• Jeff Lerner’s Online Master Class Increases in Popularity in the United States

    The Lerner Institute has so far helped over 150,000 students expand their businesses in a digital world.

    ST. GEORGE, UTAH, UNITED STATES, January 7, 2022 / -- There is no shortage of help for would-be entrepreneurs on the internet these days, and certainly no shortage of online programs and courses to choose from. But there is one institution that, over the past couple of years, has risen above the crowd to attract a lot of attention due to its increasing number of stellar reviews. The Jeff Lerner Master Class was created specifically to show entrepreneurs how to expand their businesses, and Lerner’s popular report, The Millionaire Shortcut, is currently available to download for free.

    The report explores the question of why the number of people who become millionaires every year is increasing at a rapid rate. It also shares a simple ‘hack’ that Lerner uses to shorten the process of becoming a millionaire, and it includes a bonus video that explains how to get started with complete confidence.
    Lerner himself has long since established himself as an authority in founding startups. He established ENTRE Institute in 2019 in order to fulfill his dream of providing coaching to entrepreneurs, and speaks at conferences and industry events on a regular basis, on the topics of entrepreneurship and education. Having spent over ten years creating successful internet businesses with a combined value of over $100 million, he provides a worthy role model for the students he coaches as he continues to launch new businesses. In 2021, for example, he founded Entresoft, a suite of business tools, which rapidly became one of the most well-known business management software packages available for smaller companies.

    To find out more about Jeff Lerner and the ENTRE Institute, visit his website.

    About Jeff Lerner

    After a decade of building multiple online businesses to over eight figures and twice landing on the INC 5000, entrepreneur, mentor, speaker, influencer, and pianist Jeff Lerner turned his focus to educating and inspiring entrepreneurs about the power of entrepreneurship in the modern economy.

    In 2018 he founded ENTRE Institute where over 50,000 students are developing their ENTREpreneurial skills. He is now regarded as one of the most inspirational voices online in business and personal development.

    Jeff Lerner
    Jeff Lerner LLC
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  • Purpose-Driven Goal Planning for Entrepreneurs

    Eric Michael Cap - Goal Planning Workshop

    Gold Street Goal Planning Workshop

    Eric Michael Cap - Goal Planning Course Workshop

    Gold Street Goal Planning Workshop

    Eric Michael Cap - Goal Planning Course

    Gold Street Goal Planning Course

    Goal planning workshops & coaching for faith-based creative entrepreneurs

    Create & Multiply, Inspire, Integrity, Faith, Family, Freedom…this is what drives & defines us.”
    — Eric Michael Cap @ GOLD STREET
    BURBANK, CA, USA, January 7, 2022 / -- Gold Street today announced new goal planning course workshops, coaching & membership packages for faith-based creatives and entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs and small business owners start the new year with fresh goals and resolutions, but “life” and the day-to-day details of running a business can easily leave them stuck in the same place feeling frustrated & alone.

    “Start with the end in mind by determining your values & vision for the next 5-10 years.”

    While many entrepreneurs set goals for the year ahead, Eric’s approach is grounded in “starting with the end in mind.” By taking his clients through exercises that start with long-term goals and funneling them down to shorter-term ones, they are more able to identify their key priorities, allowing them to set goals that are more aligned with their values, and aid them in creating a life they love. For entrepreneurs who need both coaching and creative agency services, Gold Street is launching a “hybrid” membership offering done-for-you & done-with-you options to help you start, grow &/or scale your business.

    "Our core values and 5-10 year vision & goals determine what we say Yes or No to now.”

    Building values and mission-driven businesses has become increasingly popular, and where Eric is able to lend unique value is by basing his coaching & creative services on Christian values for faith-driven entrepreneurs. By relating biblical verses and lessons to entrepreneurship, Eric helps Christian creatives and entrepreneurs ground their work in stewardship.

    “Create & Multiply, Inspire, Integrity, Faith, Family, Freedom…this is what drives & defines us.”

    The Gold Street Goal Planning Workshop will take place on Saturday, January 15th from 9am-1pm, with a bonus break-out session from 1:30-3:30pm available for those wanting to dive deeper into their action plans. A “Gold” package with a 1:1 Coaching session & Productivity Course access can also be purchased. Those unable to attend online can purchase the workshop as a course anytime and access all worksheets & materials.

    To learn more about Gold Street’s faith-driven Content, Coaching, and Creative + Marketing Agency services, please visit

    About Gold Street

    Gold Street is a Media Content & Marketing Agency that specializes in purpose-driven production & storytelling. Eric Michael Cap, Founder & CEO, has over 2 decades of experience creating content & campaigns that drive engagement and deliver results.

    Media Contact: Catherine Giese
    Communications & Social Media Dir.
    GOLD STREET | Eric Michael Cap 818-570-3752

    Eric Michael Cap
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  • Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) Starts FMGE Coaching Classes Following Remarkable Result in 2021

    Best FMGE Coaching Institute in India

    Best FMGE Coaching Institute in India, Call for more information 1800 833 7707

    Best FMGE Coaching Institute in India

    Leading Faculties @ Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) for FMGE Coaching, Call for more information 1800 833 7707

    Top FMGE Coaching Institute in India

    Meet our Prominent Faculties @ Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA), Call for more information 1800 833 7707

    Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) Starts FMGE Coaching Classes Following Remarkable Result in 2021! Call for more information 1800 833 7707

    Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) has outshined everyone by ceaselessly delivering the best results in FMGE over the years than any other institute in India.”
    — Dr. David K Pillai, Chairman
    CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU, INDIA, January 7, 2022 / -- After the outstanding FMGE result in December 2021, Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) starts their FMGE coaching classes for the next batch. The institute will be conducting live classroom sessions as well as online classes for students. They have also prepared to extend one-on-one training programmes for tomorrow’s doctors and healthcare specialists.

    Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) has recently become India’s no. 1 achiever in the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) with exceptional results, evidencing their proficiency once again. This compulsory exam, conducted by National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences (NBEMS), grants the much-needed license to Indian medical students with a foreign degree for practicing medicine in India.

    Dr. David K Pillai, the chairman of the institute, informed, “Our institute is the principal associate of Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) in Philippines. KIMA, one of the prominent institutions in India, has secured a pass percentage of 91.4% in FMGE 2021 whereas the same in all of India is close to 23.3%.”

    Being one of the toughest exams in the country, Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) requires additional and personalised guidance from mentors. Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) offers benefits like integrated technology, strategic curriculum, well-researched study materials and experienced faculties including Dr. Deepak Marwah (Internal Medicine), Dr. Siraj Ahmad (Pharmacology) Dr. Shrikant Verma (Anatomy), Dr. Yusuf (Orthopaedics), Dr. Shivani Jain (Ophthalmology), Dr. Vijay Gupta (Physiology) and others.

    As shared by the chairman, Dr. David K Pillai, “Our prominent and experienced faculties will conduct aptitude and mock tests regularly to enhance the efficiency of students and provide them with hands-on experience. FMG Students will also learn effective time management, get exposure to essential questions and gain accuracy and speed, which are the most important factors.”

    Apart from the above, Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) will provide updated study materials and make FMG students solve simple to complex assignments with short-cut solutions and tricks for the best quality preparation. This all-inclusive training programme is designed to help them in practicing for the next examination and securing high scores.

    FMG Students enrolling for this FMGE coaching will get to avail doubt clearing session, performance analysis, revision on high-yield topics, offline classes with interactive review and more. They will be mentored comprehensively to acquire additional skillset apart from their MBBS degree for qualifying in this computer based licensure test.

    Besides the above-said, the institute ensures the best amenities to its students including AC classrooms, in-campus food and accommodation, friendly staff, highly equipped study halls with individual cabins and 24x7 support.

    According to the Chairman, Dr. David K Pillai, “Every year, our institute helps more than 90% of the students from India to get admission in Davao Medical School Foundation, Philippines and other reputed colleges in the Philippines for medical studies. We also bring the best FMGE coaching for foreign graduated students in India.”

    This time as well, Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) strives to prepare the best batch who will come out with flying colours in the next Foreign Medical Graduates Examination.

    About Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA)
    Established in 1999, Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) is a renowned institute in India and the primary associate of Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) in Philippines. They open doors of opportunities for aspirants to study medicine abroad and practice successfully in India. They also offer the most holistic education to medical students for cracking exams and developing additional skillsets for their professional careers. KIMA comes with facilities like advanced lab equipment, latest safety installations, wireless-enabled classrooms, audio-visual enhancements, fire hazard proofing, etc. Over the years, the medical training institute has become the preferred choice not only for their unbeatable results but also for their affordable courses to make dreams come true.

    Kings PR Team
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  • Texas Based Photography Company Expands Into New Market Segments

    This wife and husband team are working to connect small to mid-sixed newsrooms around the country to resources and content that they need to connect with their consumers. (Photo: Matt Pierce/Route Three Productions)

    This wife and husband team are working to connect small to mid-sixed newsrooms around the country to resources and content that they need to connect with their consumers. (Photo: Matt Pierce/Route Three Productions)

    Kelly and Matt Pierce go to the extremes to gather content for media outlets around the world such as recently exploring the world of back country exploration in the Rocky Mountains. (Photo Matt Pierce/Route Three Productions)

    Kelly and Matt Pierce go to the extremes to gather content for media outlets around the world such as recently exploring the world of back country exploration in the Rocky Mountains. (Photo Matt Pierce/Route Three Productions)

    Kelly and Matt decided that they wanted to learn about how the pandemic has taken a toll on small towns in the Western USA that depend heavily upon tourism. (Credit: Kelly Pierce/Route Three Productions))

    Kelly and Matt decided that they wanted to learn about how the pandemic has taken a toll on small towns in the Western USA that depend heavily upon tourism. (Credit: Kelly Pierce/Route Three Productions))

    Texas based media photography company Route Three Productions expands into documentary style photojournalism projects and other projects in order to expand base

    Newsrooms want to be able to send their reporters to the front lines of the big stories that happen each and everyday. We heard them and we are working with them to help deliver on that.”
    — Matt Pierce, Managing Editor
    CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 7, 2022 / -- What started out as a way to earn a little additional money during the pandemic has turned into a fairly large operation for husband and wife team Kelly and Matt Pierce who together started Route Three Productions in 2020. On Thursday, the company announced their new vision for 2022 and beyond as they focus on reaching more readers and viewers across multiple platforms.

    "Kelly and I decided to go really expand our presence in 2022 and look into really connecting with our customers and finding new clients across the board," Pierce said. "Kelly is an economics major and really loves data, so we are drawing off of her experience understanding that data to really broaden our horizons and expand our global reach."

    The company started out doing simple stock photography from their home in Texas. But now the pair is taking on projects such as deep dive photobooks into social issues, creating more video content for the internet, and making travel related publications about their experiences along the way. Their approach is simple: Never Leave A Story Untold.

    "When I am making my way around the country or the world I am always looking for the thing that makes you stop and think," says Matt Pierce, who is a long-time journalist and freelance photojournalist. "I like to make sure that my audience connects to the story, and the story connects to the audience."

    While working on projects the company will be partnering with media outlets to distribute content, cover news and current events directly from the field, and provide spot coverage to major news stories when they are close to a major story.

    "When I first started in this industry some 15 years ago technology was still pretty much evolving," Matt says. "Now with things like portable encoders, professional camera gear being more affordable, and the connectivity ever expanding it really gives us a way to connect with media partners better than ever before from almost anyplace on earth. Technology is really something."

    Matt says that with the technology gap becoming more and more filled-in every single day, they are able operate a complete newsroom directly from the field and really take local news consumers where they want to go--right to the heart of the story.

    "Newsrooms want to be able to send their reporters to the front lines of the big stories that happen each and everyday around the country," Matt says. "We heard them and we are working with them to help deliver on that."

    Matt says that the ability to send in video reports, write stories from the field, send back images in real-time and work to find sources during breaking news is really key to making a successful story that local news consumers really want to connect with.

    "We can do a live shot from almost anywhere, we can deliver a package with video, photos, text and script in almost no time at all," Matt says. "If we say that we are on-scene of a wildfire in the mountains and a local outlet wants to cover it, then they now have our resources in the field to be able to do that. We really are production company that connects with local markets and local newsrooms around the world."

    Matt says that while they recognize there is still a lot of pushback from trade groups about freelance production companies coming into the market, he isn't concerned too much with that.

    "News coverage and content solutions are changing all of the time and newsrooms are changing with it," he says. "I really do believe that as things evolve and that as things change in the news media industry we will set the bar for what comes next."

    While the company says that they are not giving up on their stock photography and editorial content, they are putting more of a focus on news coverage and building more of a presence in the publishing market sector.

    "These are exciting times to be in the news and documentary production industry," says Matt. "Our goal is find as many partners as we can a deliver as many stories as we can from the frontlines. I get excited about where our industry goes from here."

    So while the pandemic might have put a damper on some things, for this husband and wife duo it only sparked more creativity and it has given them time to do the research and develop a product that connects people around the world to stories that really touch their lives.

    To learn more about how Route Three Productions can help your local newsroom or to get information about their current projects they say that you can reach out to them directly and they will be happy to discuss it with you. They also say that they are will consider customized content and reporting scenarios for news outlets that have an idea for a story.

    "I am never closed minded to the idea of working with News Directors or other Managing Editors about stories they think might work well for them,' Matt says. "Because chances are that if it works well for them, that means it will work well for somebody else. This is all about collaboration and that is the part that I love the most."

    You can connect with Route Three Productions on their Facebook page, Twitter or on their website,

    Matt Pierce
    Route Three Productions
    +1 361-696-5762
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  • The Need to Promote World Peace - Dr. Sam Swapn's Book on the Global Pandemic is Now Available Worldwide

    World War III Corona Book Cover

    NEWARK, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 6, 2022 / -- Dr. Sam Swapn, a prolific coach, entrepreneur, and author, has released his book 'World War III Corona' to discuss the truths and fiction about the global pandemic. The book is now available on Amazon and other major online book retailers.

    The devastating impact of the global pandemic is tantamount to the wars and calamities that furiously struck humanity during the course of our history. The COVID-19 pandemic has infected millions and has brought global economic activity to a near-standstill. It is estimated that the impact of COVID-19 is $ 10 Trillion, the largest economic shock the world has experienced in decades.

    The book, World War III Corona, delves deep into the highly transmissible virus' economic, social, and geopolitical ramifications. Although its survivability varies greatly across settings and ages; on average, it kills almost 1 out of every 100 infected people. With the world coming to a complete standstill due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the author reflects a completely different perspective of the pandemic situation.

    World War III Corona explains that current biowarfare has changed the world forever. However, savagery and wars can be dealt with through peaceful means. According to the author, Dr. Sam Swapn, the idea of destroying the world is wicked, and that the world nations need to understand the significance of promoting world peace. We need hope, truth, courage, and faith that allows the nations to cooperate and gain wisdom to promote peace and love among humanity. The later part of the book emphasizes that world countries control and promote world peace. This implies the states to mutually cooperate and work out nonviolent efforts to save human lives. Moreover, it empowers nations to think outside the box to maintain human goodness—altruism, compassion, peace, equality, and justice in this world.

    As the readers begin to read the book, they will find the powerful and motivating style of writing that strikes a reader's mind with powerful questions concerning the virus and its impact. For instance, people want to know how this virus became so widespread and caused tragic deaths. In addition, the pandemic led to severe financial crises as many economies are structurally facing loss. Communities are alarmed about what will happen in the future, how this virus will vanish, and how people can fully return to their normal lives.

    The book states that this is World War 3 based on biowarfare, but the attacker is invisible. John Hopkin's research studies say that the world communities should develop a global peace mission; the states should initiate essential peace-building measures that will help the nations understand what direction they are heading to and how they can plan and calculate possible risks ahead. We need a new global system that talks about consumer market and investment capacity, reduce the defense budget, and scales down military warheads. Moreover, individuals and communities should plan out how to win the game rather than become victims of the virus and suffer irreplaceable losses.

    The purpose of writing this book is to help humanity with social justice and peace. Dr. Sam believes that countries should spend less on wars and more on creating equality, educating people, and creating happiness. Going back to the way we were before COVID-19 is not an option for the states now. So, we need to accept the challenge and take the opportunity to start thinking about a new normal. We need to create a safe, secure, and peaceful global haven for our future generations.

    Dr. Sam Swapn
    Strategism Inc.


    —™ led the charge, with close to 18 million visits to the site, with users consuming close to 6.5 million on-site videos—

    Radar continues to chart a trajectory that most publishers dream of.”
    — Melissa Cronin, EMG’s President and Chief Operating Officer
    NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, January 5, 2022 / -- Empire Media Group, Inc. (“EMG” or the “Company”), a dynamic privately owned global media conglomerate of knowledge-based brands and an innovator of content experiences across different platforms, today announced its Entertainment Network registered record traffic in December 2021, with more than 43 million visits to its sites.

    At a time when engagement and traffic are falling across the competitive set, collectively, the audiences of™,™, Front Page Detectives™, The Royal Observer™, and Morning Honey™ consumed more than 101 million page-views.™ beat out its sister site™, with 17.8 million sessions (up 12.72% month-on-month) compared to OK!’s 17.6 million (up 33% month-on-month). OK! logged 9.1 million video views on-site in December alone.

    Of OK!’s total audience, 30.95% were first-time visitors to the site; 9.87% of Radar’s total audience were new users.

    Both are record highs for™ and™ since EMG acquired the brands in 2021 and 2020, respectively. The noteworthy traffic numbers also exceed traffic numbers for many years under past ownership.

    “Radar continues to chart a trajectory that most publishers dream of. As a former Editor in Chief of the site myself, I have been thrilled to see the brand return to its former glory and hit new heights under Editor-In-Chief Ryan Naumann. Radar has one of the most highly influential, loyal, and engaged audiences out there, and for good reason,” said Melissa Cronin, EMG’s President and Chief Operating Officer.

    “Our unique blend of world exclusive reporting and ‘fresh intelligence,’ combined with compelling long-form storytelling about Hollywood and pop culture has Radar once again dominating the celebrity conversation. While other celebrity sites fade away, Radar is only getting more dynamic.”

    Features published in December included “Last Call At the Viper Room: The Secret History of America’s Most Notorious – And Cursed – Rock Dive Bar.” Correspondent Nick Harding uncovered fresh leads in one of Hollywood’s most baffling cold cases, absolving movie star Johnny Depp from the decades-old conspiracy that he plotted to murder a rival.

    Radar also investigated “Millionaire Nuns On The Run,” a wild investigation into eight Catholic nuns who secretly sold their convent to become instant millionaires, setting off a chain of events that included a love triangle, the betrayal of the man who helped them abscond, a child abuse scandal, a vicious court battle and a vengeful bishop brought down by his own sins.

    “Throughout this period of growth and acceleration, Radar has consistently showcased why it is a must-read for the pop culture obsessed,” said Mr. Naumann. “Last week alone, with the death of Betty White, we were able to draw upon on our near 20-year archives of reporting to provide the most comprehensive and detailed coverage of the death of a true Hollywood trailblazer.”

    Radar also provided gavel-to-gavel coverage of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, seven years after Radar was the first to bring the Jeffrey Epstein case to the national conversation back in 2014.

    Ms. Cronin also highlighted the growth of EMG startup sites, which registered 3.3 million visits under Editor-in-Chief Alex Lang, and, which grew to 2.5 million visitors under Editor-in-Chief Jaclyn Roth. The Royal Observer™ takes you behind the high walls, gilded gates, and palace façades and into the very heart of the most famous families alive, while Front Page Detectives™ is a modern interpretation of the defunct true crime magazine of the same name that was published between 1924 and 1995.

    EMG’s numbers bucked a recent report that showed engagement with news content plummeted last year compared to 2020. Various metrics illustrated in the report showed the dwindling popularity of the content, specifically with website visits for the top-performing news websites in the U.S. tracked by Similarweb in the first 11 months of 2021 dropping 8%.


    Empire Media Group, Inc. (EMG) is the new media landscape, where bold and authoritative content meets innovative delivery for passionate audiences. An award-winning, global, and next-generation multi-platform media company, EMG encompasses a powerful portfolio of assets that serve highly engaged audiences through a rich assemblage of content delivery mechanisms: from magazines, live events, and digital media, to video, television, audio, book publishing, and more. EMG’s suite of 13 vaunted brands makes it one of the world’s largest and most diversified modern media conglomerates, with market share across entertainment, fashion and beauty, luxury, travel, and specialist consumer titles. At EMG, we do not just serve readers; we serve users. Divisions of EMG include television and movie production company Mystify Studios, podcast studio Audology, literary publisher Harland & Wolff Publishing, marketing firm Elevate Strategic, EMG Ventures, and the non-profit foundation, the Institute for Healthy Media Minds, which is focused on creating a positive culture of mental health across the journalism, media, and public relations industries. With these six distinct business units united under a mandate of preeminence in content quality and innovation, EMG is a 360-degree media business that is poised for the future — broadening the reach of storytelling into virtual and augmented reality, programming, e-commerce, immersive events, branded content, innovative advertising solutions, and beyond.

    Press Department
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    Empire Media Group

  • Nextbrain ranked #1 mobile app development company in Dallas

    Mobile apps are one of the best ways to reach customers effectively, and with an effectively good design

    DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 5, 2022 / -- As mobile devices have become more powerful over the past few years, people have begun using them to do an ever increasing number of things. Now businesses have realised this and have started trying to reach customers through the mobile market. Mobile apps are one of the best ways to reach customers effectively, and with an effectively good design, you can get ever more engagement from the customers through the app. The internet traffic has drastically shifted in recent years, and more than half of the population accesses the internet on a mobile device rather than any other kind of device in a given point of time.

    There are already 3.8 billion mobile apps available on official Android and iOS app stores, and this number keeps on increasing every year. While some of them are paid and people might not download those, most are free and help the business make profits after downloading them. Mobile apps are expected to generate 935 billion dollars in revenue by 2023, and millennials in particular are prone to opening a well designed app over 50 times a day. With such statistics, we can easily see why mobile application development has become important in the development industry.

    Nextbrain Technologies is a leading mobile app development company in the city of Dallas, USA and has served a multitude of clients from around the world. It has helped develop custom mobile apps from the ground up with an emphasis on UI, security and feature richness. To ensure total customer satisfaction, our app developers use an agile strategy to ensure that all of the client's criteria are met. Recently the company was ranked number one in the city of Dallas in the realm of mobile app development.

    Mr Saran, who is the CEO and Founder of Nextbrain said “we are immensely proud with our ranking of our company in Dallas city in the US” and also stated that “our clients are our top concern and we will try our very best to give the most effective solutions to their problems”.

    By combining sophisticated technology, resources, and unique ideas which are collaboratively formed with the help of clients, mobile app developers constantly believe in providing unrivalled mobile app development services to attain the highest profit margin. We also try to incorporate and study about artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT technology, the latter of which we have already started working on in the company. This is necessary to keep up with the market conditions and essentially beat the competition in the market.

    About Nextbrain
    Nextbrain is a Bangalore based Indian mobile app development company that specialises in various types of development technologies. We have offices in Dallas, United States and Toronto, Canada. We serve clients globally. We develop both Android and iOS applications and have expertise in technologies that allow us to create cross platform mobile apps. We also provide web design and digital marketing services for our clients and have in-house UX/UI designers that help develop custom UX design for every application that we develop so as to increase the client ROI to the maximum possible value.

    Started in 2016, we have helped various businesses become successful through the custom services we provide. For all our services and especially mobile app development services, we provide support services that help upgrade the product to a better suited version according to market demand. We are also well invested into new Technologies like IoT and artificial intelligence and actively try to learn more about them.

    karthikai Selvam
    KSA Enterprise
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  • N. Wayne Bell, Book Publisher continues as St. Louis Business Journal Leadership Trust member

    Book Publisher Wayne Bell

    Publisher Wayne Bell

    Coloring Book Publisher Wayne Bell

    Coloring Book Manufacturer Wayne Bell

    Wayne Bell Coloring Book Publisher

    Global Coloring Book Publisher Wayne Bell

    St. Louis Business Journal Leadership Trust the Invitation-Only Community for Top Business Decision Makers in the St. Louis Area

    To me publishing is always about the audience, the reader and in my case, also “the color-er”, while keeping in mind I am often representing the thoughts and views of someone else on paper.”
    — N. Wayne Bell, Publisher
    SAINT LOUIS, MO, USA, January 4, 2022 / -- N. Wayne Bell Founder, CEO of Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc. | invited to continue as a St. Louis Business Journal Leadership Trust member, an exclusive community for influential business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs in the St. Louis area.

    Wayne was chosen for membership by the St. Louis Business Journal Leadership Trust Selection Committee due to his experience, leadership, and influence in the local business landscape and beyond. Wayne has established one of the most extensive coloring book publishing and manufacturing houses in the English-speaking world. Founder of Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc. and, Bell’s company owns, operates, and manages over 1600 coloring book related domains in North America and Europe; becoming one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of coloring book products and custom coloring and activity books. The organization has sold products in over 90 countries, working with the public, businesses, educators, government institutions, US, and Canadian Corporations. Bell has personally written hundreds of books selling millions of copies. The company entered the music and entertainment business in 2015 debuting creative distribution alternatives to the industry that garnered the attention of industry leaders.

    “St. Louis’ thriving business community is powered by leaders like Wayne,” said Robert Bobroff, publisher of St. Louis Business Journal. “We’re honored to be creating a space where the region’s business influence-rs come together to increase their impact on the community, build their businesses and connect with and strengthen one another.”

    As an invited member, Wayne will continue to contribute articles to the St. Louis Business Journal website and participate alongside fellow members in Expert Panels. He will connect and collaborate with a vetted network of local leaders in a members-only directory and a private forum on the group’s mobile app. Wayne will also benefit from leadership and business coaching, an Executive Profile on the St. Louis Business Journal website, select partner discounts and services and ongoing support from the community’s concierge team.

    “It’s exciting to continue working with members of Business Journals Leadership Trust is an educational, learning, and growing experience. The nation’s top professionals, business leaders and entrepreneurs share experience, knowledge, and trust in the exclusive Business Journal forums. Adding value to each other and the communities in which we all live or operate is just one part of this dynamic group. The Business Journals help maintain a leadership role in the publishing industry, especially with the industry changes, this is an exciting, growing, and challenging time. And to me, publishing is aways about the audience, the reader and in my case also “the color-er”, keeping in mind I am representing the thoughts and views of someone else on paper. Associations with members and organizations like this help cement leadership roles in our industry. Many of them are bright and colorful I might add, ‘stated Wayne Bell.

    The St. Louis Business Journal Leadership Trust team is honored to continue working with Wayne in the community and looks forward to helping him to further elevate his company, his personal brand, strengthen his circle of trusted advisors and position him to further impact and contribute to the St. Louis business community and beyond.

    About Business Journals Leadership Trust:
    St. Louis Business Journal Leadership Trust is a part of Business Journals Leadership Trust — a collective of invitation-only networks of influential business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs in the community at large. Membership is based on an application and selection committee review. Benefits include private online forums, the ability to publish insights on, business and executive coaching and a dedicated concierge team. To learn more and find out if you qualify, visit

    N. Wayne Bell
    Really Big Coloring Books, Inc.
    +1 314-695-5757
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  • E-Learning Adoption Positively Impacts The Learning Management System (LMS) Market

    Learning Management System (LMS) Global Market Report 2022

    Learning Management System (LMS) Market Report 2022

    The Business Research Company’s Learning Management System Global Market Report 2022 - Market Size, Trends, And Global Forecast 2022 - 2026

    LONDON, GREATER LONDON , UK, January 4, 2022 / -- The increasing adoption of e-learning is expected to drive the growth of LMS market in the coming years. E-learning is a learning approach that is based on formalized instruction but uses digital tools. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, many schools, colleges, and universities were forced to close in order to contain the virus. As a result, education systems embraced e-learning to assist students study from a distance during the epidemic. For instance, according to the Online Learning Statistics report in 2021, mobile e-learning reached $38 billion in 2020 and e-learning platform has been used by 80% of businesses and 50% of institutional students. Therefore, the increasing adoption of e-learning propels the growth of learning management system market.

    North America was the largest region in the learning management system market in 2021. Asia Pacific is expected to be fastest growing region in the forecast period as per Global Market Model learning management system market research. The regions covered in this report are Asia-Pacific, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, Middle East and Africa.

    The global learning management system market size is expected to grow from $13.46 billion in 2021 to $15.77 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.1%. The change in growth trend is mainly due to the companies stabilizing their output after catering to the demand that grew exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic. TBRC’s market global market forecast shows the market reaching $29.35 billion in 2026 at a CAGR of 16.8%.

    Read More On The Global Learning Management System (LMS) Market Report:

    Major players covered in the global learning management system (LMS) industry are McGraw Hill Education, D2L, SAP SE, Docebo, Absorb LMS, Blackboard Inc, Cornerstone OnDemand, Oracle corporation, IBM corporation, Pearson, PowerSchool, Epignosis, Skillsoft, Aptara Inc., Articulate, Schoology, Tata Interactive Systems, Netdimensions Ltd., MPS Interactive, Adobe Inc., CrossKnowledge, SumTotal Systems, and TalentLMS.

    The learning management system market scope in TBRC’s report is segmented by component into solution, services, by delivery mode into distance learning, instructor led training, blended training, by deployment mode into cloud, on-premises, by end user into academic, corporate.

    Learning Management System (LMS) Global Market Report 2022 - By Component (Solution, Services), By Delivery Mode (Distance Learning, Instructure LED Training, Blended Training), By Deployment Mode (Cloud, On-Premises), By End User (Academic, Corporate) - Market Size, Trends, And Global Forecast 2022 - 2026 is one of a series of new reports from The Business Research Company that provides a forecast learning management system (LMS) market size and growth for the whole market, learning management system (LMS) market segments, geographies, learning management system (LMS) market trends, learning management system (LMS) market drivers, restraints, leading competitors’ revenues, profiles, and market shares.

    Request For A Sample Of The Global Learning Management System (LMS) Market Report:

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    About The Business Research Company
    The Business Research Company is a market research and intelligence firm that excels in company, market, and consumer research. It has over 200 research professionals at its offices in India, the UK and the US, as well a network of trained researchers globally. It has specialist consultants in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, financial services and technology.
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  • New Year, New AI Tool That Can Write Articles, Email Campaigns, Books, Landing Pages & Even Code. Meet Satellite Blogger

    Satellite Blogger BETA 2

    Satellite Blogger BETA 2

    A new startup, AI Exosphere (AIExo), announced their writing assistant could write product descriptions and ads in seconds.

    The Playground BETA Skills have many use-cases that are strictly prompt-based through HailyAI with exciting but varied results.”
    — - Said Sal Peer, CEO of AI Exosphere
    ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 3, 2022 / -- A new startup, AI Exosphere (AIExo), announced their writing assistant could write product descriptions and ads in seconds.

    Early this month, the company announced its launch of Satellite Blogger in early 2022. Satellite Blogger is a SAAS powered by AIExo's HailyAI that instantly generates high-quality content on any subject or niche.

    New capabilities and user enhancements have been added as the company prepares to launch BETA.

    The founder's Sal Peer, CEO, and Alex Athey, CTO, wanted to give users new opportunities to play and discover the capabilities of AIExo's bleeding-edge HailyAI inferences.

    After much deliberation and RISE member feedback about AI Ethics, the duo came up with an easy way for users to still experience the new prompt-based skill system through "The Playground."

    The Playground link enables users to generate content with Trained and BETA AI Writing Skills.

    "The Playground BETA Skills have many use-cases that are strictly prompt-based through HailyAI with exciting but varied results." - Said Sal Peer, CEO of AI Exosphere

    One of the major updates is Satellite Blogger's capability to generate product descriptions and ads.

    AI product description generation automatically generates a product description based on keywords. This can be very convenient when you have many products and can't afford to write appealing descriptions for each product regularly.

    Ad generation is about automatically generating advertising based on keywords. Writing a high volume of ads can be beneficial without sacrificing your original and genuine tone.

    HailyAI is ideally suited for these tasks because it generates relevant and appealing descriptions based on raw information in many languages. Furthermore, this is pure original content, so there is no risk of duplicated content.

    The company offers these skills to all users but states that they are in the early testing stages. Therefore, although BETA skills are available, they do not guarantee the generations.

    About AI Exosphere
    At AI Exosphere, our focus is on Project Hail (HailyAI), an AI voice business assistant who can take complex digital actions and act in a sales and customer support role.

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  • Newly revealed eyewitness account tells of top American bank’s misfortune in Russia


    New Release: "Into Russia's Cauldron"

    "Into Russia’s Cauldron" contains a warning from the past that resonates for today’s U.S.-Russia relationship

    A cautionary tale about corporate naiveté in a little-understood land”
    — John Tefft, former US ambassador to Russia
    CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA, January 3, 2022 / -- The newly released book, "Into Russia’s Cauldron," by Steven Fisher, tells the dramatic story of an individual and America’s leading financial institution fighting the inevitable in Russia, a chronicle grippingly brought to life in the never-seen-before century-old journal of Dartmouth College graduate, Leighton Rogers. In 1916, the National City Bank of New York, the precursor of today’s Citibank, sent Rogers to Russia to join a mission to achieve American commercial preeminence–a vision set forth by Frank Vanderlip, the president of National City Bank, who enthusiastically declared, “Russia’s need for capital is like Sahara’s thirst for water.” National City Bank instead fell into a Russian revolutionary maelstrom. Leighton Rogers wrote down everything he saw and experienced. His journal contains an eloquent, fresh and riveting account of that tumultuous time and recounts the devastating outcome of a singularly failed mission.

    Meticulously researched, "Into Russia’s Cauldron" addresses long-standing questions about Russia’s role on the world stage and conveys geopolitical lessons Leighton Rogers and his National City Bank colleagues learned one century ago that are compellingly relevant today.

    Into Russia’s Cauldron: An American Vision, Undone
    Author: Steven Fisher
    Publication Date: November 25, 2021
    Price: $32.50 (hardcover)
    Pages: 448

    978-1-7377663-0-8 (hardcover)
    978-1-7377663-1-5 (paperback)
    978-1-7377663-2-2 (ebook)


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  • Premier Change Management Agent Shara Hutchinson Goes 'Barefoot in the Boardroom' for a Pivoting Workforce

    Shara Hutchinson, author of Barefoot in the Boardroom

    Shara Hutchinson, author of Barefoot in the Boardroom

    Barefoot in the Boardroom by Shara Hutchinson

    Barefoot in the Boardroom by Shara Hutchinson



    COLUMBUS, OH, UNITED STATES, January 3, 2022 / -- XPOSEYOUR SOLUTIONS, founded by Shara Hutchinson, a minority female business owner, international best-selling author, and TEDx speaker, provides change management strategies for organizations and leaders navigating the changing landscape of today's labor market. As an industry leader for this emerging age Hutchinson is setting the stage for a shifting marketplace.

    The U.S. witnessed unprecedented changes in the labor market, mainly brought on by the onslaught of COVID-19. According to the US Department of Labor, the country saw a record 4.4 million Americans leave their jobs during the fall of 2021, prompting what economists have called The Great Resignation. Despite the wavering economy and employment concerns, Shara Hutchinson is ahead of the curve with her proven plan to move companies into the stratosphere.

    "The only constant in life is change," mused the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, a sentiment that encapsulates the pandemonium industry leaders are facing today with the great resignation. Change management is where the essence of transformation converges with strategies, motivation, teamwork, systems, and structures to equip leaders for the ever-changing, ever-evolving labor force and Shara stands head and shoulders above the rest. In a 2019 poll, only 39% of business executives believed their organizations could survive a complete digital transformation. However, the COVID-19 pandemic upended that way of thinking, and now companies were forced to shift into a new era.

    The Barefoot Method™ and the Exposeyour™" Leadership Capacity Model are at the center of change management training provided by Xposeyour. These frameworks are part of a conglomerate of talent optimization tools that aid organizations and leaders in executing and actualizing high-reaching goals through the utilization of time-tested frameworks that garner success.

    Shara Hutchinson is a certified Change Management Practitioner and Talent Optimization Consultant and co-author of 1 Habit of the World's Great Leaders: Life-Changing Habits to Unlock Your True Leadership Potential. Hutchinson's passion is to provide insightful resources and up-to-date techniques to optimize successful results within any organization.

    With nearly 20 years of institutional change experience, Hutchinson brings a wealth of knowledge as a change agent through the Barefoot Method™ and the Exposeyour™" Leadership Capacity Model. This data-driven system is the incorporation of years of knowledge and experience that Hutchinson provides to clients.

    In the fall of 2022, Hutchinson will release her latest book, "Barefoot in the Boardroom," which is available for pre-sale through Amazon and other distributors where books are sold. Hutchinson expounds on the operational strategies and technologies that provide effective change management methodologies to organizations and leaders rebounding from the Great Resignation.

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