chennai, Vadapalani, to begin admissions.

    Suba Ramesh
    UV Gullas College of Medicine
    +91 94455 53877
    email us here
    Visit us on social media: