• Katrina Summer Releases Book and Sales Accelerator Program

    We empower business leaders and their teams to make a bold impact on the world by promoting authenticity and prioritizing people”
    — Katrina Summers
    TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 7, 2022 / -- Katrina Summers, who was named a Top Women Entrepreneur of 2021, has now released the top-selling book "Sales Funnel Playbook." Her book is a guide to everything sales funnels.

    "Who Is Katrina Summers?"
    Katrina Summers is the Founder & CEO of KSB Agency. She's the Sales Confidence Coach and fearless leader powering the whole operation. ​​With over ten years of corporate sales management and overseeing $80 million+ in revenue under her belt, it's safe to say that corporate sales are her true passion. She is coming into 2022 with a bang.

    Her book "Sales Funnel Playbook" is now available on Amazon Kindle & Print and will soon be available online through Target, Walmart, and Barnes & Noble.

    Katrina Summers Brand has the solution and secrets to improving sales and creating the business one wants to achieve.
    Selling ability shouldn't slow entrepreneurs down but speed up their dreams.

    And we have the solution to success- The Sales Accelerator Program.

    Here's what our newest program has to offer:

    1)Unwavering confidence in closing sales

    2)Ability to communicate offers with potential customers with conviction

    3)How to nail down sales strategies so they can sell like a champ

    Improve sales now with the Sales Accelerator program, get the chance to work with Katrina Summers, the Sales Queen herself, over the next six weeks.

    For the SAP Program - here is the link to the waitlist
    * Sales Accelerator Program starts January 24

    Purchase the Sales Funnel Playbook Today Here

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    Corralling The Campbells
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  • Jeff Lerner’s Online Master Class Increases in Popularity in the United States

    The Lerner Institute has so far helped over 150,000 students expand their businesses in a digital world.

    ST. GEORGE, UTAH, UNITED STATES, January 7, 2022 / -- There is no shortage of help for would-be entrepreneurs on the internet these days, and certainly no shortage of online programs and courses to choose from. But there is one institution that, over the past couple of years, has risen above the crowd to attract a lot of attention due to its increasing number of stellar reviews. The Jeff Lerner Master Class was created specifically to show entrepreneurs how to expand their businesses, and Lerner’s popular report, The Millionaire Shortcut, is currently available to download for free.

    The report explores the question of why the number of people who become millionaires every year is increasing at a rapid rate. It also shares a simple ‘hack’ that Lerner uses to shorten the process of becoming a millionaire, and it includes a bonus video that explains how to get started with complete confidence.
    Lerner himself has long since established himself as an authority in founding startups. He established ENTRE Institute in 2019 in order to fulfill his dream of providing coaching to entrepreneurs, and speaks at conferences and industry events on a regular basis, on the topics of entrepreneurship and education. Having spent over ten years creating successful internet businesses with a combined value of over $100 million, he provides a worthy role model for the students he coaches as he continues to launch new businesses. In 2021, for example, he founded Entresoft, a suite of business tools, which rapidly became one of the most well-known business management software packages available for smaller companies.

    To find out more about Jeff Lerner and the ENTRE Institute, visit his website.

    About Jeff Lerner

    After a decade of building multiple online businesses to over eight figures and twice landing on the INC 5000, entrepreneur, mentor, speaker, influencer, and pianist Jeff Lerner turned his focus to educating and inspiring entrepreneurs about the power of entrepreneurship in the modern economy.

    In 2018 he founded ENTRE Institute where over 50,000 students are developing their ENTREpreneurial skills. He is now regarded as one of the most inspirational voices online in business and personal development.

    Jeff Lerner
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  • Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) Starts FMGE Coaching Classes Following Remarkable Result in 2021

    Best FMGE Coaching Institute in India

    Best FMGE Coaching Institute in India, Call for more information 1800 833 7707

    Best FMGE Coaching Institute in India

    Leading Faculties @ Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) for FMGE Coaching, Call for more information 1800 833 7707

    Top FMGE Coaching Institute in India

    Meet our Prominent Faculties @ Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA), Call for more information 1800 833 7707

    Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) Starts FMGE Coaching Classes Following Remarkable Result in 2021! Call for more information 1800 833 7707

    Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) has outshined everyone by ceaselessly delivering the best results in FMGE over the years than any other institute in India.”
    — Dr. David K Pillai, Chairman
    CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU, INDIA, January 7, 2022 / -- After the outstanding FMGE result in December 2021, Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) starts their FMGE coaching classes for the next batch. The institute will be conducting live classroom sessions as well as online classes for students. They have also prepared to extend one-on-one training programmes for tomorrow’s doctors and healthcare specialists.

    Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) has recently become India’s no. 1 achiever in the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) with exceptional results, evidencing their proficiency once again. This compulsory exam, conducted by National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences (NBEMS), grants the much-needed license to Indian medical students with a foreign degree for practicing medicine in India.

    Dr. David K Pillai, the chairman of the institute, informed, “Our institute is the principal associate of Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) in Philippines. KIMA, one of the prominent institutions in India, has secured a pass percentage of 91.4% in FMGE 2021 whereas the same in all of India is close to 23.3%.”

    Being one of the toughest exams in the country, Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) requires additional and personalised guidance from mentors. Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) offers benefits like integrated technology, strategic curriculum, well-researched study materials and experienced faculties including Dr. Deepak Marwah (Internal Medicine), Dr. Siraj Ahmad (Pharmacology) Dr. Shrikant Verma (Anatomy), Dr. Yusuf (Orthopaedics), Dr. Shivani Jain (Ophthalmology), Dr. Vijay Gupta (Physiology) and others.

    As shared by the chairman, Dr. David K Pillai, “Our prominent and experienced faculties will conduct aptitude and mock tests regularly to enhance the efficiency of students and provide them with hands-on experience. FMG Students will also learn effective time management, get exposure to essential questions and gain accuracy and speed, which are the most important factors.”

    Apart from the above, Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) will provide updated study materials and make FMG students solve simple to complex assignments with short-cut solutions and tricks for the best quality preparation. This all-inclusive training programme is designed to help them in practicing for the next examination and securing high scores.

    FMG Students enrolling for this FMGE coaching will get to avail doubt clearing session, performance analysis, revision on high-yield topics, offline classes with interactive review and more. They will be mentored comprehensively to acquire additional skillset apart from their MBBS degree for qualifying in this computer based licensure test.

    Besides the above-said, the institute ensures the best amenities to its students including AC classrooms, in-campus food and accommodation, friendly staff, highly equipped study halls with individual cabins and 24x7 support.

    According to the Chairman, Dr. David K Pillai, “Every year, our institute helps more than 90% of the students from India to get admission in Davao Medical School Foundation, Philippines and other reputed colleges in the Philippines for medical studies. We also bring the best FMGE coaching for foreign graduated students in India.”

    This time as well, Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) strives to prepare the best batch who will come out with flying colours in the next Foreign Medical Graduates Examination.

    About Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA)
    Established in 1999, Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) is a renowned institute in India and the primary associate of Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) in Philippines. They open doors of opportunities for aspirants to study medicine abroad and practice successfully in India. They also offer the most holistic education to medical students for cracking exams and developing additional skillsets for their professional careers. KIMA comes with facilities like advanced lab equipment, latest safety installations, wireless-enabled classrooms, audio-visual enhancements, fire hazard proofing, etc. Over the years, the medical training institute has become the preferred choice not only for their unbeatable results but also for their affordable courses to make dreams come true.

    Kings PR Team
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  • Newly revealed eyewitness account tells of top American bank’s misfortune in Russia


    New Release: "Into Russia's Cauldron"

    "Into Russia’s Cauldron" contains a warning from the past that resonates for today’s U.S.-Russia relationship

    A cautionary tale about corporate naiveté in a little-understood land”
    — John Tefft, former US ambassador to Russia
    CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA, January 3, 2022 / -- The newly released book, "Into Russia’s Cauldron," by Steven Fisher, tells the dramatic story of an individual and America’s leading financial institution fighting the inevitable in Russia, a chronicle grippingly brought to life in the never-seen-before century-old journal of Dartmouth College graduate, Leighton Rogers. In 1916, the National City Bank of New York, the precursor of today’s Citibank, sent Rogers to Russia to join a mission to achieve American commercial preeminence–a vision set forth by Frank Vanderlip, the president of National City Bank, who enthusiastically declared, “Russia’s need for capital is like Sahara’s thirst for water.” National City Bank instead fell into a Russian revolutionary maelstrom. Leighton Rogers wrote down everything he saw and experienced. His journal contains an eloquent, fresh and riveting account of that tumultuous time and recounts the devastating outcome of a singularly failed mission.

    Meticulously researched, "Into Russia’s Cauldron" addresses long-standing questions about Russia’s role on the world stage and conveys geopolitical lessons Leighton Rogers and his National City Bank colleagues learned one century ago that are compellingly relevant today.

    Into Russia’s Cauldron: An American Vision, Undone
    Author: Steven Fisher
    Publication Date: November 25, 2021
    Price: $32.50 (hardcover)
    Pages: 448

    978-1-7377663-0-8 (hardcover)
    978-1-7377663-1-5 (paperback)
    978-1-7377663-2-2 (ebook)


    For more information about "Into Russia’s Cauldron," to inquire about a review copy, or to schedule an interview, visit:

    Steven Fisher
    +1 312-330-8186
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  • Premier Change Management Agent Shara Hutchinson Goes 'Barefoot in the Boardroom' for a Pivoting Workforce

    Shara Hutchinson, author of Barefoot in the Boardroom

    Shara Hutchinson, author of Barefoot in the Boardroom

    Barefoot in the Boardroom by Shara Hutchinson

    Barefoot in the Boardroom by Shara Hutchinson



    COLUMBUS, OH, UNITED STATES, January 3, 2022 / -- XPOSEYOUR SOLUTIONS, founded by Shara Hutchinson, a minority female business owner, international best-selling author, and TEDx speaker, provides change management strategies for organizations and leaders navigating the changing landscape of today's labor market. As an industry leader for this emerging age Hutchinson is setting the stage for a shifting marketplace.

    The U.S. witnessed unprecedented changes in the labor market, mainly brought on by the onslaught of COVID-19. According to the US Department of Labor, the country saw a record 4.4 million Americans leave their jobs during the fall of 2021, prompting what economists have called The Great Resignation. Despite the wavering economy and employment concerns, Shara Hutchinson is ahead of the curve with her proven plan to move companies into the stratosphere.

    "The only constant in life is change," mused the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, a sentiment that encapsulates the pandemonium industry leaders are facing today with the great resignation. Change management is where the essence of transformation converges with strategies, motivation, teamwork, systems, and structures to equip leaders for the ever-changing, ever-evolving labor force and Shara stands head and shoulders above the rest. In a 2019 poll, only 39% of business executives believed their organizations could survive a complete digital transformation. However, the COVID-19 pandemic upended that way of thinking, and now companies were forced to shift into a new era.

    The Barefoot Method™ and the Exposeyour™" Leadership Capacity Model are at the center of change management training provided by Xposeyour. These frameworks are part of a conglomerate of talent optimization tools that aid organizations and leaders in executing and actualizing high-reaching goals through the utilization of time-tested frameworks that garner success.

    Shara Hutchinson is a certified Change Management Practitioner and Talent Optimization Consultant and co-author of 1 Habit of the World's Great Leaders: Life-Changing Habits to Unlock Your True Leadership Potential. Hutchinson's passion is to provide insightful resources and up-to-date techniques to optimize successful results within any organization.

    With nearly 20 years of institutional change experience, Hutchinson brings a wealth of knowledge as a change agent through the Barefoot Method™ and the Exposeyour™" Leadership Capacity Model. This data-driven system is the incorporation of years of knowledge and experience that Hutchinson provides to clients.

    In the fall of 2022, Hutchinson will release her latest book, "Barefoot in the Boardroom," which is available for pre-sale through Amazon and other distributors where books are sold. Hutchinson expounds on the operational strategies and technologies that provide effective change management methodologies to organizations and leaders rebounding from the Great Resignation.

    For more information contact Shara Hutchinson at or or

    Shara Hutchinson
    XPoseYour Solutions
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  • Study finds that Canadians prefer to be approached for donations online. As pandemic triggers shift in donation habits.

    Canadian crowdfunding platform

    Canadian crowdfunding platform

    werbylo online donation

    online doanation

    QR code donation

    QR code donation

    Study finds that over a third of Canadians prefer to be approached for donations online, rather than in person. As pandemic triggers shift in donation habits.

    we rise by lifting others”
    — Robert Ingersoll
    NORTH YORK, ON, CANADA, December 29, 2021 / -- A majority of Canadians dislike being approached for a charitable donation in person, a study has revealed - as the new Werbylo app helps donate to good causes in just three taps.

    A study by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Foundation for Philanthropy found that more than a third (34%) of Canadians surveyed preferred receiving an email asking them to make a charitable donation over any other method.

    The second most popular method of receiving a prompt to donate was via mail, with 26% of donors favouring this method.

    Whilst 21% of the 1,561 Canadians surveyed by AFP said that they disliked being approached for a donation in person - such as by a cashier at checkout.
    And a massive 76% of those surveyed had made a charitable donation in the last year.

    With the pandemic causing a seismic shift in the way that charities fundraise and how donors choose to give, it’s no surprise that technology has stepped in to fill the gap.

    Apps and websites such as Werbylo (We Rise By Lifting Others), a Canadian crowdfunding platform, have allowed charities of any size to set themselves up online with no hidden fees charged.

    The adoption of this technology has coincided with an unpredicted rise in global charitable donations throughout the pandemic.

    Incredibly the charity sector has seen a huge rise in the number of people making donations globally, with 33% of the world’s population having donated to charity in 2020, the Charities Aid Foundation’s World Giving Index 2021 found.

    With the loss of physical fundraising events and the closures of stores worldwide, this rise can be largely attributed to the introduction of fundraising apps and websites such as Werbylo.

    Additionally, the donation amounts that Canadian donors are giving have risen in value to an average of $965 (CAD) - perhaps with people more willing to donate large sums with the anonymity that online giving allows.

    Unlike many other platforms, Werbylo is free to use for donors and has no hidden monthly fees for non-profits and charities - just an essential processing fee of 3.9% + $0.30 per transaction for the recipient.

    Fees charged by many crowdfunding platforms have previously put charities off from making the move online, as they feared paying large processing fees to accept their hard-earned donations via a payment platform.

    Mani Rahnama, the founder of WERBYLO, said: “The way donors give has changed as a result of the pandemic with 42% of charities cutting down their cash donation collections for hygiene and logistical reasons.
    “We’ve seen the number of online donations skyrocket, and there’s no indication that this number is set to fall with the end of the pandemic as so many organizations continue to move operations online.
    “We created WERBYLO, an online crowdfunding platform, to allow charities, non-profits, and places of worship of any size to be able to accept payments from their supporters free of charge, and without the need for a physical exchange of cash.
    “Werbylo makes it easier to act on that moment of goodwill within seconds, by simply pulling out a phone and making a donation in just three clicks on the app.
    “Werbylo crowdfunding platform has raised an incredible $110 million for good causes since launching, our goal is for it to reach $1 billion in 2022 as more and more charities move donations online.”

    However, for the charities that have made the switch to online fundraising rather than holding in-person events or opening fundraising kiosks and shops, 48% said they believed that fundraising had changed for good and wouldn’t be going back to traditional methods, a survey by CAF found.

    In the UK a Government assessment of Covid-19’s impact on the charitable sector found that 11% of charities had seen an increase in funding by using an online payment platform.

    But in the USA that figure was much higher, with the 2021 M+R Benchmarks Study reporting that total online revenue grew by 32%, with Hunger and Poverty charities seeing a mindblowing 173% increase in their online income.

    Charities using a service that allowed their donors to commit to a monthly donation, such as Werbylo, found that their monthly revenue from donations increased 25%, accounting for 19% of all of their online revenue in 2020, M+R reports. And the value of one-off gifts from online donors increased by 37% in 2020, the report found.

    Those that donated online through their phone gave an average of $42 (USD) whilst those who hopped on their desktop computer or laptop to donate gave an average of $80, the study found.

    The study also found that charities that took part in Covid-19 relief work saw their online incomes rise by 40% - mostly through one-off donations - whilst those that didn’t saw their online income rise by 22%. This donation pattern is similar to what is usually observed following a natural disaster.

    This year it is not only charities turning to online crowdfunding platforms, but also many places of worship relying on platforms like the Werbylo app to help collect worshipers’ contributions in a contactless manner.

    Payment platforms such as Werbylo have been essential for places of worship as congregations returned to physical worship, with physical cash donations halted to prevent the transmission of covid-19.

    But it is not only monetary donations that have made the pandemic a charitable time, with a miraculous three billion people (55% of the world’s population) helping a stranger in 2020 during the Covid-19 global crisis.

    Through the Werbylo app nonprofits can also manage their upcoming events and volunteer workforce, a difficult task in the midst of a pandemic when 51% of charities surveyed by Ipsos experienced difficulty recruiting volunteers.

    Why not donate to a charity right now and set good intentions for 2022? Visit or download the Werbylo donation app for Apple or Android, to make a donation in just three clicks.

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  • eBay, Bidbay, and the Crooked Congressman: New Book Tells the True Story of One Man’s Fall from Hero to Zero

    eBay, Bidbay, and the Crooked Congressman Kindle and Paperback

    eBay, Bidbay, and the Crooked Congressman inside view

    Dr. George Tannous tells the sensational true story about how he went from immigrant to business mogul to felon and the people who helped get him there

    SYLMAR, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 28, 2021 / -- Dr. George Tannous had a lot of time on his hands to write his first book eBay, Bidbay, and the Crooked Congressman. When a man is sent to prison, he has a lot of time to think, and that’s exactly what he did. And after doing a lot of thinking and reflecting, he put his pen to paper and drafted his true tale of how he went from zero to hero and back to zero again.

    In his new book, Tannous shares the tale of his modest beginnings, rise to professional success, and insatiable desire for more. Tannous' story starts a lot like many stories about chasing the American Dream, a rags to riches immigrant story that so many find enthralling. His journey eventually took him from immigrant to husband and father, to entrepreneur, to millionaire, to felon, and now, out of prison, published author and businessman again.

    Tannous' book shares more about the entrepreneurial streak that always drove him to pursue more and make more money. He admits to being greedy many times, which he believes is partially responsible for his ultimate downfall and leading to time behind bars. But he also credits his fall to a cast of shady characters he trusted who played significant co-starring roles in his turbulent rise and fall.

    The book shares how Tannous went from IRS agent to eventually owning a firm that represented clients facing challenges from the IRS. Through this business and his work at the IRS, he met various interesting people, many on the way to prison themselves, as well as a lying congressman. Many of them made him a host of promises and offered their business expertise--all centered around making everyone a lot of money.

    Tannous then shares the meteoric rise of his brand and the eventual legal challenges the company faced from eBay that forced out of business. But instead of giving up and letting shareholders down on the heels of that setback, Tannous then weaves an intricate tale of how a string of follow-up businesses eventually led to broken marriages, families in jeopardy, a congressman lying, lawsuits, securities fraud, and eventual prison time.

    And as he shares in the book, Tannous, now out of prison, weathered the torrent of missteps, bad luck, and bad actors in his life to come out of prison stronger than he was before and ready to build his way back to success the right way.

    eBay, Bidbay, and the Crooked Congressman is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats.

    About Dr. George Tannous
    Dr. George Tannous is a former IRS agent, former CEO, and convicted felon. He graduated with honors from Regis University in Denver, Colorado, and has owned and operated several businesses across various industries. Upon release from prison, Tannous earned his doctorate in Christian counseling from Newburgh Theological Institute. Learn more about George by visiting

    George Tannous
    George Tannous

  • PlayTreks named a Key-Player in the Global Music NFT market

    the PlayGrounds by PlayTreks NFT Marketplace

    the PlayGrounds by PlayTreks NFT Marketplace

    NFT minting made easy with the PlayGrounds by PlayTreks

    NFT minting made easy with the PlayGrounds by PlayTreks

    Create Non-Funglible Tokens with the PlayGrounds by PlayTreks

    Create Non-Funglible Tokens with the PlayGrounds by PlayTreks

    PlayTreks named a Key-Player in the Global Music NFT market

    PlayTreks (TREKS:TREKS)

    We believe that the HTF report shows we are on the right strategic path to serve our clients and the industry.””
    — Anjo De Heus
    HASSELT, BE-VLI, BELGIUM, December 23, 2021 / -- PlayTreks, the All-In-One platform for the music industry, was named a key player in the Global Music NFT market report researched by HTF Market Intelligence

    The majority of key players are focussing on securing a leading market in the music industry, as PlayTreks is doing with its NFT marketplace, The PlayGrounds. Other key players include OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, and Rarible among a few others.

    PlayTreks, an innovative company applying artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to make artists and record labels meet the growing demand for transparency and new ways of monetizing music, today announced that it has been named a key player in the Global Music NFT market by HTF Market Intelligence.

    PlayTreks NFT PlayGrounds marketplace was recognized because of its readiness, global coverage, and completeness, and was researched based on primary and secondary research, white paper, publications, website, world bank statistics, and HTF market intelligence.

    The music industry has been inextricably linked to technology since the discovery of sound recording in 1877. Technological innovations have influenced how music is made, played, saved, distributed, and enjoyed. This is from the first discs to streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music from the birth of record changing to the rise of modern electronic sound.

    The rise of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, is a developing trend in the music industry. NFT transactions enable audiences to bid on one-of-a-kind content from their favorite artists in auctions. These tokens, as well as the transactions that entail them, currently empower the artists who sell them. Only time will tell if NFTs are here to stay, as they are brand-new breakthroughs. An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a one-of-a-kind digital asset held on the blockchain.

    For record labels, publishers, and their lawyers, licensing and transferring ownership of music is now a pretty complex process, and manually clearing samples for usage or transferring rights can even postpone the release of the music. However, with efficient and secure document transfer, NFT makes licensing and transferring music as simple and quick as shopping online.

    “We are honored to be recognized by HTF Market Intelligence as a key player in the global music NFT market,” said Anjo De Heus, CEO of PlayTreks. We’re continuing to build our comprehensive platform for music management and execution to serve as the engine that drives commerce for our clients. Music Data is essential to the blockchain platform for NFTs, and that's what sets us apart. We believe that the HTF report shows we are on the right strategic path to serve our clients and the industry.”

    This is the first time that PlayTreks has been named a key player in the global music NFT market as they only went live with the All-In-One platform in April of 2021 and the market for music NFT's is relatively new.

    The power of the PlayTreks platform is its completeness with services such as music distribution to traditional streaming platforms and blockchain-based NFT marketplaces, radio airplay monitoring, music rights copyright control, and driven by lots of data so artists always have a 360-degree view on music performance.

    HTF Market Intelligence is a registered trademark of HTF Market Intelligence, and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and are used herein with permission. All rights reserved.

    About PlayTreks and the PlayGrounds NFT Marketplace:

    Playtreks is an ALL-IN-ONE platform, serving artists, record labels, artist managers, composers, songwriters, and all those who wish to stay in control over their creations. With the platform, we collect and correlate metadata, and users can then analyze the data in a powerful dashboard using artificial intelligence. Data being presented is derived from streaming, social media, and content sharing platforms as well as from our global radio airplay monitoring. An intelligently driven marketing SaaS platform for the music industry which allows for distribution to traditional streaming and block-chain based streaming platforms, providing full transparency about the retail performance of content sold on a variety of digital streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, social media, content sharing platforms and includes a powerful feature turning content into NFT aka Non-Fungible Token to establish Digital Proof of Ownership of creation, whether this creation is music, a document or a file. The PlayGrounds blockchain-based marketplace gives an additional outlet to creators, where creatives can monetize exclusive content and earn significantly more.

    Anjo De Heus
    PlayTreks BV
    +32 471 38 29 40
    email us here
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  • SHAREHOLDER ALERT: The Law Offices of Timothy L. Miles Announces Exicure, Inc. (XCUR) Sued for Misleading Shareholders

    Paraquat Lawyer Timothy L. Miles of Nashville Named a 2021 Elite Lawyer

    Timothy L. Miles Named a 2021 Top Rated Lawyer


    Nationally Recognized Shareholder Rights Attorney Timothy L. Miles


    Nationally Recognized Shareholder Rights Attorney Timothy L. Miles

    Nationally Recognized Shareholder Rights Attorney Timothy L. Miles

    Nationally Recognized Shareholder Rights Attorney Timothy L. Miles Has Achieved the Recognition of American’s Mo

    Exicure, Inc. (XCUR) is Being Sued for Misleading Shareholders

    Exicure, Inc. (NASDAQ:XCUR)

    HENDERSONVILLE, TN, UNITED STATES, December 23, 2021 / -- The Law Offices of Timothy L. Miles, who has been leading the fight to protect shareholder rights for over 20 years, announces announces that a purchaser of Exicure, Inc. (XCUR) filed a class action complaint against the Company and its officers and directors for alleged violations of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 between March 11, 2021 and November 15, 2021. Exicure is a clinical stage biotechnology company that develops therapeutics for neurology, immune-oncology, inflammatory diseases, and other genetic disorders based on its proprietary spherical nucleic acid technology. The Exicure class action lawsuit was commenced on December 13, 2021 in the Northern District of Illinois and is captioned Colwell v. Exicure, Inc., No. 21-cv-06637.

    If you suffered a loss due to XCUR, Inc.'s misconduct, click here.

    Exicure Misled Investors Regarding its Business Operations

    A class action was filed on behalf of all persons and entities that purchased or otherwise acquired Exicure, Inc. (NASDAQ: XCUR) securities between March 11, 2021 and November 15, 2021, for violations of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Exicure is a clinical stage biotechnology company that develops therapeutics for neurology, immune-oncology, inflammatory diseases, and other genetic disorders based on its proprietary spherical nucleic acid technology.

    According to the complaint, defendants failed to disclose that there had been certain improprieties in Exicure’s preclinical program for the treatment of Friedreich’s ataxia and that there was a material risk that data from the preclinical program would not support continued clinical development.

    On November 15, 2021, Exicure filed a Form 12b-25 with the SEC stating that it could not timely file its quarterly report ended September 30, 2021. It explained it was investigating “a claim made by a former Company senior researcher regarding alleged improprieties that researcher claims to have committed with respect to the Company’s XCUR-FXN preclinical program for the treatment of Friedreich’s ataxia.” On this news, the Company’s stock price fell 28%, to close at $1.07 per share on November 16, 2021. The stock trades even lower today.

    If you acquired shares of Exicure, Inc. (XCUR) securities between March 11, 2021 and November 15, 2021, you have until February 11, 2022, to ask the court to appoint you lead plaintiff for the class.

    Exicure Shareholders Urged to Contact the Firm

    If you purchased Exicure securities, have information, or have any questions concerning this announcement or your rights or interests with respect to these matters, please contact Timothy L. Miles, Esquire, at 615-587-7384, Toll-Free at 855-846-6529, or by email to or click here and submit a form. If you inquire by email please include your mailing address, telephone number, and the number shares owned.

    About Timothy L. Miles
    Timothy L. Miles is a nationally recognized shareholder, employee rights and personal injury attorney raised in Nashville, Tennessee. Earlier this year, Mr. Miles was recognized as a 2021 Top Ranked Lawyer; 2021 Top Rated Litigator; and a 2021 Elite Lawyer of The South by Martindale-Hubbell® and ALM, his third consecutive year to receive each award. Mr. Miles also maintains the AV Preeminent Rating by Martindale-Hubbell®, their highest rating for both legal ability and ethics. Mr. Miles is a member of the prestigious Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Trial Lawyers: The National Trial Lawyers Association, a superb rated attorney by Avvo, a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award by Premier Lawyers of America (2019) and recognized as a Distinguished Lawyer, Recognizing Excellence in Securities Law, by Lawyers of Distinction (2019). Awards: Top Rated Litigator by Martindale-Hubbell® and ALM (2019-2021); Top Rated Lawyer by Martindale-Hubbell® and ALM (2019-2021); Elite Lawyer of The South by Martindale-Hubbell® and ALM (2019-2021); Member of the Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Trial Lawyers: The National Trial Lawyers Association (2017-2021); AV® Preeminent™ Rating by Martindale-Hubble® (2014-2021); PRR AV Preeminent Rating on (2018-2021); The Top-Rated Lawyer in Litigation™ for Ethical Standards and Legal Ability (Martindale-Hubble® 2015); Lifetime Achievement Award by Premier Lawyers of America (2019); Distinguished Lawyer, Recognizing Excellence in Securities Law, by Lawyers of Distinction (2019-2021); Superb Rated Attorney (Avvo); Avvo Top Rated Lawyer for (Avvo 2017-2020). Mr. Miles has authored numerous publications advocating for shareholdings including most recently: Free Portfolio Monitoring Services Offered by Plaintiff Securities Firms Provides Significant Benefits to Investors (Timothy L. Miles, Dec. 3, 2019).

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  • Bhutan Kings: Jigme Singye Wangchuck and Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck World Happiness Awards 2021 Laureates

    World Happiness Awards

    World Happiness Awards

    His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck and his son His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck

    His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck and his son His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck

    There are incredible public policy developments happening at all levels of governance and we want to say thank you.

    Systemic change happens through Public Policy as it can determine social happiness and well-being for long periods of time. ”
    — Luis Gallardo, Founder & President - World Happiness Foundation
    NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 22, 2021 / -- Both the Kings His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck and his son His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck are the inspiration for the present times and times to come. We are blessed and delighted to honor them as World Happiness Awards 2021 Laureates in Policy Making.

    Join us in our celebration of people and communities, making this planet a better place for all!

    When a young Crown Prince running at 17 years of age became the King of Bhutan in 1972, one of His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck’s first and ever-lasting initiatives to bring happiness and wellbeing to his citizens was through the principles of Gross National Happiness, which he propounded was more important than Gross National Product. This concept questioned the conventional economic measurement system that GDP alone could not bring happiness and well-being to citizens.

    Although still a teenage monarch, His Majesty was wise beyond his years. He firmly believed that happiness was a valid indicator and a sign of progressive development for his country. He also believed in the legitimacy of public participation in defining Bhutan’s development goals. He brought the nation to a democracy without making the citizens realize it.

    The concept re-counts Bhutan’s ancient legal code of 1629 given by Zhabdrung whose embodiment is His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck that states ‘if the government cannot create happiness for its people, then there is no purpose for that government to exist.’ The code notes that Bhutanese laws must promote happiness for all sentient beings. For the King, the focus was never just the economic progress of his country but creating a flourishing human society living in harmony with its environment.

    Today, plentiful research shows that wealth alone doesn’t contribute to happiness and life satisfaction. The Gross National Happiness index measures the quality of its development holistically, believing that the positive development of human society happens when material and spiritual growth occurs alongside each other. That is why this small Himalayan country is considered a living example of sparking the debate on human development.

    Four decades later, Bhutan, now a democratic country, still ensures the inclusion and continuity of GNH values as enshrined in its Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan. As a public policy, the GNH development framework is supported by four pillars:

    Sustainable and equitable socio-economic development
    Conservation of the environment
    Preservation and promotion of culture
    Good governance

    An overarching objective within these pillars is eradicating poverty without any compromise with nature.

    His Majesty made sure to teach his son, the present King His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, the same values so he could continue leading the country according to the most important gauging legacy – the happiness. GNH has been further enhanced and signified by the King His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck as ‘Development with values bridging with kindness, equity, and humanity'.

    Acclaimed as ‘the people’s king,’ His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck has already won over hearts worldwide. He is a gentle, compassionate, and kind monarch who expanded a royal welfare system that helps the rural poor.

    He started his reign with the democratization of his country. He traveled and continues to visit all parts of the country mainly on foot, talking to people from all walks of life understanding their problems, and helping them through his government to come out with measures and policies to overcome their issues. He is engaged with young people about the importance of higher standards in education, business, and servicing. He signed the abolishment of anti-homosexuality laws and launched the National Cadastral Resurvey to resolve issues of excess land. He also established the Rehabilitation Project, which focuses on improving the lives of people who live in remote or difficult areas.

    According to the King His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, every generation must interpret GNH in their own way because of the changes of time and environment that they would live in. He believes that a vibrant economy propelled by the right kind of technology and educated civilization is the very foundation on which national happiness can be built.

    Hannah Cassimere
    World Happiness Foundation
    +1 3476065317
    email us here

  • New Book on Freedom from Perfectionism Achieves #1 Bestseller Status on Launch Day

    FRESNO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2021 / -- Ignite Press announced this week that Gigi Muth’s new book, Bloom Beyond Perfection: Leaving the Perfection Trap and Discovering the Freedom of Good Enough, became a #1 bestseller in no less than 4 categories and a hot new release in 6 categories on Amazon. Among others, it became the #1 bestselling book in Psychology of Suicide, Inner Child, Educational Consulting, and more.

    The book is available on Amazon at

    “Bloom Beyond Perfection was written for all of you like myself who believed perfection was worthy of the time and effort put into every detail, who sacrificed family and friends to achieve completely unreasonable and impossible goals,” says Muth. “It is also for those of you who are finding your perfectionistic tendencies taking a turn for the worse or finding that the same things that motivated you are now holding you back and keeping you small.”

    To celebrate the launch of the book, the Kindle version of the book will be on sale for 99 cents for a limited time.

    Honoring the last words of her late daughter Madeline, Gigi Muth has set out to make a difference and be an example of what is possible. She is a speaker, author, and coach dedicated to helping others break out of their Perfection Trap. For twenty-plus years she had topped the charts with her exemplary performance in her non-profit and administrative career, only to come up short on her perfectionistic race to nowhere.

    After her daughter’s death from suicide, Gigi became a pilgrim by walking 172 miles from Porto, Portugal to Santiago, Spain. She attributes this experience to helping her break free of the perfectionism that crippled her, and she developed what she calls the “Pilgrim’s Survival Kit” that she has now used to help others overcome self-sabotaging ways. Gigi uses real-life, relatable examples to show others how they might be playing small, fighting with “what is” and “shoulding” upon themselves.

    After 15 years in the California desert, Gigi is back home in the Midwest, loving the four seasons and all the weather has to offer. To Gigi, nothing says home more than snuggling on the couch with hot chocolate watching Hallmark Movies on a cold, snowy day.

    Visit Amazon at to purchase the book and to learn more!

    Gigi can be reached at:

    Malia Sexton
    Ignite Press
    +1 559-477-4202
    email us here

  • “Giving: A Handbook to Happiness for the Modern Philanthropist” FREE on Amazon Kindle December 16-20

    Book cover for 'Giving: A Handbook to Happiness for the Modern Philanthropist'

    'Giving' is now available on Amazon

    Gideon Bernstein, author of 'Giving: A Handbook to Happiness for the Modern Philanthropist'

    'Giving' Author Gideon Bernstein

    The Amazon ‘hot new release’ is a step-by-step guide to charitable giving

    Whether you are new to giving or just need a more strategic approach to philanthropy, Gideon's book provides clear, practical advice that you can use to make giving a more fulfilling experience.”
    — Nicole Suydam, President & CEO, Goodwill of Orange Country

    COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 16, 2021 / -- “Giving: A Handbook to Happiness for the Modern Philanthropist” (Modern Philanthropy Publishing) is author, financial advisor, and philanthropist Gideon Bernstein’s step-by-step guide to the what, why, and how of charitable giving. An Amazon "hot new release," "Giving is regularly priced at $9.99 on Amazon Kindle and in paperback. The Kindle version is being offered for FREE December 16 through December 20 to encourage year-end charitable giving. All net proceeds from the regularly priced sales of the book are being donated to charity.

    After the tragic death of his son, giving to others helped author Gideon Bernstein regain his footing, find his purpose, and ultimately rediscover a path back to happiness. Bernstein shares his passion for giving in this essential handbook that will help anyone with a desire to create positive change in the world to explore the role of giving in their own life and create a personal strategy for lifelong philanthropy. The book is part of the #BlazeItForward movement created to honor Bernstein’s son.

    “Year-end always brings a much-needed wave of giving to people and causes that need help,” says Bernstein. “I wrote 'Giving' to help everyoneyou think deeply about your approach to giving, put your ideas into action, and rediscover the simple joys of giving to .”

    Learn more at For press inquiries (including review copies), please contact CaroleAnne Hardy of The Advisors Voice at 310-704-4740 or

    To learn about #BlazeItForward, visit, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

    About Gideon Bernstein
    Gideon Bernstein has served as a trusted financial advisor to affluent families in Orange County, California, for decades, and he is currently a Principal and Chief Investment Officer at Leisure Capital Management. His passion is working with non-profit boards, families, and private foundations to help them achieve their philanthropic missions. Gideon has served as a board member of numerous charitable organizations and as Vice President of Investments and Chairman of the Board for the Jewish Community Foundation of Orange County. He holds designations as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy (CAP). Giving is Gideon’s first book.


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