• Katrina Summer Releases Book and Sales Accelerator Program

    We empower business leaders and their teams to make a bold impact on the world by promoting authenticity and prioritizing people”
    — Katrina Summers
    TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 7, 2022 / -- Katrina Summers, who was named a Top Women Entrepreneur of 2021, has now released the top-selling book "Sales Funnel Playbook." Her book is a guide to everything sales funnels.

    "Who Is Katrina Summers?"
    Katrina Summers is the Founder & CEO of KSB Agency. She's the Sales Confidence Coach and fearless leader powering the whole operation. ​​With over ten years of corporate sales management and overseeing $80 million+ in revenue under her belt, it's safe to say that corporate sales are her true passion. She is coming into 2022 with a bang.

    Her book "Sales Funnel Playbook" is now available on Amazon Kindle & Print and will soon be available online through Target, Walmart, and Barnes & Noble.

    Katrina Summers Brand has the solution and secrets to improving sales and creating the business one wants to achieve.
    Selling ability shouldn't slow entrepreneurs down but speed up their dreams.

    And we have the solution to success- The Sales Accelerator Program.

    Here's what our newest program has to offer:

    1)Unwavering confidence in closing sales

    2)Ability to communicate offers with potential customers with conviction

    3)How to nail down sales strategies so they can sell like a champ

    Improve sales now with the Sales Accelerator program, get the chance to work with Katrina Summers, the Sales Queen herself, over the next six weeks.

    For the SAP Program - here is the link to the waitlist
    * Sales Accelerator Program starts January 24

    Purchase the Sales Funnel Playbook Today Here

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  • Run From the Frustrations of the Outside World into the Welcoming Arms of Fiction New Audiobook "Unpredictable and Fun"

    An exciting ride with vivid descriptions of exotic locations and lively characters from centuries past.

    FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 6, 2022 / -- Mike Corbett’s New Edition of “Mr. Nachron’s List” is a blend of romance, history and science fiction with South Florida as its hub.

    Who is the beautiful young leper that seduces Ron during his unintended trip to Panama?

    Why would Richard Feynman, a noted twentieth-century physicist, pick up Ron hitchhiking in a New Mexico desert?

    If you knew that there was something on the other side of a door that shouldn’t logically exist, would you go through it? Ron Maddock wasn’t the type of person to back slowly and sensibly away. It wasn’t just curiosity. His compulsion to cross that threshold was fueled by an appetite for stimuli that his normal routine wasn’t providing. Suddenly, Ron entered a world where the passage of time and a sequence of events were out of order.

    He wasn’t facing this strangeness alone. Two strong women and a peculiar little man provided the incentive and the means to navigate an improbable array of obstacles. In Mr. Nachron’s List, Ron Maddock discovers that some of the most vivid images of a modern world may be found in artifacts of an older one.

    “Mr. Nachron’s List” is an enjoyable surreal adventure of time travel and exploration of a world that is captivating. A short tale fraught with complications and fascinating characters. This is one of those interesting books that you don’t necessarily see the ending or plot twists coming…. If you are a fan of surrealism and quirk, this is a definite must listen.”

    Along with “Mr. Nachron’s List” and “Laughter of the Damned” (a satirical sendup of heaven and hell), Mike Corbett has authored tactical books on poker and backgammon. He is fascinated by the wavering border between reality and fantasy and he is a master of the transition from observation to interpretation. Corbett established an international reputation during decades of high level game competition in addition to providing entertaining lectures and contributions to periodicals on game theory.

    Audiobook Available on Amazon, Audible, iTunes


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  • New Year, New AI Tool That Can Write Articles, Email Campaigns, Books, Landing Pages & Even Code. Meet Satellite Blogger

    Satellite Blogger BETA 2

    Satellite Blogger BETA 2

    A new startup, AI Exosphere (AIExo), announced their writing assistant could write product descriptions and ads in seconds.

    The Playground BETA Skills have many use-cases that are strictly prompt-based through HailyAI with exciting but varied results.”
    — - Said Sal Peer, CEO of AI Exosphere
    ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 3, 2022 / -- A new startup, AI Exosphere (AIExo), announced their writing assistant could write product descriptions and ads in seconds.

    Early this month, the company announced its launch of Satellite Blogger in early 2022. Satellite Blogger is a SAAS powered by AIExo's HailyAI that instantly generates high-quality content on any subject or niche.

    New capabilities and user enhancements have been added as the company prepares to launch BETA.

    The founder's Sal Peer, CEO, and Alex Athey, CTO, wanted to give users new opportunities to play and discover the capabilities of AIExo's bleeding-edge HailyAI inferences.

    After much deliberation and RISE member feedback about AI Ethics, the duo came up with an easy way for users to still experience the new prompt-based skill system through "The Playground."

    The Playground link enables users to generate content with Trained and BETA AI Writing Skills.

    "The Playground BETA Skills have many use-cases that are strictly prompt-based through HailyAI with exciting but varied results." - Said Sal Peer, CEO of AI Exosphere

    One of the major updates is Satellite Blogger's capability to generate product descriptions and ads.

    AI product description generation automatically generates a product description based on keywords. This can be very convenient when you have many products and can't afford to write appealing descriptions for each product regularly.

    Ad generation is about automatically generating advertising based on keywords. Writing a high volume of ads can be beneficial without sacrificing your original and genuine tone.

    HailyAI is ideally suited for these tasks because it generates relevant and appealing descriptions based on raw information in many languages. Furthermore, this is pure original content, so there is no risk of duplicated content.

    The company offers these skills to all users but states that they are in the early testing stages. Therefore, although BETA skills are available, they do not guarantee the generations.

    About AI Exosphere
    At AI Exosphere, our focus is on Project Hail (HailyAI), an AI voice business assistant who can take complex digital actions and act in a sales and customer support role.

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  • Seventy-Five Honors NBA’s 75-Year Legacy

    This is a photo of the book cover of Seventy-Five.

    Seventy-Five provides an in-depth, entertaining journey through all 75 years of the NBA.

    This is a photo of David S. Heeren

    Award-winning journalist and pioneer NBA statistician Dave Heeren

    Prolific sports reporter and pioneer NBA statistician Dave Heeren takes fans on an epic journey honoring the league’s 75-year legacy and its greatest players.

    Scoring is not everything. Some of the greatest players don’t score a lot of points, and some who do score a lot of points aren’t all that good.”
    — Sports reporter and pioneer NBA statistician Dave Heeren

    ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 3, 2022 / -- Hoops fans and stat geeks will find a treasure trove of fascinating facts, stories from the sidelines and a statistical ranking of the top 75 NBA players of all time in the entertaining new book, Seventy-Five. Author, prolific sports reporter and pioneer NBA statistician Dave Heeren is known worldwide for his TENDEX rating system — the gold standard for ranking players, projecting drafts and rating the best teams in the NBA.

    “Scoring is not everything. Some of the greatest players don’t score a lot of points, and some who do score a lot of points aren’t all that good,” Heeren said in a recent interview. “My first full-time job was as a statistician for the New York Knicks, and Wilt Chamberlain was looking over my shoulder. He wanted to know what his TENDEX rating was!”

    Heeren has witnessed all 75 years of the NBA through his work as a team statistician for the Knicks, writing books, doing columns for The Sporting News and just his love of the game since he was a child, and he draws upon his comprehensive knowledge to lend valuable insights to his coverage of the league’s 75-year legacy.

    Seventy-Five provides an in-depth, entertaining journey through 75 years of the NBA, with information of interest to basketball fans everywhere, including:

    - A look-back at all 75 years with TENDEX (statistical) input, including insights dating to the Bill Russell, Oscar Robertson and Wilt Chamberlain prime years;
    - How, during a 30-year period, TENDEX rated two-thirds of the elite NBA draft choices more accurately than the NBA’s multi-million dollar scouting system;
    - Dozens of fascinating facts and humor-infused anecdotes;
    - The four legendary players in a near tie for greatest of all time according to TENDEX;
    - The greatest NBA teams of all-time, greatest shooters, rebounders, playmakers, defensive players, most durable players and most athletic players according to TENDEX formulae;
    - A chart rating in order the top 75 players of all time;
    - … and more!

    Dave Heeren is an award-winning journalist and author of 18 books. He invented his pioneer statistics system (later known as TENDEX) during his sophomore year at the University of Delaware. He has served as a statistician for the NY Knicks, a sports editor, news editor and editor-in-chief. His other books include five Basketball Abstract books, Basic Ball and The Sporting Stings. His TENDEX system has been used officially on every continent that had major professional basketball leagues between 1988 and 2013, and has been used to rate players by the Australian pro league and Europe’s most prominent professional league.

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  • Famed Interior Designer Steven G Hosts Annual Embrace Christmas Party

    Interior Designer Steven Gurowitz sports his heart on this teeshirt during Embrace Girls Target shopping spree.

    Interior Designer Steven Gurowitz sports his heart on this teeshirt during Embrace Girls Target shopping spree.

    An Embrace Girls student ponders her Target shopping spree selections as Steven G looks on.

    An Embrace Girls student ponders her Target shopping spree selections as Steven G looks on.

    Steven G serves the homeless at Embrace Thanksgiving fete.

    Steven G serves the homeless at Embrace Thanksgiving fete.

    The annual holiday festivities included a Target shopping spree and a tour and lunch at the Miami Children's Museum.

    His support has enabled us to expand the program and services to schools in need as well as implement community initiatives that support the homeless and families in crisis.”
    — Embrace Girls Founder and CEO Velma Lawrence
    MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, December 24, 2021 / -- It has been one year to the day since Steven Gurowitz, president and CEO of the luxury design firm Interiors by Steven G, was introduced to Velma Lawrence and the Embrace Girls Foundation.

    The designer was looking for a local group to support. A colleague, ABC News affiliate Local 10 Public Relations Director Mayte Padron, thought Embrace Girls was a natural fit, made the introduction and suggested Gurowitz support their annual Christmas Party.

    She was right.

    By the time the 2020 party ended Gurowitz pledged to support the group anyway he could.

    “We decided to embrace the Embrace Girls because we love what these children stand for, and the fact that many of them have overcome tremendous adversity in their lives,” he later said. “The things we take for granted in our lives mean so much to other people who don’t have them.”
    A year later and Gurowitz has been more than a man of his word.

    Over the last 12 months, he has:
    • Sponsored a Valentine’s Day picnic, surprising the girls with custom bikes, knee pads and helmets.
    • Sponsored a series of “Intimate Evenings With” benefit concerts for Embrace at the Casino at Dania Beach. Each of the performances, Soul singer Jeffrey Osborne (June), actors and gospel music icons David and Tamela Mann (August), and R&B crooner Gerald Alston and the Manhattans with singer and actress Regina Belle (December) sold out weeks before the performances and have helped make the “Intimate Evening With” shows a must-see event for South Florida music lovers.
    • Served food at an Embrace Thanksgiving event he funded to feed the homeless.
    • Visited Embrace program schools and toured neighborhoods where they live.
    • Recruited friends to join him in supporting Embrace Girls, including millionaire Miami developer Joseph Milton, who, with his wife, Alexandra, have attended Embrace Girls’ signature tea parties and hosted a tour of one of their office buildings that included a private movie screening. The Miltons have also made frequent donations of children's and adult clothing, furniture, toys and shoes.

    • Gurowitz’s support has allowed Embrace Girls to expand its services across Miami-Dade counties, from Dania Beach to Homestead, providing weekly during and after school programming for hundreds of students.

    “Mr. G is the gift that keeps on giving,” Lawrence said. “His generosity extends far beyond the monetary. The time he dedicates to the girls and the concern he shows for their overall wellbeing is truly priceless.

    “His support has enabled us to expand the program and services to schools in need as well as implement community initiatives that support the homeless and families in crisis.”

    That includes Miami’s Jesse J. McCrary Elementary School, where Principal Trellany Parrish-Gay asked Second Grade Lead Teacher Tania Reina to head the Embrace Girls group.

    “My principal said she had an amazing program that she wanted me to spearhead at the school,” Reina said. “I was thrilled to find out about Embrace, because last summer I saw the program on Instagram and saw their tea party. For my principal to come knocking on my door and tell me about it, that says it was meant to be.
    “I fell in love with it.”

    Reina, who not only grew up in and still lives in Miami’s Liberty City neighborhood but also attended McCrary (then Little River Elementary School) as a child, said she has seen the difference Embrace programs have made in the 14 girls at McCrary – including her daughter, Jasmine Smith, a McCrary fifth grader.

    “My students absolutely love Embrace,” Reina said. “You can see it in their faces, in the things they do, in the way they carry themselves. They needed this. I have students and parents asking all the time if they or their children can join Embrace.”

    Founded in 2000, The Embrace Girls Foundation Inc., is a non-profit that provides uplifting, girl-centric programming for hundreds of girls in several public and private elementary and middle schools in Miami/Dade and Broward counties.

    Lawrence, knows the girls challenges firsthand. She also grew up in Liberty City and founded Embrace “to help young girls become the women they choose to be by giving them encouragement and opportunities I did not have or even knew existed growing up.”

    Interiors by Steven G has more than 80 employees and offices in Miami, Miami Beach and New York City. Its’ 110,000 square foot Pompano Beach showroom features Italian and Parisian designers. The company’s clients have included international corporations, hotels, former Super Bowl winning quarterback Warren Sapp and boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

    Gurowitz and his ‘Interiors Team,’ Maria, Sierra, Greta and Linda, marked their Embrace anniversary by taking more than 50 Embrace Girls on a Christmas shopping spree to a Target Department Store.

    “We got a wish list from every child, so they got not only got to pick what they wanted, they also got bags filled with things from their wish list,” Gurowitz said.
    The shopping spree was followed by a Miami Children’s Museum play tour, lunch and a visit by Santa Clause.

    “At the end of the day, I was mobbed by a group of smiling kids,” Gurowitz said. “How can you put a price on that?”

    Gurowitz praised Lawrence and the Embrace Girls staff, many of them program graduates.

    “To see Velma Lawrence, who has given twenty years of her life to this amazing organization and now has programs in schools from Homestead to Dania Beach, well, I am honored to stand toe to toe with her to get this done,” he said. “If I had been doing this as long as she has, I would be on medication.”

    Gurowitz said, while he is happy to have helped Embrace grow, he is just “embracing my passion. I have been blessed. I am not a godly person, but I think God has a plan, and I am honored to follow that plan.

    “Many people talk the talk, but there are few who walk the walk.

    “I’m walking.”

    Velma Lawrence
    Embrace Girls Foundation Inc.
    +1 877-466-4769
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  • Dianne Collins aka Q.T. Diva’s debut single "We’re In A New World" is Out Now on All Major Music Platforms.

    Q.T. Diva portrait used as a header image on her official Spotify page.

    Q.T. Diva Portrait Image

    Q.T. Diva’s debut single "We’re In A New World" Cover Art.

    Cover art for Q.T. Diva’s debut single "We’re In A New World".

    Photos of Dianne Collins aka Q.T. Diva in the studio recording "We’re In A New World".

    Dianne Collins aka Q.T. in Criteria Studios recording "We’re In A New World".

    “We’re In A New World” is the first single release from upcoming solo artist Q.T. Diva. The song was released November 12, 2021.

    You live consciously with awareness and compassion, gratitude on your knees. You appreciate all the codes all the magic we are given to create in this life your own dreams your own heaven.”
    — Q.T. Diva
    MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, December 19, 2021 / -- "We’re In A New World” is the first single release from upcoming solo artist Q.T. Diva. The song was released November 12, 2021.

    Dianne Collins aka Q.T. Diva met Producer, Dave Poler at the renowned Criteria Studios in Miami, iconic home of hundreds of gold, platinum, and diamond singles and albums, while recording the audiobook of her 9-time award winning bestseller, "Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World".

    Q.T. Diva told Dave she had a song she wanted to record. The two joined their talents and the result became something that transcends the mainstream -- music that hits your mind on a higher level, deeper inside where the subconscious comes to life.

    The story behind the song might seem simple, yet it shows the importance of listening to the universe and signals that are sent to or through us. One day Q.T. woke up and raced to her computer to compose the lyrics of “We’re In A New World” which flowed through her like a supernova rap of ultimate truth. She listened and captured that precious moment ...

    And from that moment “We’re In A New World” emerged, an imaginative blend of Spoken Word, Hip-Hop and Pop that frees the mind and soothes the soul, exploding the molecules and connecting them again in a cascade of defining moments.

    Although this is Q.T. Divas first release as a recording artist, she is no stranger to the music world. She grew up in a family of musical talent and this is just the beginning of a trip into the world of deeper thoughts and who knows what the next story will tell.

    Thank you for listening!

    Music Reviewer Jon Wright:
    “Delving into the eternal well of mystical wisdom, Q.T. Diva resurfaces with a clear and concise message of oneness – gifting us with the genre-bending, mind-expanding original listening experience, "We're in a New World"! Easy-going grooves forge a firm and ethereal foundation for Q.T.'s calmly compassionate lyrical examination of the powers that be in you and me, with an artful emphasis on the individual's willingness to transform their own consciousness as the launchpad for any meaningful shift in our existential perspective. Subtle shifts in the instrumentals give the song charming color and character as it continues to unfold, allowing Q.T.'s deliveries to expand along with them.” - Jon Wright, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, music educator.

    Jocke Larsson
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  • New Storytelling App Helps Adults Give the Gift of Their Voice to Children

    Creating Special Moments

    Narrate a Keepsake e-Book

    Make Momentos empowers families to stay connected through the power of storytelling.

    Make Momentos’ vision is to connect families through the power of storytelling, and Vconnex Services understood that vision from the beginning and worked tirelessly to help make it a reality.”
    — Michelle Booth
    DELRAY BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2021 / -- This Christmas, adults can give the gift of their voice to the children in their life with new digital storytelling platform Make Momentos.

    Grandparents, aunts, uncles and adult family friends are now able to purchase an e-book at, then record a personal video message, narrate the story and send it to a child via a parent’s email address.

    “With the help of our app, adults are able to give a gift that lasts this holiday season,” says Michelle Booth, founder of Make Momentos. “Our e-books are permanent keepsakes that can be read anytime, anywhere and passed down to future generations.”

    Make Momentos partnered with a leading IT solutions provider, Vconnex Services, Inc to build the digital storytelling technology. Both companies are female-led businesses based in South Florida.

    “Make Momentos’ vision is to connect families through the power of storytelling,” Booth says. “Vconnex Services understood that vision from the beginning and worked tirelessly to help make it a reality.”

    According to a study from Scholastic, more than 80% of kids and parents love or like read-aloud time a lot because it is a special time to bond with each other.

    “We are thrilled to work with Make Momentos to deliver a unique application that helps families stay connected through storytelling,” says Jeyanthi Rajaselvarasu, president of Vconnex Services. “As a mother of two adult children, I wish there had been an app like this for my parents, who live in India, when my children were growing up.”

    Children can view their keepsake e-books on smartphones and tablets. The e-reader app works on iOS and android devices and is free to download from the App Store and Google Play Store. Make Momentos’ growing collection of titles includes e-books for children ages zero to 10.

    About Make Momentos, LLC
    Headquartered in South Florida, Make Momentos, LLC offers adults an easy-to-use platform to create keepsake e-books for the children in their lives that can be passed down to future generations. Make Momentos is a female-led tech startup founded by ghostwriter and editor, Michelle Booth, in 2021.

    About Vconnex Services, Inc
    Vconnex Services, Inc. provides custom software development for websites, web applications, eCommerce solutions and mobile applications to help clients transform ideas into solutions. Located in West Palm Beach, Fla., the company serves clients in education, engineering, health care industries, among others. Jeyanthi Rajaselvarasu founded Vconnex Services in 2010.

    Michelle Booth
    Make Momentos, LLC
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  • Support The Tort! A Family’s Inspired Whimsy is Saving Tortoises’ Lives

    Teeny Tiny Tortoise King - Torts In Hats

    Teeny Tiny Tortoise King - Torts In Hats

    Rosweld and Poppy Tea Time - Torts In Hats

    Rosweld and Poppy Tea Time - Torts In Hats

    Howdy Partner - Torts In Hats

    Howdy Partner - Torts In Hats

    This non-profit’s entertaining approach to visual storytelling provides abandoned and neglected tortoises the lifelong care they need.

    SARASOTA, FL, UNITED STATES, December 16, 2021 / -- Unwanted, abused, and poorly cared-for tortoises have become an epidemic in the United States. Adorable babies only a few inches in size are purchased in droves with little to no understanding of the dedication and upkeep these creatures will require for the next 30 to 100 plus years.

    Eagerly sold through the internet, tortoise hatchlings appear to be great pets at first glance. What purchasers often do not know is that extensive knowledge of lighting, heating, substrate, humidity, and dietary requirements is a must to keep tortoises alive and healthy.

    Reaching over 100 pounds after only a few years, the Sulcata, a commonly abandoned tortoise, quickly outgrows an indoor life. They require large, secure, outdoor areas with access to temperature-controlled accommodations and UV lighting during cooler weather which can be challenging to provide.

    Enter the VanZorn family, who hold a particular fondness for tortoises. For many years they have provided the injured, sick, and unwanted with a home where their needs are met. As word got out that a safe haven was available for these four-legged tanks, more and more arrived until the family realized they needed to get creative with so many in peril! The family shared,

    “This wasn’t something we planned on; it came about from necessity. We were adamant that we would not turn a tort away.”

    With each new arrival, the family began a tradition of selecting a tiny hat suited to the tortoise’s unique style and taking a picture. They discovered two things - tortoises are adorable in hats, and people find great joy in their stories and photos.

    “We thought, why not take it to the next level and share a peek into the amazing adventures of tortoises while bringing a little lighthearted joy into people's lives? In return, we would ask for help to ensure we could keep our doors open to all torts in need of a loving home.”

    Hence, the idea for Torts In Hats was born, dedicated to providing tortoises with healthy and happy habitats. The nonprofit is unique in that it is not attempting to rehome unwanted animals. The family went on to share,

    “Moving is very stressful on tortoises, and far too often, rehoming begins a cycle of failed attempts that end tragically. Our goal is to provide a forever home, free of stress, with great food and lots of sunshine. Many torts come to us from terrible situations; they deserve to live well. What we are working to do is set up the long-term planning and infrastructure needed to support the ongoing care of creatures that will outlive us - it’s a big responsibility, but they deserve all their future days to be happy ones.”

    Learn more about Torts In Hats and gain access to their incredible photography and creative adventures at their new Patreon site:

    Danielle VanZorn
    Torts In Hats
    email us here

  • Author's decides 250th published book should be free

    Don Philpott

    Don Philpott

    Fascinating history that might have been lost for ever

    Few people realize just how fascinating the history of these two state parks is which is why I decided to make the books available to as many people as possible for free.”
    — Don Philpott
    LONGWOOOD, FL, UNITED STATES, December 13, 2021 / -- Longwood author Don Philpott’s 250th and 251st books have just been published featuring the histories of Wekiwa Springs State Park and Rock Springs Run State Reserve - and both are free.

    Don has been a volunteer at Wekiwa Springs State Park for more than 20 years and has spent years researching the history of Wekiwa and neighboring Rock Springs for the two companion books.

    They have now been published electronically and are available as free downloads from the website of the Wekiva Wilderness Trust, the volunteer nonprofit group that supports the work of the Wekiva River Basin State Parks. The website is

    “Few people realize just how fascinating the history of these two state parks is which is why I decided to make the books available to as many people as possible for free,” he said.

    “Wekiwa Springs was known as Clay Springs until 1906 and was a bustling little town in the late 19th century with a 50-room, three-story hotel overlooking the springs. It attracted visitors from around the nation who wanted to bathe in the “health-giving” waters.

    “It had a school, railroad stop, post office, steamboat jetty, winery, and even a newspaper. It also boasted a skating rink, dance pavilion and bathhouse, and a rail toboggan ride down the slope which then tipped riders into the springs – making Clay Springs the first tourist attraction in Central Florida,” said Philpott.

    The second book co-authored by Sorrento historian Shirley Meade, tells the story of Ethel, William S. Delk, and Anthony Frazier.

    “The history of Rock Springs is even more incredible. Before the Civil War, William S. Delk bought 3,000 acres surrounding the spring. When war broke out, he was arrested by Confederate troops as a Union sympathizer, but escaped, returned to his plantation to free his slaves, and then headed north to support the federal troops.

    “After the war, Delk returned to Rock Springs and many of his relatives settled in the neighboring long-forgotten township of Ethel in what is now the state park. Nothing would be known about Ethel had it not been for the chance discovery of two gravestones in 2008.

    “One of Delk’s freed slaves was Anthony Frazier. He fought as an infantryman in a Colored Regiment in the Union Army and after the war returned to the area buying land and prospering. In 1880 he was appointed an Orange County Commissioner of Roads, an amazing achievement in those days for a freed slave,” said Philpott.

    There are now plans for a self-guided walk at Rock Springs around Ethel with markers indicating the main points of interest.
    “There is still a lot we don’t know about the townships of Clay Springs and Ethel but we have been able to discover quite a lot of information and I hope that if people read about this, it might bring in even more memories, documents, and pictures so that their histories can be preserved,” he said.

    Don has been a writer for more than 50 years. For 20 years he traveled the world reporting for Reuters-Press Association, the global wire service, before founding Mediawise Communications, an international marketing, and PR company. He volunteers at Wekiwa, serves on the board of the Florida State Parks Foundation, and is vice-chair of the National Association of State Parks Foundations.

    Don R Philpott
    Florida State Parks Foundation
    +1 321-277-8442
    email us here

  • Frida Kahlo Corporation gana litigio sobre la marca y Mattel podrá vender la Barbie en México

    Frida Kahlo

    Barbie Frida Kahlo de Mattel

    Frida Kahlo next Generation

    Frida Kahlo next Generation

    Carlos Dorado, presidente de Frida Kahlo Corporation, es el venezolano que tiene el control de la marca de esta mexicana ilustre

    «Debió de ser una mujer totalmente rompedora para sus tiempos, dejando una huella que sigue estando viva y presente en muchas personas que se identifican con ese estilo de vida»”
    — Carlos Dorado

    MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, December 11, 2021 / -- Un juez determinó que Frida Kahlo Corporation, liderada por el empresario y economista Carlos Dorado, tiene todos los derechos de propiedad intelectual sobre la marca en el mundo que adquirió en 2005, tras cuatro años de litigio.

    La disputa legal comenzó en 2018 cuando la sobrina de la cantante mexicana, Isolda Pinedo Kahlo, vendió todos los derechos de imagen a la corporación. Desde ese entonces, otros descendientes de la artista introdujeron una demanda que evitaba la venta de la muñeca homónima en el país azteca.
    Frida Kahlo Corporation mediante un comunicado aseguró que se enfrentaron a «una demanda frívola y sin fundamento», lo que impidió el despliegue comercial previsto para la marca.


    La justicia determinó a favor de la empresa que se puede «ejecutar cualquier acto tendiente a utilizar la marca, variantes o imagen, firma y retrato de Frida Kahlo».

    En su momento, el uso de la firma y marca de la artista en término comerciales fue prohibido. Ahora, un juez de lo civil del Tribunal Superior de Justicia de la Ciudad de México revocó esa medida.

    Francisco Castillo González, juez décimo sexto, dictó la resolución, según reseñó Milenio. «Se revoca la medida provisional decretada en las presentes providencias precautorias y por ende, se levanta la situación de hecho que prevalecía entre las partes y los terceros contratantes: Mattel de México S.A de C.V, distribuidora C.oV, para efecto que estos y Frida Kahlo Corporation se abstengan de distribuir o comercializar productos al amparo de las licencias, convenios o concesiones otorgadas por Frida Kahlo Corporation, sus controladoras, sus accionistas, licenciatarias o subsidiarias de estas… Se abstengan de cualquier acto pendiente a comercializar productos que cuenten con la marca e imagen de Frida Kahlo».

    La autorización

    Frida Kahlo Corporation además advirtió que desea evitar cualquier otra disputa legal como consecuencia de la comercialización de los productos. En ese sentido, invitó a los interesados a gestionar los derechos de uso con su único dueño.
    «Eso incluye empresas que en el pasado se unieron a María Cristina Teresa Romeo Pinedo, hija de Isolda Pinedo Kahlo, incurriendo en prácticas que pudieron invadir los derechos de propiedad intelectual y registros vigentes propiedad de Frida Kahlo Corporation», se lee en el comunicado.
    Tras la medida, ningún juez en México tiene competencias para decidir sobre el tema que da pie a los nexos entre María e Isolda. En caso de que existiera una nueva disputa, el arbitraje debería ejecutarse en Miami.

    Punto final

    La empresa ha invertido importantes recursos en el posicionamiento de la marca, logrando prestigio en el mercado. «La marca representa un modelo a seguir femenino, una mujer fuerte que trasciende y supera las barreras de la cultura, el tiempo y la sociedad con su personalidad única e icónica y anima al mundo a pensar y ser diferente», se lee en su portal web.

    «Como resultado de la sentencia anexa y de lo anterior, cualquier tercero que no tenga la autorización expresa de Frida Kahlo Corporation, que explote y/o pretenda explotar los derechos sobre Frida Kahlo para cualquier producto o servicio en el comercio, podría constituir una flagrante invasión de nuestros derechos de propiedad intelectual y Frida Kahlo Corporation tomará las acciones legales a las que tiene derecho, incluidas pero sin limitación, la solicitud de medidas provisionales de aseguramiento de la mercancía infractora y/o cualquier otra acción legal que Frida Kahlo Corporation pudiera tener contra estas empresas con relación a este o cualquier otro asunto», explica el comunicado.
    Los representantes de la marca aseguraron que de momento se analiza si actuarán o no de forma legal contra quienes explotaron el nombre de Frida Kahlo en los cuatro años que duró la disputa.

    Sebastián Aragón y Beatriz Alvarado, abogados de Frida Kahlo Corporation, explicaron a Mileno que la medida es apelable, aunque todo recurso estará destinado a fracasar.

    Barbie Frida Kahlo

    En vista que ya Frida Kahlo Corporation tiene todos los derechos, se estima que próximamente saldrá a la venta en México de la Barbie de Mattel, aunque se revisa el inventario que tiene, pues hay pocas unidades.
    Mattel lanzó la Barbie Frida Kahlo en 2018, pero los familiares de la artista aseguraron en un Tribunal mexicano que la compañía no tenía autorización para comercializar el producto, lo que suspendió las ventas en los grandes almacenes.
    La Barbie salió justo para celebrar el Día Internacional de Mujer. La empresa estadounidense señaló ese año que «la muñeca Frida Kahlo de Barbie Inspiring Women celebra los logros pioneros, el heroísmo y las duraderas contribuciones que Frida hizo al mundo del arte y las mujeres».

    Frida Kahlo Corporation se fundó igualmente con el propósito de proyectar un programa de licencias que «busca expandir su impacto positivo e inspiración de empoderamiento, confianza en sí misma, pasión y amor con una marca».
    Entre sus productos destacan el tequila Frida Kahlo y la muñeca Barbie, aunque tienen más proyectos en mente.
    En la tienda virtual del gigante de comercio electrónico, Amazon, comercializan bolsos, carteras, sweaters, cubiertas para teléfonos, calcetines, café, popsocket, libros y libretas.

    Carlos Dorado, presidente de Frida Kahlo Corporation, es el venezolano que tiene el control de la marca de esta mexicana ilustre.
    En el artículo “¡Qué grande eres Frida Kahlo!-”, el empresario aseguró que luego de conocer la vida y obra de la artista, no cabe duda que sería espejo de muchas personas.

    «Debió de ser una mujer totalmente rompedora para sus tiempos, dejando una huella que sigue estando viva y presente en muchas personas que se identifican con ese estilo de vida, donde lo establecido como reglas o normas encorsetadas, no encaja con los patrones de vida que se necesitan para ser feliz», escribió sobre ella.

    Carlos Dorado
    Organizacion Italcambio
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  • Private Jet Card Comparisons adds Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii private jet pricing search feature

    private jet flying to the Caribbean

    Subscribers of Private Jet Card Comparisons can now easily find jet membership programs with fixed one-way pricing to the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, and for Transatlantic flights.

    Subscribers of Private Jet Card Comparisons can now search for programs with fixed pricing to the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, and for Transatlantic flights

    Many private jet flyers are surprised to learn jet cards are not a one size fits all solution. For your home in Florida, you have a convertible and an SUV for your place in the Mountains.”
    — Doug Gollan, Editor-in-Chief, Private Jet Card Comparisons
    MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 5, 2021 / -- Finding the right private jet membership for travel to the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, and other international destinations just became easier for paid subscribers of Private Jet Card Comparisons.

    The buyer's guide to jet card programs has added filters enabling subscribers to easily search for options that offer fixed or capped one-way pricing to the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, in both the U.S. and Europe, and for Transatlantic flights.

    One-way pricing means users only pay for the time they are in the aircraft. In other words, flyers know what they will be charged for flights when they buy into the program.

    While many programs offer fixed/capped pricing within the Continental U.S., members are charged dynamic charter pricing for traveling beyond 200 nautical miles of the coastline. That means prices vary by trip, and the provider must include the cost of repositioning the aircraft.

    Unless the flyer returns within a day or two, their charges reflect the cost of flying the airplane back to its base empty after they are dropped off and flying it empty to pick them up. One-way pricing eliminates those expenses.

    The easy-to-use filters enable subscribers to identify programs that offer one-way fixed pricing on these popular routes: additional information details surcharges and extra fees associated with these flights.

    With jet card contracts running over 30 pages long, it's a devil in the details purchase. Subscribing to Private Jet Card Comparisons makes comparing programs easy.

    Moreover, subscribers who travel outside the Continental U.S. several times a year or fly over 40 hours annually often find it makes sense to have multiple memberships.

    "Many private jet flyers are surprised to learn memberships are not a one size fits all solution. It's like cars, and for your home in Florida, you have a convertible and an SUV for your place in the Mountains. We help subscribers identify which solutions, from jet sharing and on-demand charter to jet cards, memberships, and fractional ownership, make the most sense for their unique flying needs," said Doug Gollan, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Private Jet Card Comparisons.

    Best private jet memberships

    Private Jet Card Comparisons enables subscribers to compare over 250 programs in minutes so they can find the providers and specific offerings that best suit their needs.

    Earlier this year, the website added comparisons of carbon offsetting, cryptocurrency acceptance, and discounted empty legs.

    From its launch in 2017, Private Jet Card Comparisons has enabled subscribers to save days and hours of research by gathering over 40,000 data points in spreadsheet form, allowing them to compare providers and programs by criteria that impact choice:

    - Safety – Aircraft and Operator Sourcing Standards, and Pilot Experience
    - Pricing – Purchase Price, Hourly Rates, Long-Flight Discounts, and Pricing Methodology
    - Flexibility – Lead time for Reservations and Cancellations, Applicable Aircraft, Seating Capacity, and Service Area
    - Stability – Ownership, Company History, Headcount, Refund Options, and Escrow Account Options
    - Aircraft Type – Search by Cabin Category or Specific Aircraft Type, including the ability to upgrade or downgrade based on your needs for that trip
    - Details That Matter – Insurance, WiFi, Pets Policies, Service Recovery, Initiation Fees, Annual and Monthly Dues, CPI Escalators, Fuel Surcharges, De-icing, and Peak Day Charges, Taxi Time, Segment, and Daily Minimums, Roundtrip Discounts
    - And much more…

    In total, subscribers can compare over 65 factors that influence selection.

    A full year's subscription, including a custom analysis to identify the best private aviation options, is $250. Gift subscriptions are also available.

    Doug Gollan
    Private Jet Card Comparisons
    +1 917-328-6518
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  • Independent Author Self Publishes Social Emotional Chapter Book for Middle Graders that Supports Local Animal Shelter

    Tessie and Lola Save the Dogs

    Tessie and Lola

    Tessie and Lola Save the Dogs

    Tessie and Lola Save the Dogs

    S.A. Beach wrote a book called Tessie and Lola Save the Dogs based on his own dogs who use their special abilities to help lost dogs find their way back home.

    My favorite parts are when Lola uses the tablet to call a taxi and when the strays get adopted. I am happy I have it because I can share it with my brothers and sisters and they can enjoy it too”
    — Kenny, 10 Years Old
    BOCA RATON, FL, UNITED STATES, December 3, 2021 / -- Tessie and Lola Save the Dogs is a grounded story of how two dogs use their talents to help lost animals find their way back home or into a shelter. Tessie is one of the fastest and most agile dogs in the world while Lola discovers she has an uncanny ability to master computers and can read her owner’s emails. Together, they formulate a plan to find and save the animals in need. Tessie must overcome her fears and discover her inner bravery to venture into the unknown city while Lola tries to monitor Tessie's progress from home but often gets distracted by wildly addictive video games. Along the way, they discover the city has a lot more than just animals who cannot find their way home. Angry city dogs, hungry strays, and animal shelter workers become just some of the hurdles that Tessie and Lola must overcome if they are to Save the Dogs.

    A portion of this book’s proceeds will be donated to a local animal shelter. There are a lot of great dog and animal rescue shelters out there with a lot of good people doing unbelievably amazing things everyday, helping abandoned and unwanted animals. But then you hear and read about this rescue in particular: 100+ Abandoned Dogs of the Everglades - Florida Dog Rescue. This is a shelter that takes it to another level and for every book sold, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to them.

    This book shares the story of two uniquely talented dogs who decide to use their special abilities to help other animals in need. The story touches on subjects and issues that face today’s younger generation: learning computers, dealing with bullies, playing video games, accepting those who are different and helping those in need. It is only available in this paperback edition as I feel there is something organically special about holding a book in your hands, turning page after page, that a computer does not foster. I also believe that for most of us, we can all agree that our children could all use a little less screen time.

    The book can only be purchased online at

    S.A. Beach
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