• Otzi’s Odyssey – The Troubled Soul of a Neolithic Iceman by Neil Perry Gordon

    Otzi's Odyssey - The Troubled Soul of a Neolithic Iceman

    Otzi and Ibex

    Otzi the Iceman frozen into the glacial ice

    Neil Perry Gordon's Eight Novel - Just released onto

    Vivid imagery, deft characterization, and entertaining storytelling carry the reader through this suspenseful tale. A haunting, visceral novel will keep the reader awake until they turn the last page.”
    — The Prairies Book Review

    PARK RIDGE, NEW JERSEY, USA, November 27, 2021 / -- Richly researched, ornately plotted… A page-turner.

    Gordon’s latest is a deeply engrossing metaphysical tale of one soul’s journey to redemption. When a mummified man, half frozen in glacial ice, is discovered by two hikers, it’s just the beginning of a treacherous journey into the four demonic realms of Gehenna for the five-thousand-year-old soul of Bhark. Bhark must prepare for a vicious war if he wants to find salvation and redemption of his eternal soul.

    This is an intriguing story, haunting and moving, set in the violent, terrifying world of both living and dead, a world in which soul hunters prey on innocent souls, making them captives for eternity. This is also the story of family bonds, love, revenge, and redemption.

    The novel, narrated by Bhark from the discovery of Ötzi’s body, crisscrosses through time, cutting between past and present. This structure, which might have become a distraction in a novice writer’s hands, adds to the story’s intrigue. Gordon’s vivid imagery, deft characterization, and entertaining storytelling carry the reader through this suspenseful tale. A haunting, visceral novel that will keep the reader awake until they turn the last page.

    ~ The Prairies Book Review

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  • Automotive Sales Training Firm Dealer eTraining Celebrates Eleven Years In Business

    Dealer eTraining

    Dealer eTraining Accountability

    Dealer eTraining Services

    Automotive Sales & Marketing training & consulting firm celebrates 11 years of serving the automotive industry offering quality solutions to car dealerships.

    I remember hiring Stan and together we fixed a broken Honda dealership in all departments.”
    — Arwin Bharaj

    NORTH BRUNSWICK TOWNSHIP, NJ, UNITED STATES, November 27, 2021 / -- They say that time flies when you are having fun. This is certainly the case for Stan Sher, the founder of Dealer eTraining. The most forward-thinking consultative selling training and consulting firm are celebrating its eleventh year in business. What started out as a small, boutique firm that was designed to help automobile dealers across the United States build and fix business development and internet sales operations has grown considerably by ten times over the past decade.

    Dealer eTraining is a top-performing automotive training and consulting firm that has always been able to take an automobile dealership to the next level. “Over the years the automobile retail industry has evolved in multiple ways from technology being built to market and sell vehicles more effectively to third party industry disruptors designed to make retailing even more competitive to the current chip shortage making inventory scarce,” says Stan Sher, the nineteen years experienced automotive executive. Dealer eTraining went from building internet and business development departments to also offering sales and management training.

    Building Dealer eTraining was no easy task as the firm was launched in a heavily competitive space with many rivals that were already changing the industry. In fact, there were two times when the firm almost closed down to focus on other opportunities that allowed Stan Sher to offer his skills and expertise in other verticals. At one point, Dealer eTraining became a side business while Stan took an opportunity to build and run a highly successful independent dealership for one year as the General Sales Manager handling General Manager duties overseeing all aspects of the dealership. The dealership went from barely selling eight units per month to over seventy units per month grossing a quarter million per month on average in sales as well as doubling service department revenue.

    Arwin Bharaj, a previous General Manager and mentor of Stan’s would become a Dealer eTraining client twice over a five-year period. He said that “I remember hiring Stan and together we fixed a broken Honda dealership in all departments''. He also added “Stan thinks and operates like an owner looking at the big picture. I hired him to fix my broken Toyota dealership’s BDC and digital operations as we were having struggles with the OEM and he got us on the right track in just seven days”.

    Stan has just published a book called “Social Sher’s The Skills That Pay The Bills” documenting his growth and the steps that it took to build a profitable career from life experiences. In addition, Dealer eTraining has expanded into the Buy Here Pay Here sector of the automotive industry. The BHPH industry has lacked sales and lead handling training for many years and it was evident that dealers are looking for help. Stan just finished a national speaking tour that included conferences such as Digital Dealer in Las Vegas, NV, and the NABD Automotive Finance and Buy Here Pay Here Dealers Expo in Orlando, FL where he educated dealers on digital marketing and business development.

    Prior to starting Dealer eTraining, Stan built his career selling automobiles and becoming one of the top automotive business development directors in the United States managing high volume Honda and Nissan dealerships. In celebration of starting a new decade in business during the month of the Thanksgiving holiday, Dealer eTraining is offering 25% off all services until the end of 2021. “I am honored that the industry has been great to me and that dealers want to learn from me and I want to give back my appreciation,” says Stan Sher.

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  • Author Publishes Guide to Living Well Despite COVID-19

    Have We Found Our Better Selves?: (What We Can Learn from Covid-19)

    Meril Smith details how to survive the continuing challenges of the pandemic two years later

    COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, November 24, 2021 / -- Author Meril R. Smith released last August 11, 2021 "Have We Found Our Better Selves?: (What We Can Learn from Covid-19)," a book that takes a look at the events that transpired ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and what we as a collective species has learned from it.

    This is a follow-up to Smith’s book "Riding the Waves During a Pandemic: Will Your Family Survive Shelter in Place Again?" which was published late last year. "Have We Found Our Better Selves?" takes a good, long look at the present and future of humans in light of the developments in preventing the spread of, and curing, COVID.

    Smith writes his books from the perspective of somebody who has lived through difficulties similar to the ones now faced by those who are most affected by the pandemic. He was born post-war to migrant workers, and his family experienced living from paycheck to paycheck, and all the issues that came with it.

    This included experiencing poverty worsened by the recession and a fluctuating purchasing power influenced by events such as the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall, the Vietnam War, and the development of Silicon Valley.

    Smith’s life experience and career primed his ability to keenly observe people and events. This makes his examination of the human psyche during the pandemic insightful and poignant, especially for readers going through exceptional challenges brought about by COVID-19.

    Smith says that should the pandemic end, the need for the book ends with it. But for the meantime, as the world struggles to cope and live on with—and despite—COVID, "Have We Found Our Better Selves?: (What We Can Learn from Covid-19)" can serve as a guide towards living and thriving through the challenges of the continuing pandemic.

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  • Leaping Beyond Life’s Adversities

    "Naked Shoulders"

    A hopeful story of a woman braving life’s challenges

    COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, November 24, 2021 / -- Living has always been one tough journey to walk. Life throws ordeals that we do not ask for, and we are left with no choice but to clear our own hazy road. “Naked Shoulders,” collaboratively written by Virginia Bollinger and Cindy Regis, is an epic story of a young woman braving through life during the forging of the American west.

    Authors Virginia Bollinger and Cindy Regis’s new book, “Naked Shoulders,” is the gripping story of Amanda’s life. Amanda, as a child, is wagered and lost in a poker game. From then on, she faces countless dangers and witnesses the violence that moved west with young America. But despite the adversities that Amanda encounters, let alone the plight of 1850s America, she braves through it all head on and alone.

    Author Virginia Bollinger holds a business degree from Slippery Rock University, worked in the mills, was a direct care worker, and now spends a lot of time babysitting, painting, and writing fanfiction under her online pen name Gig 889. She has compassion for American history too.

    Bollinger wrote “Naked Shoulders” along with Cindy Regis, a former editor for Caldwell Education Services. Regis holds an engineering degree from Penn State and one in business from Slippery Rock University as well. She worked as an investigator for the FBI and enjoys costume and set design, fishing and travel.

    “Naked Shoulders” takes readers back to the era of riverboats, Native American raids, the Civil War, Dodge City, and many more. More so, it is a thrilling tale of how a young woman survives the most turbulent time in American history.

    Delve deep into Amanda’s action-packed story of how she boldly triumphs from all the adversities. Grab a copy of “Naked Shoulders” on major online bookstore resellers such as Amazon, Book Depository, Books-A-Million, Barnes & Noble, eBay and other bookstores nationwide.

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