PowerPoint Ranger

    Kelly Galvin

    POWERPOINT RANGER: MY IRAQ WAR LOGS by Capt. Kelly Galvin, USA (Ret)

    Kelly Galvin’s wry, self-deprecating humor is wonderful, his eye for detail is exceptional, and his observations are forthright and thoughtful.”
    — General David Petraeus, U.S. Army (Ret)
    UNITED STATES, November 30, 2021 / -- What must it have felt like for a career Army officer 13 years into retirement at age 52 to be called back into service and sent to the Iraq War?

    That’s exactly what happened in 2009 to Kelly Galvin, a retired U.S. Army Signal Corps captain with over 20 years of service, who has captured the emotions and experience of that retiree recall in his fictionalized memoir POWERPOINT RANGER: MY IRAQ WAR LOGS (Koehler Books).

    POWERPOINT RANGER: MY IRAQ WAR LOGS, available on Amazon, is a story of determination, perseverance, and sacrifice, plunging readers into a behind-the-scenes look at the transition back to active duty to work in a highly stressful combat zone assignment.

    The book, a military adventure novel resembling the 1955 movie Strategic Air Command with James Stewart, tells the story of 52-year-old Army Captain Matt Jerome, who answers the call to enlist his critical skills in the surge of forces in Iraq in 2009. Overcoming the obstacles of age, weight, training, and physical and medical fitness to be deployed to Baghdad, he becomes immersed in compiling reviews, analyses and documentation of horrific scenes of war into full-color, classified presentations. While serving in the Joint Operations Center (JOC), he observes an intelligence analyst browsing the classified files network, who then makes outrageous claims of war atrocities.

    POWERPOINT RANGER: MY IRAQ WAR LOGS will resonate with thousands of briefing officers, military members and their families, and any curious readers intrigued with what really happens inside a military operations center during wartime.

    The book has received wide critical acclaim and was one of five medal “Finalists” in the 2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Competition, the largest international awards program open worldwide to indie authors and independent publishers.

    “Kelly Galvin’s wry, self-deprecating humor is wonderful, his eye for detail is exceptional, and his observations are forthright and thoughtful,” said General David Petraeus, U.S. Army (Ret), former Commander of the Surge in Iraq, U.S. Central Command, and Coalition Forces in Afghanistan, and former Director of the CIA.

    Major General Peter Gravett, U.S. Army (Ret), former Commander of the 40th Infantry Division, and former Secretary of Veterans Affairs of California, calls the book “gripping. Kelly Galvin has penned a masterpiece which explores intricate details of the operational backside of the battlefield.”

    KELLY J. GALVIN is a retired U.S. Army Signal Corps captain with over 20 years of service, both enlisted and as a commissioned officer. After 13 years in retirement, the Army recalled him to active duty in 2009 and deployed him to Iraq as part of the “surge of forces” strategy. He’s a life member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, a member of American Legion Madera Post 131, and a life member of the Military Officers Association of America.

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  • Ancient of Genes novel resurges Plus: Soon an "Audio Theater" version 2b released

    AOG Bestseller in multiple Amazon Categories

    AOG Bestseller in multiple Amazon Categories

    Smilodon Skull, Gene segment, Hour Glass

    Book Cover

    StoriesAmazing Publisher Logo

    StoriesAmazing Publisher Logo

    A geneticist’s regeneration of Ice Age animals & humans is stolen... becomes the basis for genetic warfare weapons –and the prophesied Resurrection of the Dead!

    REAL genetics potential & ONE prophecy in common among most religions: a regeneration of humanity & nature post-catastrophe. But what nightmare is released? Great for gifts and news for media!”
    — Laura Haas, Publisher
    NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, November 24, 2021 / -- Cloning sheep and chimps was only a beginning.

    Using Fossil Gene Redemption (FGR), geneticist Kevin G. Harrigan experiments with genes from a frozen "Ice Man". His work prompts Iraqi leader, Ishmail Mon, to provide resources for exciting new research that enables Harrigan's team to regenerate extinct “cryptids” and human sub-species from the Ice Ages. But FGR can be the basis for genetic weapons of mass destruction; United States intelligence and defense leaders must act!

    Radically distinct from Jurassic Park, Ancient of Genes shows new megafauna regeneration methods by which the only prophecy held in common among major religions & myth traditions could manifest: Some form of regeneration of human ancestors and megafauna. Once considered junk DNA, personality genes and other traits archive in lineages. These genes await a virus vector that targets meiosis to re-express them in all subsequent generations. This can start a resurrection cascade enabling Mon to ruin enemy genomes, improve his allies’ genes… and inherit the earth.

    Harrigan's frightening choice can lead to redemption… or the terrifying sunset of humanity!

    Ancient of Genes is book 1 in the Ancient Beacon series. Reviews so far followed by prior version reviews:
    Accolades for ANCIENT OF GENES

    …Spellbinding, well-researched and has intriguing characters. …A page-turner as we get to learn about the growth and development of the characters over the span of 16 years. Feeling a deep, emotional connection with the protagonist and other characters is inevitable. The author... explain[s] complex scientific ideas in a comprehensible manner... real-world scientific research... intriguing storyline, superior storytelling craft, rich world-building.
    -- The Book Commentary (David Reyes, author, reviewer)
    Ancient of Genes recently slammed on to the bestseller list, no doubt due to its inspired plot and oh so very intriguing characters that draw you deeper into the plot with each and every page. This brilliant author has delivered readers a read that hits all the sweet spots and beyond, making this an epic read....
    -- USAReformer (Tracey Williams, Ph.D., author, reviewer, professor)
    A phenomenal book... the setting, descriptiveness and raw energy captivate, all coming together to have the reader turning pages effortlessly.
    -- Digital Journal (Markos Papadatos "Best Long Island Personality" in Arts & Entertainment)
    9 stars out of 10, but we'll round up! Gallagher lays out the underlying science in Chapter One, priming the engines. Then the plot takes off like a rocket. There are plenty of evolving characters, with powerful motivations and inspirations. Even human sub-species stand on their own. Gallagher excels, too, in his action scenes and creature encounters. The plot and intrigue are multilayered. Read Ancient of Genes now! -- SubCreated-Worlds.
    -- Josh Griffing, author of Pyre & Ice and The Wayward Sun Universe

    26 Prior version reviews by bestselling authors & pro reviewers at & in front matter:

    “An engrossing confluence of cutting-edge science, thought-provoking ethics, and storytelling that moves at the pace of a Gatling gun.”
    • Lincoln Child, best-selling co-author of The Relic and Mount Dragon

    “... Thoroughly compelling.... The climax, containing one of the finest action sequences in recent fiction, approaches apocalyptic dimensions… . While Michael Crichton’s Jurassic stories were interesting, Gallagher ups the ante dramatically, intellectually.”
    • Richard J. Woods, OP, author of Mysticism and Prophecy and fiction works.

    “A crackerjack adventure chock full of derring-do.... Vast... innovative... far more ambitious [than] the Jurassic Park novels... global in complexity... - and what a cast!... A work of great philosophic complexity... quite readable... first class science fiction... ingenious... compelling....” • Paleontologia Electronica (Anderson)

    Author Profiles: Biography at the bottom of
    Bio Summary: Dan Gallagher is a former U.S. Army Ranger & retired Financial Advisor. He has been published in fiction & nonfiction since 1992.

    Sample Interview Qs & The Writing Process:

    Don't miss the REALLY INTERESTION BIO: "A Writing Style Shaped by Life Experiences":

    Info Link:

    Buy Links: Store orders 11/8/2021
    Hardcover $19.94: any bookseller using Ingram iPage
    Paperback $13.87: through Amazon
    eBook at $7.99 via Apple, B&N, non-Amazon vendors:
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    NEWS FLASH: Audio Theater (sound effects, many readers,) Feb 2022
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  • Intel Experts Call New Geopolitical Thriller "A Page-Turner by Authors Who Could Sit on the National Security Council”

    Red Deception

    Ed Fuller

    Gary Grossman

    RED DECEPTION By Ed Fuller & Gary Grossman

    Forget ‘ripped from the headlines,’ because RED DECEPTION threatens to write its own! … a riveting tale that hones in on our greatest fears and takes us right to the brink in breathless fashion.”
    — Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author
    UNITED STATES, November 23, 2021 / -- Masters of international intrigue, Ed Fuller and Gary Grossman are back with their latest, timely geopolitical thriller, RED DECEPTION (Beaufort Books). When terrorists bomb bridges across the country and threaten the Hoover Dam, the vulnerability of America’s infrastructure becomes a matter of national security. But Dan Reilly, a former U.S. Army intelligence officer, predicted the attacks in a secret State Department report written years earlier – a virtual blueprint for disaster that was somehow leaked and is now in the hands of foreign operatives.

    With Washington distracted by domestic crises, Russian President Nicolai Gorshkov sends troops to the borders of Ukraine and Latvia, ready to reclaim what he feels is Russia’s rightful territory. Tensions in Europe threaten to boil over as a besieged American president balances multiple crises that threaten to upend the geopolitical order. With the U.S. at the mercy of an egomaniacal leader, and reporters and covert agents on his tail, Reilly may be the one man who can connect the dots before an even bigger catastrophe unfolds.

    Blending career insight with first-hand knowledge of global politics, Fuller and Grossman have once again drawn a chilling portrait of the fragile fault lines in Europe and the players poised to seize power.

    Edward Bradstreet, Special Agent, Department of Homeland Security Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), calls RED DECEPTION “an in-depth and realistic ground-level view of the type of asymmetric nation-state sponsored threats faced by the agencies tasked with protecting the United States both domestically and abroad.”

    Adds Barry Kibrick, host, national PBS series Between the Lines: “RED DECEPTION is so prescient, filled with deep insights into the real worlds of espionage and politics, while giving us a window that sheds light onto the darkest aspects of political intrigue and human nature.”

    RED DECEPTION along with the first book in the series, RED HOTEL, are available in all formats at favorite retailers and online sites. The audiobook, narrated by P.J. Ochlan, is available at Audible and iTunes.

    ED FULLER is CEO of Laguna Strategic Advisors, a global consortium providing business consulting services worldwide. He has served on business and charitable boards during his 40-year career with Marriott International where he was chief marketing officer followed by 22 years as president and managing director of Marriott International. Under his management, the international division grew from 16 to 550 hotels in 73 countries with 80,000 associates and sales of $8 billion. Upon retirement, Fuller has served on five university boards and taught as adjunct professor for MBA and undergraduate students. He blogged for Forbes and other tourism and lodging industry media. His book, You Can't Lead with Your Feet on the Desk, has been printed in English, Japanese and Chinese. Fuller served as captain in the U.S. Army, stationed in Germany and Vietnam and received the Bronze Star and the Army Commendation medals. He and Gary Grossman are co-authors of the Red Hotel series, including the 2018 thriller Red Hotel and the 2021 release, Red Deception, soon to be followed by Red Chaos.

    GARY GROSSMAN is a multiple Emmy Award winning TV producer, a journalist, columnist, media historian and the author of Executive Actions, Executive Treason, Executive Command, and Executive Force. In addition to the bestselling Executive series, Grossman wrote the international award-winning Old Earth, a geological thriller. With Ed Fuller, Grossman has collaborated on the globe-hopping RED HOTEL series. Grossman has contributed to the New York Times and the Boston Globe, and was a columnist for the Boston Herald American. He covered presidential campaigns for WBZ-TV in Boston. As TV producer and writer, his series and specials have appeared on 40 networks including NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, Fox, History Channel, A&E, Discovery, PBS and National Geographic Channel. He served as chair of the Government Affairs Committee for the Caucus for Producers, Writers and Directors, and is a member of the International Thriller Writers Association and Military Writers Society of America. He is a trustee at Emerson College and serves on the Boston University Metropolitan College Advisory Board. Grossman has taught at Emerson College, Boston University, USC, and currently teaches at Loyola Marymount University.

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