—Grazia Gazette Volume VII: Art Basel, a special edition, will be distributed at select venues throughout Miami Beach during Art Basel this weekend—

    Grazia Gazette is the quintessential must-read for those at Basel in Miami this year – and those who wish they were.”
    — Brendan Monaghan, Executive Vice President & Chief Global Brands Officer
    NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, December 3, 2021 / -- Grazia USA, a Pantheon Media Group (PMG) publication, announced today that Volume VII of the luxury newspaper Grazia Gazette – which made its debut in the Hamptons and at New York Fashion Week earlier this year – has now landed in South Florida to celebrate the work of over 4,000 artists from the world’s leading galleries at Art Basel.

    “Reading a newspaper remains one of life’s simplest joys,” said Brendan Monaghan, PMG’s Executive Vice-President, and Global Chief Brands Officer. “With our Hamptons editions, and again with New York Fashion Week, we were inundated with glowing feedback for this world-first product that brings culture, luxury, and now, the latest in art, to affluent tastemakers around the United States.

    “Grazia Gazette is the quintessential must-read for those at Basel in Miami this year – and those who wish they were.”

    The special edition was lovingly curated and edited by Grazia USA’s in-house team and collaborators. Inside, you’ll find exclusive interviews, trend updates, and the latest on fashion, beauty, travel, culture, and food along with lifestyle tips from our seasoned writers and expert contributors.

    Other notable features include a cover shoot with Bling Empire star and heiress Jaime Xie, an interview with rising star Sophie Thatcher from Showtime’s breakout hit, Yellowjackets, an oral history of Miami classic Joe’s Stone Crab, a feature on Prada’s work with the YoungArts Foundation, highlights on fashion and jewelry brand activations in Basel, and more.

    “This is one of our most dynamic Gazette issues yet,” said Editor-In-Chief and Chief Creative Officer David Thielebeule. “I’ll be proud to share this with our advertising partners and colleagues throughout Basel.”

    The 2021 edition of Art Basel Miami Beach – Art Basel’s first in-person fair in Miami Beach since 2019 – will feature 253 leading galleries from around the globe presenting the highest quality of works across all media, from rare and historical masterpieces to new pieces by today’s emerging artistic voices. In addition to showcasing exceptional art within its galleries, Positions, Nova, Survey and Edition sectors, the fair will also present 16 large-scale artworks in Meridians; 25 carefully curated exhibitions as part of the Kabinett sector; as well as 10 panels as part of the fair's renowned Conversations series.

    Grazia Gazette Volume VII: Art Basel is being supported by some of the world’s leading brands, including Chanel, Dior, Prada, Piaget, La Prairie, Guess, and Luisa Via Roma, among dozens of other exclusive PMG clientele.

    The limited-edition print publication will be available for the duration of Art Basel at the following locations: Aqualina Resort & The Estates at Aqualina, Betsy South Beach, the Delano, Loews Miami Beach, the Mondrian, The Raleigh, Ritz Carlton, the Shore Club, SLS, The Setai, The Standard, The Four Seasons, The Four Seasons Residences, SLS Brickell, Soho House, W Miami, and more.

    In alignment with Grazia USA’s commitment to sustainability, Grazia Gazette Volume VII: Art Basel is 100% carbon neutral, with greener offset printing, no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and no solvent in its press wash. It boasts blanket wash and coatings. What’s more, the ink is 40–60% vegetable-based, with no VOCs, heavy metals, or petroleum products. It is also fully biodegradable. The issue is printed and distributed by Earth Enterprise, a Manhattan-based printer.

    Grazia is a trademark registered and owned by Mondadori Media S.p.a. In the United States, Grazia is published as a luxury quarterly edition, with additional Grazia Gazettes published to celebrate iconic locales and memorable events.

    Grazia is Italy's fashion bible, published by the Mondadori Group. For 80 years Grazia has remained in step with changing tastes season after season, style after style. At the top end of quality and design, Grazia is the most accomplished ambassador of the “Made in Italy” brand and is a preferred advertising vehicle for designer, fashion, and beauty companies. Thanks to its experience, excellence, and brand value, Grazia is the first Italian weekly magazine to extend its successful formula abroad, with 21 editions worldwide in 23 countries, creating the most dynamic magazine network on the market.

    Pantheon Media Group (PMG) is an independent next-generation media company that brings one of the most prestigious European fashion magazines to the biggest fashion market in the world. PMG is the exclusive publisher of Grazia USA, the latest franchise of the iconic fashion bible, first launched in Italy in 1938. Also uniquely focused on beauty, culture, society, status, celebrity, and luxury, Grazia USA publishes digitally first and later in print, with the release of the first of its quarterly 400-page magazines in 2021. Grazia USA does more than just inform and inspire an educated audience of influential readers: It is unlike anything the fashion industry in the United States has ever seen. We do not serve readers, we serve users. PMG is a 360-degree media business that is poised for the future, broadening storytelling into virtual and augmented reality, video, television, audio, e-commerce, live events, branded content, innovative advertising solutions and beyond. PMG is headquartered in New York City.

    Founded in 1970 by gallerists from Basel, Art Basel today stages the world's premier art shows for Modern and contemporary art, sited in Basel, Miami Beach, and Hong Kong. Defined by its host city and region, each show is unique, which is reflected in its participating galleries, artworks presented, and the content of parallel programming produced in collaboration with local institutions for each edition. Art Basel’s engagement has expanded beyond art fairs through new digital platforms and a number of new initiatives such as the Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report and the BMW Art Journey. Art Basel's Global Media Partner is The Financial Times. For further information, please visit

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  • Kirkus Review of "The Ultimate Human Secrets" by Award-winning Bestselling Author Ramzi Najjar

    A guide for readers to build better versions of themselves.

    NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, December 2, 2021 / -- BOOK REVIEW

    A guide for readers to build better versions of themselves.

    The Ultimate Human Secrets: The Hidden Power in our Mysterious Unconscious Knowledge, Ramzi Najjar, 2021

    Entrepreneur Najjar opens his book on a note of millennial uncertainty. Humans, he contends, seek power by nature, including the power of knowledge, but in the present era, “our circumstances increasingly seem to have more deterring effects on us than we have on them.” The key to combating this, according to Najjar, is to work on achieving a state of inner being that prioritizes substance instead of mere appearance: “It’s more than just what looks healthy and shiny on the outside,” he writes. The author asserts that the human brain and body will always tell a person what’s right and wrong but that many people spend their lives ignoring that inner voice instead of training themselves to listen to it and take heed. In forceful, passionate prose, Najjar walks his readers through several aspects of this inner awakening, including the importance of sleep, which he describes as “recharging” the body with electricity, which binds to “memory particles” that flow throughout the body during this recharging. The goal that Najjar ultimately sketches out is one of achieving personal mastery over the unconscious “twisting and deforming” of reality by taking “a more conscious approach to living.”

    This basically sound advice, however, is offset throughout the book by a great deal of vague phrasing and questionable assertions; there are no such things as “memory particles,” for instance, and there’s no solid evidence that humans naturally possess infallible moral compasses. As a result, when the book repeats typical, long-standing self-help claims about how it doesn’t matter what life throws at a person but only how that person responds, readers may find themselves somewhat skeptical.

    Kirkus Reviews
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  • Seven Sisters and a Brother Details Black Student Activism that Transformed Swarthmore College in the Turbulent 1960s

    Students Marilyn Allman Maye and Aundrea White Kelley.

    Students negotiate with top administration officials.

    Nighttime view of the protest.

    The book tells the remarkable story of their inspirational 1969 protest and the racial barriers they overcame to spur change and build exceptional careers

    Activism of these courageous alumni paved the way for future generations of Swarthmore students. At great risk to themselves, they fought for justice at the College and forever changed our trajectory.”
    — Swarthmore President Valerie Smith

    NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, December 2, 2021 / -- More than 50 years ago, African American students changed the course of history at predominantly white Swarthmore College by courageously staging an eight-day takeover of the Admissions Office. Their book, Seven Sisters and A Brother: Friendship, Resistance and Untold Truths Behind Black Student Activism in the 1960s, portrays their strides to overcome family, economic and academic challenges, while documenting their struggle for equality and respect in a hostile environment. Their amazing account was released in paperback today.

    Located outside Philadelphia, PA, Swarthmore College has cited the demonstration as the most consequential action in its 157-year history.

    The book details stunning privacy breaches by Swarthmore that would spark outrage today, but was of little concern in 1969 when Black students and their families were the victims: Swarthmore completed a report on Black admissions containing personal information such as SAT scores, Swarthmore grades, family incomes and occupations. The report was openly available to fellow students, professors and the public at the school’s McCabe Library.

    “We thought that was a breach of trust. That motivated us to just say, ‘Enough is enough, something has to change,’” says Marilyn Holifield, one of the book’s authors, who is a partner at the mega law firm, Holland & Knight LLP, and a member of Swarthmore’s Board of Managers.

    Another student, Joyce Baynes recalled that the Black students gathered in their dorm rooms to discuss the racism they faced at the private liberal arts college, and to plot their response. “We would talk about how we were feeling and some of the things that were going on in our classes. We got agitated by the unfairness,” says Baynes, who helped plan the protest but didn’t participate because she had graduated the previous semester.

    On January 9, 1969, the students sprang into action. Holifield, Marilyn Allman Maye, Harold S. Buchanan, Jannette O. Domingo and Aundrea White Kelley took over the Admissions Office, stopping all school activities. Soon students, Bridget Van Gronigen Warren and Myra E. Rose joined them, along with other Black students. Among their demands were that the college recruit more Black students and start a Black Studies Department.

    With America still reverberating from the massive demonstrations after the police killing of George Floyd and other racial injustices, this narrative by the Black Swarthmore students underscores the lasting impact that activism can have, even if it isn’t immediately apparent. The next year, Black enrollment increased and a Black Admissions Dean was hired. And, today Swarthmore is led by President Valerie Smith, a Black, female scholar of African American literature. Last year, at an event celebrating the book, Smith said, “The activism of these courageous alumni paved the way for future generations of Swarthmore students. At great risk to themselves, they fought for justice at the College and forever changed our trajectory.”

    Moreover, the students also excelled in their professional careers, and include a medical doctor, a lawyer, a biologist, four educational leaders, and a computer scientist. The hardcover version of the book was awarded 2020 Sarton Women's Literary Award for Nonfiction with Special Recognition. The new 2021 paperback edition includes a foreword by award winning author and journalist Sophia Nelson as well as an Afterword that puts the students’ 1960s era protest in perspective with today’s racial justice movement.

    In the foreword, Nelson writes: “I cannot recommend this book enough. For years the media and some in the Swarthmore community portrayed the peaceful 1969 protest in a false light―these collective narratives provide a very necessary and overdue retelling of the revolution that took place at Swarthmore College in 1969. The group of eight student protestors only recently have begun to receive credit for the school’s greater inclusiveness, as well as the influence their actions had on universities around the country. As they should.”

    Alberto Ibargüen, President and CEO of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and former publisher of The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald, says, “Over eight days, eight students sparked change that defined their lives, changed an institution and fueled a movement that continues today.”


     For media interviews with authors contact: or 202-625-4328
     For more information, visit our website at:
     For bulk sales contact: Krishna Bhat 415-552-7383


    The authors will donate their share of the proceeds from the sale of the book to support study, research, and celebration of Black history and culture at Swarthmore, and to support the Swarthmore Black Alumni Network Endowment Fund (SBAN). The SBAN Endowment will support student internships in collaboration with the Eugene Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility.

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  • Award-winning Bestseller Author Ramzi Najjar speaks about the Nature of Our Reality

    52 Award-winner Ramzi Najjar — Author of “The YOU beyond you" and "The Ultimate Human Secrets".

    NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, December 2, 2021 / -- Award-winner Ramzi Najjar — Author of “The YOU beyond you" and "The Ultimate Human Secrets," discusses the nature behind our reality. "We always try to understand, our reality, through our senses, and try to analyze, what we see, around us by rationalizing it, in our minds." However, the spectrum of what can be sensed is too narrow given what reality is. The nature of all things in this universe has the same base constituent. Smart memory Particles are tinier than the tiniest thing that one can ever imagine or try to imagine. Combining and associating together, these particles, form everything, everywhere, and depending on the type of association, and numbers involved, the nature of all materials, is formed. From Nitrogen to hydrogen, to Sodium, to carbon, to any other element, the fundamental base is the same.

    The types of vibrations, and magnetism, these particles, generate when associating, to form a certain element, determine its nature. Our human brain can only read a small range, of this reality, as our senses are triggered by only, trench segments of it. We can only sense when these associations of particles reach, the atom level. This should make us reflect, on the real scale, and nature of our Universe. We all believe that atoms are tiny, and that, they are the building blocks, of all matter, but how really tiny, atoms are?

    To reach the atomic level, these minute memory particles associate into bigger formations to constitute the Planck. Plancks in turn associate into bigger formations, which in turn, associate into bigger formations and bigger formations, at seven levels to become the atom, which our brain is able to read.

    Each association requires trillions of particles to scale up, creating a whole world of associations inside a single atom, separated by what seems like a void. But the fact is, that this void is not so, as it is filled with free particles, in a looser form. Nothing in this reality is empty nor void. The atom that we cannot see, and which is believed to be the base of our lives, is to one of these memory particles, as a constellation is to a single human. Our brain can start consciously sensing and reading our reality at the atomic level, where things become analyzable by the electric systems within our bodies.

    However, on an unconscious level, the electricity that is in us, and which runs our bodies, ignites the exchange of these loose particles between us and our environment. An unconscious, emission, and attraction phenomenon, of free particles, from and to our bodies, is constantly occurring in our reality, swapping all sorts of information, between what’s in us and what’s outside.

    As humans are mostly blind to this exchange, we can hardly sense the world at this level, but most importantly, because we keep ourselves preoccupied with other matters, which are happening at a larger scale, and totally divert our attention from it. Atoms in our bodies are all the time in exchange for particles at this minute level, with a multitude of internal and external elements.

    When subjected to electricity, these free particles in our atoms, cease to hold to the atoms’ magnetism, thus, they can leave atoms, join other atoms or expand in the universe at will. Most of this happens unconsciously in us.

    However, once being conscious of these dynamics, one can succeed in directing these particles for specific targets, to attract and subtract specific needs from our reality. Our thoughts with the voltage of electricity they generate, can send these particles, through vibrations and magnetism across our world, and alter it, and can also attract through different frequencies and magnetic fields, different energies from our reality to alter us.

    Reflect on this, and try to get the bigger, but most importantly the smaller picture, and you will realize that all is interconnected, at all levels.

    If imagining this could happen in all atoms in us and all atoms around us, you can realize, how fluid our Universe and all the elements within, are.

    Ramzi Najjar, asks, "How many times did you think of a person and get shocked that they shortly call? Or how many times did you have a gut feeling and realized that what you felt was going to happen, did really happen? If one permits the necessary silence and focus in his life, he would discover that he can sense the nonsensical and that he can read a multitude of signals, from all that is around him, and interact more consciously, with his reality. We got so familiar with our environment, that most of us, are blinded to our reality and most of our surroundings."

    Whilst we created chaotic lives by gathering just everything, that comes in our way, and whilst we unconsciously chose, to be blind in our minds to the reality around us and unconsciously, also chose, to hinder the real abilities of our brains, to read most of the memory from what is around us, and benefit from this constant memory exchange, we keep complaining of our depressive states of minds, and get irritated by the fact that nothing is going in the right direction we want.

    Ramzi Najjar states, "The bad news is that things will never change, unless, at some point, we choose, to seek what we merit and decide to commit to it, and we start to gather, the right memory, from what is around us, and organize, our memory, to become what we seek to become."

    Ramzi Najjar
    The YOU beyond you
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  • Ramzi Najjar - Award-winning Bestselling Author

    Two books that will change your life "The YOU beyond you" and the "Ultimate Human Secrets"

    NEW YORK, USA, December 2, 2021 / -- We always experience life through our subjective perceptions, built-up beliefs, and what we have been taught or told by others and seldomly stop to meditate on the reality surrounding us.

    Most of our beliefs and perceptions today are nothing but a collection of misleading ideas due to our lives’ many blockages. That hinders to a great extent our understanding of our reality.

    This enlightened guide offers the reader a method to dissolve all that we have acquired as bad habits, beliefs, and energies, which have been gathered through experiences and passive knowledge and unlocks a new dimension of reality based on its actual mechanics and mode of action and based on concepts, principles, and givens never heard of before.

    “The YOU beyond you” contains the real secrets of life and how they operate within us and our environment. This process that occurs right before our eyes mostly goes unseen due to the many obstructions in our lives.

    A must-read of at least once in a lifetime for everyone who is willing to experience the real dimension of existence and go beyond the limited norms. The book contains the tip of the iceberg of life’s nature, which one can use as a platform to unveil his full knowledge and his true potentials.

    No matter who we are or our life goal, our bad habits, and unhealthy beliefs are the only reasons that trouble us in becoming the best versions of ourselves.

    In this book, you will embark on thorough research on how these bad habits and chaotic knowledge gathered through our lives get embedded in our life system and create a negative framework for our lives. You will also be set on an attitude that lets you consciously and unconsciously break free from these limitations and experience the proper path where everything prospers.

    A guide for readers of all ages, helping them to rise to the level of their life goals. Written with the sole purpose of assisting the reader to understand how mind, body, and soul work within our environment and how these age-old beliefs and perceptions which we accumulated can be turned around, dissolved, or turned into a directed drive to flourish.

    If you’re ready to face the real secrets of life, overcome obstacles in your way of thinking and step out of your comfort zone to grow and succeed, then this book is for you.

    Inspired by biological and psychological theories, ideas, and true-life experiences, this comprehensive guide provides you with an extraordinary life approach to reach new heights. The book will truly transform your life. Expose your true potential when predispositions do not blind you with this multi-award-winning book.

    Ramzi Najjar
    The YOU beyond you
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    Reedsy Discovery says, An intriguing mystery with laugh-out-loud banter

    Reedsy Discovery recommends REAL ESTATE, DATING, AND DEATH to all mystery readers.

    NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 1, 2021 / -- Ms. Addison’s second novel in the Vivianne Murphy Mystery Series, Real Estate, Dating, and Death, receives another spectacular review from Reedsy Discovery.
    Reedsy Discovery states Real Estate, Dating, and Death’s readers will ‘laugh out loud’ and be intrigued by the mystery that develops in this second, engaging novel in the series. Calling the dialogue between the main characters ‘sparkling banter’ and ‘comedic gold’, the reviewer claimed to be in stitches reading the story.
    The reviewer goes further to say the mystery will also shock and surprise readers by what unfolds in this second novel. With a plot line that includes a dead bride in the brokerage, a homeless family living in a vacant real estate listing, to a burgeoning romance with a millionaire client and questionable dalliances, the twists and turns will not disappoint the reader. Reedsy Discovery concludes this review by stating readers will say ‘I didn’t see that coming’ at the final turn of events. Reedsy Discovery recommends Real Estate, Dating, and Death to readers of mysteries, those who love a character driven story, as well as readers who have an interest in stories about a sleuth involved in real estate.

    The full Reedsy Discovery review can be read at:
    Real Estate, Dating, and Death is the second book in the Vivianne Murphy Mystery Series following Real Estate, Murder, and Mayhem which introduced readers to the relationships and antics of Vivianne and Venice as they try to navigate the often-colliding worlds of real estate and crime. Ms. Addison’s yet unnamed third novel in the series will be published Spring 2022.

    Real Estate, Dating, and Death and Real Estate, Murder, and Mayhem can each be purchased in paperback or kindle edition at Amazon US and Amazon UK.
    Ashley Addison is a New Yorker, who moved to the Pacific Northwest many years ago. Recently retired as a real estate broker, she now pursues writing her Vivianne Murphy mysteries series, full time.

    A novice baker, she loves cooking and entertaining and is an avid reader.
    She lives with her terrier mix rescue dog, whose picture graces the back of her books. Her cat declined to be photographed.

    Kate Kenworthy
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  • Bestselling Authors of The Forever Dog to Headline This Year’s Healthy Dog Expo

    A collage of speakers for the Expo, shown by the event logo and topic themes.

    Speakers for the Healthy Dog Expo 2022

    Dr. Becker and Rodney Habib seated at a desk signing bookplates for The Forever Dog

    Dr. Becker and Rodney Habib signing bookplates for The Forever Dog

    Healthy Dog Expo logo of dog leaping over event name

    Healthy Dog Expo logo

    The 3rd annual Healthy Dog Expo, set for March 19-20, 2022, will feature Dr. Karen Becker and Rodney Habib, NY Times bestselling authors of The Forever Dog.

    This event will truly be a Disney World for the dog lover – with every direction they turn, they will see someone or something they want to know more about.”
    — Dr. Laurie Coger
    ALBANY, NEW YORK, USA, November 30, 2021 / -- Every dog owner wants their dog to live forever, and no one understands that better than veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker and dog health advocate Rodney Habib, co-authors of the NY Times #1 Bestseller, The Forever Dog. The pair will be headlining an all-star panel of speakers at this year’s Healthy Dog Expo, set for March 19-20 in Albany, N.Y, where they will share their insights into what dog owners can do right now to help their dogs live longer, healthier lives, even in the face of serious disease.

    With the success of the first two editions of the event, founder Dr. Laurie Coger is excited about being able to bring people together for a live event after almost two years of being limited to online virtual events. “There is such amazing energy at a live event, of being with people who share a passion for dogs and want to learn and share their experiences,” Dr. Coger explains. “An online event pales in comparison. The chance to talk face to face with leading experts, to meet and connect with the people behind the products that have saved many dogs, and the chance to learn about lifesaving therapies that are on the cutting edge of health and wellness does not exist anywhere else.”

    Beyond the world-class speaking panel, the Expo will feature exhibitors and vendors from the natural side of the pet industry. Popular raw and minimally processed foods such as Dr. Harvey’s and Green Juju will be attending, as will supplement brands including 1-TDC, CBD Dog Health, and Dr. Baker’s System Saver. Physical therapy modalities will be represented by the makers of the Assisi Loop and Toto Fit physical therapy gear. Canine Camp Getaway, the nation’s leading dog-centric vacation destination, will be there to share the news on June and September camps.

    With the expansion to a one and one-half day program, Dr. Coger hopes to give attendees time to meet and talk with everyone. “This event will truly be a Disney World for the dog lover – with every direction they turn, they will see someone or something they want to know more about. It’s the perfect holiday gift for the dog lover in your life.”

    Now in its third year, the Healthy Dog Expo is the country’s only holistic dog health and wellness event. This year’s event will feature some of the biggest stars in the natural veterinary health care world, including Dr. Karen Becker, integrative oncologist Dr. Kendra Pope, Rodney Habib, consumer and safe pet food advocate Susan Thixton, pet food formulator and expert Steve Brown and international champion agility competitor and training expert Susan Garrett.

    The event will be held the Desmond Hotel – Crowne Plaza Albany on March 19-20, 2022. Featured topics will range from natural diets to new views on cancer to the importance of the mind-body connection and its link to longevity, as well as a host of top-notch exhibitors featuring products that support the healthy dog lifestyle.

    For more information or to purchase tickets for the event, visit Healthy Dog Expo, or call 518-400-0140.

    About Dr. Laurie Coger:
    Dr. Laurie Coger is an integrative veterinarian, author, trainer and breeder whose mission is to guide owners down the natural dog care path, helping them to become educated and empowered advocates for their best friend’s health. An honors graduate of Cornell University, with advanced training in nutrition, she received her DVM degree from Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Her practice and dog care philosophy emphasize natural methods and the benefits of a raw, natural diet, and she regularly integrates chiropractic, low-level laser, herbal, nutritional and physical therapy techniques into her treatment plans. A well-known media presence, Dr. Coger has been featured in USA Today, Newsweek, Pet360, PetMD and numerous nationally known blogs and websites. She is the Staff Veterinarian at Canine Camp Getaway and is currently working on a new book and online content.

    Dr. Laurie Coger
    Healthy Dog Expo
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  • December releases: “A Single Mom's Guide to Raising Black Gentlemen” by Sanya Simmons

    a picture of Sanya Simmons

    Sanya Simmons

    Sanya Simmons signs a publishing deal for her debut book - A Single Mom's Guide to Raising Black Gentlemen - with Bradbury Press

    You are not alone. Raising Black gentlemen isn't easy, but the rewards are great. Your love for your son is your biggest strength. Let it guide you, and you will find your way!”
    — Sanya Simmons
    NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2021 / -- Bradbury Press is thrilled to announce the publication of the keenly anticipated book by debut author, mother and voice artist, Sanya Simmons - A Single Mom's Guide to Raising Black Gentlemen – to be released on 21st December 2021.

    A single mom to two wonderful boys, Sanya started writing this book back in the spring of 2014. When asked about the motivation behind writing this book, she said, “My first objective was and remains for my book to be a resource for moms, full of practical tips and examples. Beyond that, I want to achieve financial and critical success and leave a legacy for my sons.”

    Almost seven years after she first started working on her book, Sanya started reaching out to publishers. After a brief yet exhausting process, and with the help of her publicist Nathan, she secured a publishing deal with Bradbury Press. The book will be published next month in four different versions – eBook, paperback, hardcover and audiobook.

    This book is very close to Sanya’s heart – and it seems to evoke similar emotions from anyone who reads it. When asked about her goals from the book, she said, “I believe in my book. I want to be a partner with Bradbury Press. I believe that together, we can make this book a phenomenal success for all who are involved. I want them to be proud that they saw the potential of my book and took a chance on me. That's something I will never take for granted. I want my book to be an Oprah's Book Club Selection. I want Steve Harvey to offer it to every mother of the boys who go through his mentorship program. I would also like to have the support of 100 Black Men and 100 Black Women. I want to change the definition of what it means to be a successful parent from being defined by our children's success – academic and professional both – to being defined by our relationships with our children. I want to start conversations about what we can do to raise confident, well-adjusted young black men in a society that too often has not served them well. I know these are lofty goals, but I believe they are all attainable!”

    Sanya’s debut book will be on sale on the 21st of December – the book will be released in four different versions – ebook, paperback, hardcover and audiobook. The eBook and paperback are scheduled to release on the 21st of December, 2021. Follow Sanya on Instagram for updates about her book and upcoming events.

    Alex Roy
    Bradbury Press

  • “The Adventures of Doc Holliday Hennings” Children’s Book Seeks to Help Children Cope With Loss and Value Family

    Doc Holliday

    The book-themed Doc Plush toy has just been launched as a tangible and supportive bonding doll for kids

    QUEENS, NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, November 27, 2021 / -- Teaching children the importance of family and helping them to cope with loss when a loved one passes away is a challenging task made easier by the juvenile fiction book "The Adventures of Doc Holliday Hennings". There is now a limited edition for the holiday season released on Amazon, at

    “As a parent and storyteller, I always tried to teach my daughter the value of family while also making her understand that real-life families are often more complex and layered than popular culture would have kids believing,” said TK Bethea, the book’s author. Also inspired by memories of Doc Holliday, his childhood dog, Bethea created a tale that addresses issues such as blended families, stepparents, half-siblings, mixed cultural upbringings, and bullying.

    In this novel, six-year-old Jeffrey Hennings is sad because his mother died not very long ago. Now it’s just him and his dad, Richard, and it has been difficult for them. One day, after Jeffrey has a fight with another boy at school, he and his dad are walking home when they encounter a small brown-and-black puppy. A cowboy is selling the dog, and Jeffrey and his dad adopt him and call him Doc Holliday. One day, after overhearing a conversation that makes him think Jeffrey and his dad don’t actually love him, Doc decides to run away and find his birth family. Out on the streets, he encounters a world of trouble, as Jeffrey and his dad make their best efforts to find Doc and let him know that he really is part of their family.

    The author of the book has now also launched an accompanying bonding plush toy, Doc Plush, which is available on Etsy, at The toy embodies the energy of the character and helps define the various meanings of family, friendships, connections, and perseverance. “This so much more than a plush toy,” Mr. Tekea said. “This is actually a toy that is aimed at helping children cope with loss, find the strength to deal with bullying, and feel more supported as they experience the frequently conflicting emotions of growing in a non-conventional family,” the author commented.

    With a fast-approaching holiday season, TK Bethea intends to offer parents a meaningful Christmas gift that children will enjoy: an engaging children’s story that will resonate with many, and a welcoming plush toy that they can bond with and turn to, finding the comfort and empowerment of a best friend that symbolizes the best that friendship has to offer.

    “This Christmas, I wanted parents to have an available gift to offer to their children that isn’t just another toy or video game, and that is instead a book that stimulates reading and that is aided by a plush toy like no other, intended to help develop the emotional intelligence of children,” Bethea further noted.

    The book and toy that help children rediscover the meaning of true family, including blended families and adopted families, as well as those forged by the bonding of friendship, can now be purchased on Amazon or Etsy.

    TK Bethea can be reached at or on 646-591-5054. The project’s website can be visited at

    Tywon Bethea
    WCR, LLC
    +1 646-591-5054
    email us here

  • Explore Authors Magazine releases its list of hot new books and holiday favorites

    As the Sparrows Fly by B.L. Blocher

    As the Sparrows Fly by B.L. Blocher

    Progeny by K.M. Hardy

    Progeny by K.M. Hardy

    The Maple Seed Helicopter by Marco Collina

    The Maple Seed Helicopter by Marco Collina

    Grab a hot cup of tea or coffee and curl up with a book from Explore Authors Magazine's list of hot new books to read this holiday

    Get comfy, and check out a book from Explore Authors Magazine's list of hot new fiction, nonfiction and children's books to read this holiday.”
    — Explore Authors Magazine

    NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 26, 2021 / -- The following books on Explore Authors Magazine's list of books are available now at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and fine retailers everywhere.


    If you loved the first two books in the Sam McKay series you will love the latest installment. Progeny, by KM Hardy is the third book in the Sam McKay series. This taut edge-of-your-seat crime thriller follows our protagonist on yet another gripping criminal investigation, marking a brilliant follow-up up to the first two books, SCOTS HONOR and The Redcap. We’re enthralled. Available for PREORDER now Picaty Press, 978-1736734605

    Mike Hain's philosophical book, Elephants on the Ceiling, will illuminate and captivate readers in search of a book about life and death. This book chronicles stories about near-death experiences. Intriguing. We highly recommend. Check it out, preorder now. ECMS Publishing, ISBN 978-1-7365591-1-6

    Walking a Tightrope by Emma Gilman - This Victorian era novel enthralls as a privileged young woman discovers herself after she joins the circus and learns to walk a tightrope in the midst of a murder mystery. She is eventually pushed to the edge as the star of the show, amid her attraction to the dark and brooding antagonist. A beautiful and enjoyable read. ISBN-13: 978-1737859901, Venture Press

    Black Hands by Sandy Freitas is a wonderful children's book about the value of hard work and rewards in this adorable and beautifully illustrated true-life-story children's book about a family-owned walnut farm. We love this story. Write on Books, ISBN 979-8-9850685-0-4

    Renowned sportswriter and 2020 International Boxing Hall-of-Famer Bernard Fernandez covers 35 years of boxing in forthcoming book, Championship Rounds Vol. II, an outstanding and insightful follow-up to Championship Rounds Vol. I, released by the esteemed sports journalist and boxing historian in 2020. RKMA Publishing, 978-0578687308 We couldn't stop reading this book!

    Marco Collina's beautiful story, the Maple Seed Helicopter chronicles the journey of an orphan from Italy to America during WWII in this heartwarming and nostalgic literary tale. A beautiful and inspiring story that will take readers to the Italian countryside circa 1940s. An enjoyable book. MAC PRESS, ISBN 978-0-578-65194-1

    Chemistry 11 in Focus by Abdul Shakur makes complex chemistry concepts easy to follow. This textbook is perfect for classroom instruction as well as the independent learner. We highly recommend. An excellent book for teachers and students alike. ISBN 978-0578957470 , The New Awakenings Books

    As the Sparrows Fly by B.L Blocher is a psychological thriller about sibling rivalry and revenge that will leave readers absolutely enthralled. This book has plenty of twists and turns to keep readers in suspense and yearning for more. The Emerald City Press, ISBN 978-1-7374610-1-2

    Jason R. Van Pelt releases his fourth children’s book, Roxanne the Green Nose Reindeer is one of our holiday favorites. Young readers will love Van Pelt’s holiday book series that also includes, Party Monsters (a Mardi Gras story), Candy monsters (a Halloween children’s book), and Christmas Coupling. Add Van Pelt’s entire series to your collection today. J.R.V.P., 978-1-7371572-9-8

    Duke Stories: Vacation Lake by Jennifer Neven is a heartwarming and fun tale sure to delight children. A wonderful tale for a bedtime story. Families will also love Jennifer Nevin's hilarious take on family in, My Grandma says the F-Word. We love it. | Shine Bright Books, ISBN: 978-1-7375130-1-8 and ISBN 978-1-7375130-0-1 (Grandma)

    Be sure to check out Sixth Iteration by E. Hughes. This exciting, mysterious, romantic, sci-fi thriller will leave you questioning who’s real when a billion-dollar humanoid android falls in love with the scientist hired to program him, and goes on the run from the robotics corporation that will do anything to get him back. A captivating and romantic mystery , we highly recommend. ISBN: 978-0-9973200-6-0 Love-LovePublishing

    Don't Forget by Robert Harmon is an engrossing and smart literary novel about a man at a turning point in his life. He embarks on a journey of self-discovery in this 1960s period piece, after taking on a ghostwriting job for a morally questionable man. A worthy and interesting read. We're intrigued. ISBN, 979-8497532203

    What, Why, & How: Bottom-up Answers by mountain climber and philosopher Robert Wheeler, Ph.D explores philosophical and metaphysical questions about existence and humanity in this riveting examination that attempts to answer questions about the existence of life, a follow-up to Wheeler’s previous book, Call of the Mountain. Intriguing! OntosScience Press, 978-0-578-94516-3

    Explore the EC Walsh’s witty musings and clever insights on society, politics, and life in this smart, intriguing series of essays, poems and humor in Natural Light: A Coffee Table Book. A great conversation piece and a wonderful addition to your coffee table. ISBN 978-0-578-30950-7, Dignam Press

    Prolific songwriter and accomplished writer, Edward Kenny releases his new book, “Bluebird Songs VOL II“, the follow up to Bluebird Songs and “Lonesome Man on a Hermit’s Hill: A Verse Play.” Kenny has written over a thousand song lyrics and eight musicals since entering the Broadway scene in 1982. Bluebird Publishing, 978-578806457

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  • Ancient of Genes novel resurges Plus: Soon an "Audio Theater" version 2b released

    AOG Bestseller in multiple Amazon Categories

    AOG Bestseller in multiple Amazon Categories

    Smilodon Skull, Gene segment, Hour Glass

    Book Cover

    StoriesAmazing Publisher Logo

    StoriesAmazing Publisher Logo

    A geneticist’s regeneration of Ice Age animals & humans is stolen... becomes the basis for genetic warfare weapons –and the prophesied Resurrection of the Dead!

    REAL genetics potential & ONE prophecy in common among most religions: a regeneration of humanity & nature post-catastrophe. But what nightmare is released? Great for gifts and news for media!”
    — Laura Haas, Publisher
    NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, November 24, 2021 / -- Cloning sheep and chimps was only a beginning.

    Using Fossil Gene Redemption (FGR), geneticist Kevin G. Harrigan experiments with genes from a frozen "Ice Man". His work prompts Iraqi leader, Ishmail Mon, to provide resources for exciting new research that enables Harrigan's team to regenerate extinct “cryptids” and human sub-species from the Ice Ages. But FGR can be the basis for genetic weapons of mass destruction; United States intelligence and defense leaders must act!

    Radically distinct from Jurassic Park, Ancient of Genes shows new megafauna regeneration methods by which the only prophecy held in common among major religions & myth traditions could manifest: Some form of regeneration of human ancestors and megafauna. Once considered junk DNA, personality genes and other traits archive in lineages. These genes await a virus vector that targets meiosis to re-express them in all subsequent generations. This can start a resurrection cascade enabling Mon to ruin enemy genomes, improve his allies’ genes… and inherit the earth.

    Harrigan's frightening choice can lead to redemption… or the terrifying sunset of humanity!

    Ancient of Genes is book 1 in the Ancient Beacon series. Reviews so far followed by prior version reviews:
    Accolades for ANCIENT OF GENES

    …Spellbinding, well-researched and has intriguing characters. …A page-turner as we get to learn about the growth and development of the characters over the span of 16 years. Feeling a deep, emotional connection with the protagonist and other characters is inevitable. The author... explain[s] complex scientific ideas in a comprehensible manner... real-world scientific research... intriguing storyline, superior storytelling craft, rich world-building.
    -- The Book Commentary (David Reyes, author, reviewer)
    Ancient of Genes recently slammed on to the bestseller list, no doubt due to its inspired plot and oh so very intriguing characters that draw you deeper into the plot with each and every page. This brilliant author has delivered readers a read that hits all the sweet spots and beyond, making this an epic read....
    -- USAReformer (Tracey Williams, Ph.D., author, reviewer, professor)
    A phenomenal book... the setting, descriptiveness and raw energy captivate, all coming together to have the reader turning pages effortlessly.
    -- Digital Journal (Markos Papadatos "Best Long Island Personality" in Arts & Entertainment)
    9 stars out of 10, but we'll round up! Gallagher lays out the underlying science in Chapter One, priming the engines. Then the plot takes off like a rocket. There are plenty of evolving characters, with powerful motivations and inspirations. Even human sub-species stand on their own. Gallagher excels, too, in his action scenes and creature encounters. The plot and intrigue are multilayered. Read Ancient of Genes now! -- SubCreated-Worlds.
    -- Josh Griffing, author of Pyre & Ice and The Wayward Sun Universe

    26 Prior version reviews by bestselling authors & pro reviewers at & in front matter:

    “An engrossing confluence of cutting-edge science, thought-provoking ethics, and storytelling that moves at the pace of a Gatling gun.”
    • Lincoln Child, best-selling co-author of The Relic and Mount Dragon

    “... Thoroughly compelling.... The climax, containing one of the finest action sequences in recent fiction, approaches apocalyptic dimensions… . While Michael Crichton’s Jurassic stories were interesting, Gallagher ups the ante dramatically, intellectually.”
    • Richard J. Woods, OP, author of Mysticism and Prophecy and fiction works.

    “A crackerjack adventure chock full of derring-do.... Vast... innovative... far more ambitious [than] the Jurassic Park novels... global in complexity... - and what a cast!... A work of great philosophic complexity... quite readable... first class science fiction... ingenious... compelling....” • Paleontologia Electronica (Anderson)

    Author Profiles: Biography at the bottom of
    Bio Summary: Dan Gallagher is a former U.S. Army Ranger & retired Financial Advisor. He has been published in fiction & nonfiction since 1992.

    Sample Interview Qs & The Writing Process:

    Don't miss the REALLY INTERESTION BIO: "A Writing Style Shaped by Life Experiences":

    Info Link:

    Buy Links: Store orders 11/8/2021
    Hardcover $19.94: any bookseller using Ingram iPage
    Paperback $13.87: through Amazon
    eBook at $7.99 via Apple, B&N, non-Amazon vendors:
    Amazon’s eBook at $7.99 ASIN: B09FP19KWG

    NEWS FLASH: Audio Theater (sound effects, many readers,) Feb 2022
    5 SCI- FI Genres: Action & Adventure / General / Military, Visionary & Metaphysical, War & Military

    Video Teaser Link: & Embed Code:

    Excerpts, illustrations and front matter:

    Marketing: Dar Dowling, CMO, Atlas Elite Partners, NY,

    Literary & cinematic rights: Bill Pettit, Agent/Producer,
    Before emailing, please visit:

    Permissions, events: Laura Haas, Managing Partner, StoriesAmazing, NY,
    Media (only) may phone author Dan Gallagher: 704-362-1001.

    Laura Gallagher
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