An Inside Look at President Trump’s Buy American and Tariff Policies

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, August 19, 2022 / — In this latest episode of the Taking Back Trump’s America podcast, former Trump trade and manufacturing policy advisor dissects some of the internal forces that helped shape, and sometimes block two key types of policies of President Trump, Buy American and trade tariffs.

According to podcast author Peter Navarro, President Trump’s two most simple rules during his four years in the White House were Buy America, Hire American. At the same time, tariffs were the centerpiece of Trump’s tough on China policies as well as an important tool to bring American manufacturing back to home shores.

In this podcast episode, Navarro discusses how key elements within the White House addressed the Buy American and tariff policies. Featured in the podcast are the Jones Act and former Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney. The Jones Act is the oldest expression of Buy American legislation requires all ships carrying cargo between two US ports to be American-built, -owned, -crewed, and -flagged; and it is the single most important congressional act bolstering America’s shipbuilding industry.

At a key juncture in 2017, the Jones Act policy would suffer a major blow when a policy reform offered by Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan was blocked internally. The story about this is finally told.

Other policy issues featured in the podcast include the China travel ban during the pandemic and the role of Dr. Anthony Fauci in shaping that ban.

The Taking Back Trump’s America Apple podcast is based on the audio and print editions of the forthcoming Taking Back Trump’s America Book; Why We Lost the White House and How We’ll Win It Back (Bombardier), available for pre-order on Amazon.

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Navarro’s Taking Back Trump’s America Podcast Takes You Inside the West Wing Decision Process

The campaign went from the beautifully orchestrated Steve Bannon masterpiece in 2016, with 20 people on Trump Force One, to the ugliest equivalent of Hillary Clinton’s beyond bloated Hindenburg.”

— Taking Back Trump’s America

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, August 17, 2022 / — The just-launched Taking Back Trump’s America podcast by former Trump advisor Peter Navarro offers an inside look at some of the key policymaking decision processes within Donald Trump’s West Wing. This podcast is available now free on Apple Podcasts.

In this episode, the podcast reviews some of the major decision points related to topics ranging from trade talks with China, the investigation of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, and U.S.-Israel relations to managing the pandemic and the 2020 Trump campaign. According to the podcast: “Ultimately, the biggest failure of the 2020 election was the failure of the Trump campaign itself. The campaign went from the beautifully orchestrated Steve Bannon masterpiece in 2016, with 20 people on Trump Force One barnstorming flyover country, to the ugliest equivalent of Hillary Clinton’s beyond bloated Hindenburg of a campaign in just four years. “

White House personnel featured in the podcast include Senior Counselor and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien, and U.S. Trade Representative Robert E. Lighthizer.

The Taking Back Trump’s America podcast is based on Navarro’s forthcoming book Taking Back Trump’s America: Why We Lost the White House and How We’ll Win It Back (Bombardier Press), available for pre-order in the audio and print editions.

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Taking Back Trump’s America Podcast Launches on Apple Podcasts

An Inside Look at the Making of Taking Back Trump’s America

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, August 15, 2022 / — Former White House trade advisor Peter Navarro announces the inaugural episode of the Taking Back Trump’s America podcast, available on Apple Podcasts.

This podcast is named after Navarro’s new book Taking Back Trump’s America, now available on Amazon for pre-order in both the print and audio editions in advance of its September 20th publication date.

Leading up to the September 20th release, the Taking Back Trump’s America podcast will be offering some very exclusive glimpses into the world of Donald Trump – as well as some early listens to the audio version of the book, which features rock stars like Steve Bannon and Corey Lewandowski in critical cameo roles.

In the first part of Taking Back Trump’s America, Navarro goes back to the birth and beginning of the Trump presidency with an inside look at his days in the Trump Tower War Room working on the Trump campaign. Navarro demonstrates that it was in these early days, from the campaign and transition to the first 100 days of the administration, where some key mistakes were made that would set up Donald Trump for the strategic failures that would take him down in the 2020 election.

Taking Back Trump’s America follows Navarro’s bestselling In Trump Time as the second of what will eventually be three volumes in his memoir of his White House years. Like In Trump Time, Taking Back Trump’s America is based on the personal diary Navarro kept during his days in the White House along with an extensive set of documents that catalog the many and varied types of policy initiatives Navarro worked on for President Trump.

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The Woking Dead: How Society’s Vogue Virus Destroys Our Culture

The Woking Dead: How Society’s Vogue Virus Destroys Our Culture by A.J. Rice , rose to #1 Amazon New Release across multiple categories in mere days.

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA, August 2, 2022 / — Only five days after its release, The Woking Dead: How Society’s Vogue Virus Destroys Our Culture, rose to #1 Amazon New Release across multiple categories.

Renowned public relations specialist, brand manager, and auteur media influencer A.J. Rice has authored what many are calling the must-have handbook for conservatives to neutralize the looming horde of woke ghouls claiming the minds of our society.

The Washington Times says, “There’s some intriguing reading to be had in a new book by A.J. Rice, an almost legendary producer in the talk radio realm… it is a precise but rollicking read targeting left-leaning influence in America.”

With 10 different sections and multiple entries per section, Rice builds the case and engages the reader in a no-holds-barred view of the mind-snatching menace known as woke culture. With 97 hilarious and insightful vignettes readers will learn why Joe Biden is an American Meat Puppet and find out whether cancel culture has an expiration date. Readers will discover whether Donald Trump is a counter-culture icon, why Kobe Bryant was the last unwoke NBA athlete, and go searching for comedy in the Marxist world. Rice’s innate ability to recognize – and point out – the venomous vogue virus that is poisoning our nation is uncanny. More than that, Rice adeptly provides the cure America so desperately needs.

Fox News Host and #1 New York Times bestselling author, Laura Ingraham, says “At last, my former radio executive producer A.J. Rice, unleashes a must-read takedown of the cultural and political forces rampaging across America – and a sharp, incisive primer on how we can defeat them.”

“Having worked with A.J. Rice on many of my own projects, I know him to be astute, no-nonsense, and on point,” says Judge Jeanine Pirro, co-host of Fox News Channel’s The Five, and #1 New York Times bestselling author. “Stop what you’re doing right now and pick up a copy of The Woking Dead!”

Magnate Eric Finman, the youngest bitcoin millionaire in the world, tweeted about the book last week: “Debuting today! The new book from The Impresario of MAGA Media, A. J. Rice!”

In less than a week, Rice’s survival guide rapidly ascended to #1 new release status across multiple categories on Amazon, and also found itself labeled “Books with Buzz,” with 5/5 star ratings.

“The culture war is on, and the other side is playing for keeps. Stale and clueless politicians are ill-equipped to fight this war. In The Woking Dead, my friend A.J. Rice proves himself to be the answer to the left’s attack on America’s culture,” stated Chris Salcedo, host of Newsmax TV’s The Chris Salcedo Show.

The former executive producer for a number of today’s most celebrated personalities and CEO of premier communications firm Publius PR based out of Washington D.C., Rice is a columnist for over twenty-five national media outlets including The Hill, Epoch Times, Newsmax, and Investor’s Business Daily.

“The Woking Dead are among us and have been for decades – diligently setting the stage for the systematic destruction of our Western way of life,” points out Jesse Kelly, host of I’m Right on TheFirstTV & The Jesse Kelly Show on Premiere Networks. “Conservative insider A.J. Rice exposes the players, their agenda, and how they’ve been using academia to build an army of anti-American, group-think zombies, in this must-read book.”

About A.J. Rice: A.J. Rice is CEO of Publius PR, a premier communications firm in Washington D.C. Rice is a brand manager, star-whisperer, and auteur media influencer, who has produced or promoted Laura Ingraham, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Donald Trump Jr., Monica Crowley, Mark Meadows, Senator Marsha Blackburn, Dan Bongino, Charles Krauthammer, Congressman Steve Scalise, George P. Bush, Dr. Ben Carson, Michael Savage, Congressman Michael Waltz, The Hodgetwins, Roger L. Simon, Pastor Paula White-Cain, Buck Sexton, Steve Hilton, Alan Dershowitz, Bobby Kennedy Junior, Peter Navarro, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, Paul Manafort, Dr. Naomi Wolf, Pete Hegseth, Newt Gingrich, Victor Davis Hanson, and many others.

Rice served as the executive producer to Laura Ingraham for four years, and Monica Crowley for two years. Following that, he produced an investigative news show at The Washington Times for John Solomon for three years called America’s Morning News, and later was brought in by Glenn Beck’s team to help launch The Blaze Radio Network. Some of his current or former clients are the groups that represent the core of the conservative movement, like The Federalist Society, America First PAC, FreedomWorks, CO2 Coalition, and Gun Owners of America. In addition to running Publius PR, Rice is a columnist for over two dozen national media outlets that include Investor’s Business Daily, The Hill, Epoch Times, Newsmax, PJMedia, American Greatness, RealClearMarkets, and the Washington Examiner.


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Flipped portrait of President Trump by Julian Raven after January 6th coup attempt.

The disgraceful insurrection on January 6th, 2021 caused artist Julian Raven to completely rescind his support for former President Trump.

New Book 'Odious and Cerberus: An American Immigrant's Odyssey and his Free-Speech Legal War Against Smithsonian Corruption'

Front cover of new book by artist and former Trump supporter Julian Raven

Raven's gripping odyssey is graphically depicted in the free-speech trilogy.

The Return of the Raven is now, the final chapter in ‘Odious and Cerberus: An American Immigrant’s Odyssey and his Free-Speech Legal War Against Smithsonian Corruption’ By Julian Raven


…a wonderful book about his own Pilgrim’s Progress confrontation with America’s cultural and legal elite—a funny, revealing, and entertaining story of one man’s struggle against overwhelming odds.”

— Laurence Jarvik

WASHINGTON D.C., DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, July 22, 2022 / — New York Artist Julian Raven continues his 1st Amendment free-speech crusade with the release of his new book, ‘Odious and Cerberus: An American Immigrant’s Odyssey and his Free-Speech Legal War Against Smithsonian Corruption.’ On the heels of over three years of litigation that took Raven all the way up the marble steps of the U.S. Supreme Court, his new book documents and exposes the glaring and unresolved legal enigma that the mysterious Smithsonian Institution continues to present to the Washington D.C. landscape and the American tax-payer, to the tune of 700 million dollars per year.

Raven’s giant 7×15 foot presidential portrait of Donald Trump, painted in the summer of 2015, was seen across the nation and unmistakably in Washington D.C. It was the feature article in the August 2019 Washingtonian magazine and on the front page of the Washington Times, having been odiously rejected by the National Gallery’s Director Kim Sajet. The unprecedented free-speech claims against the Smithsonian were the catalyst to uncovering an even greater Smithsonian legal dilemma; That of, what exactly is the Smithsonian Institution? What is the entity status of the Smithsonian Institution?

Raven exhaustively documents the legal schizophrenia he encountered, which is pertinently illustrated in Federal Judge Trevor McFadden’s ruling, claiming that the Smithsonian Institution is the government “through and through…the National Portrait Gallery has historically communicated messages from the government, in the sense that it compiles the artwork of third parties for display on government property” and yet Peter G. Powers, former Smithsonian’s general counsel, from another Smithsonian scandal documented in the book, said: “that virtually all Smithsonian properties, including the museums on the Mall in Washington, legally belong to the Institution and not to the federal government….” In a speech written for Chief Justice Warren Burger, he quotes Chief Justice Howard Taft in his capacity as Smithsonian Chancellor saying, “The Smithsonian is not, and never has been considered a government bureau. It is a private institution under the guardianship of the government” This legal conundrum in Raven’s case is so severe that the federal court’s ruling continues to violate the separation of powers doctrine, trampling Raven’s 1st Amendment rights. The Supreme Court rejected this unresolved issue of federal law. It will only now be resolved with a congressional amendment to the Smithsonian Act of 1846, the pursuit of which is Raven’s next chapter on his remarkable American odyssey.

Raven’s support for former president Trump came crashing down at the January 6th insurrection. Raven publicly called the former president to repent and resign in the Washington Times and the Washingtonian magazine.

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WARDING OFF EVILDOERS Delivers Critical Insights on IDing and Avoiding People Who Harm

Warding Off Evildoers cover

Warding Off Evildoers cover

Author Joan Arehart-Treichel headshot

Author Joan Arehart-Treichel headshot

The Armin Lear Press logo is a stylized crown.

Armin Lear Press logo

Award-winning Science Writer Awakens, Entertains, Informs about Behavior of Evil People

…a vivid piece of forensic psychology that explores the creation, intent, and operations of the criminal mind…WARDING OFF EVILDOERS is highly recommended.”

— Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2022 / — WARDING OFF EVILDOERS, just released by Armin Lear Press, is award-winning science writer Joan Arehart-Treichel’s riveting exploration of the minds and motives of evil people, as well as a guidebook to staying safe. She also makes the argument that there are evil impulses in all of us and offers informed advice about how we can keep from becoming evildoers ourselves or turning our children into one of them.

The book taps not only the knowledge, observations, and analyses of forensic experts, but also scientific study findings to see what they can tell us about who evildoers are, how they got that way, and most crucially, how we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from them.

“WARDING OFF EVILDOERS is a must-read book for anyone serious about understanding violent offenders and the origins of evil. This book is packed full of interesting details and studies and provides some great insight into the architecture of evil. Joan has a knack for writing in a very engaging and conversational tone, and the end result is a scholarly book that reads almost like a novel. Do yourself a favor and read this important book. You will be glad that you did.”
Kevin Beaver, PhD, professor of criminology
at Florida State University in Tallahassee

“WARDING OFF EVILDOERS is an expose of those who commit evil and represents a vivid piece of forensic psychology that explores the creation, intent, and operations of the criminal mind. It comes from a senior staff writer for Psychiatric News and synthesizes decades of Joan Arehart-Treichel’s interviews with psychiatrists on the subject, as well as her research into studies of criminal minds… The result is a powerful lesson in personal safety, moral and ethical choices, and better understanding the incarnation and presence of evildoers at all levels of society. While WARDING OFF EVILDOERS is highly recommended for any general-interest library, its message will ideally be profiled in mental health, safety, and awareness groups and book clubs dedicated to psychological understanding and improving members’ lives with better information.”
Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

About the Author
Joan Arehart-Treichel is an award-winning science writer who has written four previous books for the public about scientific advances, notably Biotypes: The Critical Link Between Your Personality and Your Health. For 15 years, she worked as a senior staff writer for Psychiatric News, a newspaper published by the American Psychiatric Association for psychiatrists.

About Armin Lear Press
Armin Lear was founded with the purpose of publishing books connecting people with ideas that make our lives richer, more fulfilling, and happier. Its founders have 29 years of publishing experience. The company headquarters is near Boulder, CO with a production office in Arlington, VA and a design team near Boston, MA. Armin Lear is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association and distributes its books worldwide in English through Ingram.

TITLE Warding Off Evildoers
AUTHOR Joan Arehart-Treichel
ISBN 978-1956450255 (PB)
978-1-956450-26-2 (eBook)
PRICE $18.95, $9.99
PUB DATE July 11, 2022

Judith A Bailey
Armin Lear Press