1st Option for International Students to Study MBBS is DAVAO MEDICAL SCHOOL FOUNDATION

Davaomedicalcollege.org University Entrance

Davaomedicalcollege.org University Entrance

Davaomedicalcollege.org Specimen Lab

Davaomedicalcollege.org Specimen Lab

Davaomedicalcollege.org grandeur Library

Davaomedicalcollege.org grandeur Library

Davaomedicalcollege.org Vertical Dissection's of Human Body

Davaomedicalcollege.org Vertical Dissection’s of Human Body

Davaomedicalcollege.org 2022 International Students Graduation

Davaomedicalcollege.org 2022 International Students Graduation

Davao Medical College Destination for International Students In-Spite of New NMC Guidelines

CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU, INDIA, August 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dream Destination for Education – Philippines

Philippines – An Island that is a Precious Treasure by itself
Being the second largest Archipelago in the world, the Philippines is made up of 7,641 islands. It’s beloved for over 36,000 Km of Pristine White Beaches, but it has more to offer visitors than the Sandy Stretches. From its chaotic capital Manila & crumbling colonial towns to island – hopping and volcanic vista, the Philippines offers history, culture and more for it to be unique.
The country has got it ALL!

Paradise like beaches, a variety of yummy traditional foods, but the best of all, the Filipinos!
The “Pinoys” (nickname for Filipinos around the world) are known for their hospitality, Filipino hospitality is a thing here. We just love them – Anywhere in the world you see a Filipino, their faces always exude this feeling of warmth and friendliness. The country is made up of fewer than around 7,500 islands, of which only 2,000 are inhabited and some 5,000 remains yet unnamed. This fascinating country also has around 175 different languages spoken by its people. They made karaoke famous and they have the camp fest, most colorful public transportation we would have seen.

Education in Philippines:-
The education system of the Philippines has been highly influenced by the country’s colonial history. That history has included periods of Spanish, American and Japanese rule and occupation. The most important and lasting contributions came during America’s occupation of the country which began in 1898. It was during that period that English was introduced as the primary language of instruction and a system of public education was first established – A system modelled after the United States School System and administered by the newly established department of Instruction.
The United States left a lasting impression on the Philippine School system. Several colleges and Universities were founded with the goal of educating the Nation’s teachers. In the year 1908, the university of the Philippines was chartered, representing the first comprehensive public university in the nation’s history.

Like the United States, the Philippine Nation has an extensive and highly inclusive system of education, including higher education in the present day. The United States continues to influence the Philippines’ education system as many of the country’s teachers and professors have earned advanced degrees from universities of the United States.
Structure of Education in the Philippines:

Education in the Philippines is offered through formal and non – formal systems. Formal education typically spans 14 years and is structured in a 6 + 4 + 4 system: 6 years of primary school education, 4 years of secondary school education leading to a bachelor’s degree. This is one of the shortest terms of formal education in the world.

Although English was the sole language of instruction in the Philippines from 1935 to 1987, the new constitution prescribed that both Pilipino (Tagalog) & English are the official language of instruction and communication.

Davao City:

Davao City is famous for its fruits such as Pomelo, Rambutan, Lanzones and Durian that are the must-tries. This City has the freshest and highest quality produce in the Country. Its exports of Banana, Pineapple, Orchids and Tuna, among the others are considered the best in the world. Its Pomelo, Durian & Mangosteen are sought after by the rest of the Country.

Davao City is a well developed and modern city of Philippines and also a good place of living. It is situated in the South Eastern part of the Mindanao Island and hence it is also called the Southern Mindanao. Davao City lies at the mouth of Davao River near the head of Davao Gulf. Here the ports handle inter island passenger traffic and trade of Copra, Corn (Maize) and Rice. Because this is an international port, the city ships huge quantities of Abaca, which is a natural fiber and also the main product grown in the adjacent agricultural Hinterland.

Davao boasts of the country’s highest peak MT. Apo, which is also the highest mountain Volcano in the Philippines, can also be found in Davao. Because of its elevation and sheer significance Mount Apo is a popular climbing destination. The most prized Philippine Orchid Species like the Vanda, Sanderiana, some of the most exotic fruits and the endangered Philippine Eagle are found in this city. Davao Del Sur is home to a host of ethnic groups whose culture and way of life have been preserved. Davao has the ingredients of what a global city would be like: Agile in its integrating technology with existing local culture, multicultural in identity, and daring in warding off undesirable elements from the periphery. Davao city, located in Mindanao is tagged as “The land of promise” of the Philippines.

Davao City, having a literacy rate of 98.7, is dubbed as the center of education in the Mindanao region. It is also one of the most progressive areas in the Philippines that takes pride in ensuring quality education to the public. The city has been renowned as one among the cleanest cities in the Philippines. It is proud to be the only Asian City that has an integrated emergency response system similar to that of the United States and Canada – The Central 911. It responds to all kinds of emergencies -Medical, Fire, Police Assistance, Natural or Man Made. Lying at the Southeastern corner of the Philippines, Davao City, the largest in the country (2444,000 Hectares). The City offers spectacular natural beauty with forests, the highest mountain in the Philippines, Mount Apo and beautiful coral islands. A diverse population of indigenous, migrant, and expat communities call Davao home.

NEET 2022 Examination was conducted on July 17th 2022 and about 19,00,000 aspirants applied for NEET 2022 and the results are anticipated by 21st August 2022.

Davao Medical School Foundation – Philippines – Affordable Medicine Degree :-

The Davao Medical School Foundation marked its presence in July 1976. Its college of medicine was thus the first such college to be set up in Mindanao and is dedicated to providing medical education and training of the highest order leading to the provision of effective medical care in both rural and urban communities.

Davao Medical School is the first and only medical college in Davao City, Mindanao (3rd largest city in Philippines). The college is recognized by the National Medical
Council (NMC) and World Directory of Medical Schools (WDMS) listed which allow Indian Students to practice as a doctor in India upon successful completion of their BS – MD degree from Philippines. DMSF is considered as one of the top Medical Universities for pursuing MBBS. It has several tie – ups with reputed Universities.

The Govt of Philippines’s deciding authority for medical Education is CHED (Commission on Higher Education) has amended the Curriculum according to the new NMC Guidelines increasing the Duration of MD Course to 54 months (4.5 yrs) from 48 Months (4 yrs) & also Registrable License to Practice.

The major facilities for a college such as a campus, Labs, classrooms, food court and transportation are provided through the management. All the labs and classrooms in the DMSF are modernized and are constructed according to the standards of modern technological development. The entire campus is connected with high speed internet for the convenience of the students. Speaking of the labs present in the Davao Medical College, they are the first and only medical college in the Philippines to have the simulation type laboratory. A 3D simulation lab is developed to make sure that the students understand their subjects well.

Davao Medical School Foundation has invested massively in the infrastructure of the campus to provide the most advanced, ultramodern lab facilities. Advanced, state of the art lab facilities such as Simulation Labs, Anatomage table, 3D dissection labs, Microbiology labs, Cadaver dissection labs are available here. Our students get free and liberal access to all these facilities so that they develop and perfect their skills and subject knowledge.

Pull up your socks, gear up, It’s time to take the adventure of studying Medicine here @ DMSF!

Suba Ramesh
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Walter Schindler Wins International Award as Private Equity Advisor

Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards
We must integrate our legal, business and investment advice in order to bridge the growing gap between the supply and demand of energy, water, food, and other global resources.”— Walter Schindler, speaking…

Leesa Rowland, author of ‘The Charisma Factor’ offers advice for a Happy Summer

Leesa Rowland ©leesarowland.net

The Self-Help Guide Author Leesa Rowland offers ideas to make the most of your Summer Self

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, August 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — This summer Why not Relax in the sun and absorb some much-needed vitamin D after a long winter along with some great advice on how to create the best you for the Summer season. Embrace your individuality, discover your authenticity, and empower yourself with advice from the author of The Charisma Factor: Unlock the Secrets of Magnetic Charm and Personal Influence in Your Life, Leesa Rowland.

Actress, philanthropist and author Leesa Rowland’s book describes charisma is an unseen but powerful force that has many different facets. Charisma is a special and compelling spark that makes you unique and sets you apart from the rest of the crowd, and it is something all people possess–whether they are aware of it or not.

Devoting a little time to connecting with our inner selves, learning what makes us truly special, and incorporating this magnetic quality into our personality can have untold benefits on our lives. The Charisma Factor is a guide that unlocks the mysterious formula for charm and influence. Whether you’re someone who lives in the spotlight, or you’re a college graduate just starting out on a career, Leesa’s ideas articulated in her book will improve the way you communicate and interact with others with useful lessons and personal tips.

“I think it’s especially important now and when we’re coming out of the pandemic. I want to help people become the best that they can be. One of the chapters I my book that’s especially strong is about different charismatic personalities, the traits that they have, and their magnetism. It’s like a behavior study really,” Rowland says.

About Leesa Rowland:
The daughter of an artist and college professor, Leesa Rowland grew up in Austin, Texas where she studied broadcast journalism and later became a classically trained actress at the world-renowned Stella Adler Studio in Los Angeles.

Beyond her extensive career and credits as a film and television actress, she is also well-known for her work as a philanthropist and animal rights activist. A vegan dedicated to healthy eating, she has been active with the national non-profit organization Last Chance for Animals since 1989 and is the president of the New York non-profit group Animal Ashram, which she founded in 2013.

As she continues to develop her work as a philanthropist and involvement with these and other charities while exploring new dramatic roles, Leesa recently began adding something else exciting to her sizzle reel: comedienne. A lifelong sitcom fan, she has been taking comedy classes with Richard Kline – the actor best known as Larry on the late-1970s classic Three’s Company – in Los Angeles. She has also been studying improv and sketch comedy in New York at the famed Upright Citizen’s Brigade whose alumni include Amy Poehler, Horatio Sands, Matt Besser, Matt Walsh and Ian McKay. For more information, visit leesarowland.net.

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UV Gullas College Of Medicine Graduating Doctors with Directors of Visayas Education

UV Gullas College Of Medicine Graduating Doctors with Directors of Visayas Education

UV Gullas College of Medicine Graduation Day

UV Gullas College of Medicine Graduation Day

UV Gullas College of Medicine Graduating Doctors Happy Faces

UV Gullas College of Medicine Graduating Doctors Happy Faces

UV Gullas College Of Medicine Dr. Vasanth Philip with Visayas Education proprietors

UV Gullas College Of Medicine Dr. Vasanth Philip with Visayas Education proprietors

UVgullas college of medicine Campus Top angle view

uvgullas college of medicine Campus view

UV Gullas College Of Medicine students Celebrated their Graduation Day in Style

We never Expected in our dreams that this would happen amidst the Covid-19 as the Previous batches did not have the Moment to Celebrate. Thanks to VISAYAS EDUCATION & University Management Team.”

— Dr. Abishek Vasanth Philip

CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU, INDIA, August 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — It appeared as though UV Gullas College of Medicine in the Philippines had a wonderful event akin to New Year’s or Christmas Eve.
In order to find out what was really going on in the SEA SIDE MALL in Cebu City, we had to go in ourselves. As it turned out, the final year students were celebrating their graduation after successfully finishing their MD (MBBS) Course after a long struggle and Online, Offline lessons.
The students this year are particularly noteworthy since they underwent a roller coaster of a journey to finish this course, advance thus far, and turn the impossible into reality.
Even though students have graduated from UV Gullas College of Medicine through Visayas Education for the past six to seven years, they did not have the same exposure and enjoyment because they missed their offline classes and switched to online learning instead, felt ill, learned what quarantine and isolation meant, and received assistance in treating patients due to the patient overflow.
However, as you can see, all of their pain and suffering has now inspired them to value their doctoral degrees, embark on careers in medicine, and advance and help others.
In order to show respect, each nation’s national song was performed for the pupils from India, Australia, Ghana, the United States, Italy, and Germany. There were smiling, energetic faces around. The Future Frontliners are prepared to march into Reality.
They were delighted to get their certificates, but they also believed they would have no trouble passing the INDIA NEXT (FMGE) screening exam because of the superior quality of their education.

Please get in touch with VISAYAS EDUCATION, the UV Gullas College of Medicine’s official Representative, if you have aspirations of becoming a doctor! For the next 5.6 years, we are here to Help you.
Why choose UV Gullas College of Medicine

• Forty decades of promotion of medical students
• For excellence, UV Gullas College of Medicine is ranked 6650 globally.
• Third place among the Philippines’ top medical schools
• Education and syllabus materials adapted from the US
• Committed academics pushing for the highest levels of instruction
• For the comfort of international students, special batches
• There are now about 2500 Indian students studying medicine.
• The best amenities and infrastructure are offered
• Separate Indian student dormitories on campus with vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options.
• The campus’s hospitable and healthy environment
• No donation, capitalization, or entrance examinations are required.
• The low, extremely cheap cost structure that allows for monthly payments.

The Gullas College of Medicine’s admissions office will guide students through the following steps:
• Parents and applicants are asked to take into account their desire to study MBBS in the Philippines before enrolling them.
• UV Gullas College of Medicine’s admissions procedure shall be open and honest.
The UV Gullas College of Medicine cost schedule, the UV Gullas College of Medicine hostel, food and accommodation, safety and security, and the UV Gullas College of Medicine curriculum are all covered in the counselling.
• Following confirmation of the entrance status, the procedure will start.
• An acceptance notification will be sent by the university.
•The UV Gullas College of Medicine personnel will help students get PCC if they don’t have a passport. They also provide assistance to students who don’t have one.
• Additional assistance with documentation
• Training and transporting the students to the office to complete the visa processing The UV Gullas Staff also handles interviews.
• The staff finally travels with the students to the Gullas College of Medicine in the Philippines.
• The office purchases the student’s ticket so that they may be sent in batches together.

The following list of papers must be provided to UV Gullas College of Medicine in order to be admitted to study MBBS in the Philippines:

• The applicant must be at least 18 years old, have completed their high school education, and submit a complete application for admission.
•The original copy of the birth certificate, the report cards from grades 10 and 12, the NEET score sheet or card, and a passport photocopy are all required documents. A Certificate of Good Moral Character from the most recent institution attended is also required.
• Prior to mailing the originals to the office, these papers must be scanned and submitted to info@uvgullacollegeofmedicine.com.
If the documents are deemed to be in good order by the Staff, the university will issue a confirmation email.

Once you receive an email from the institution, it is imperative to have ready the following important papers for submission:
• Write the letter of post-admission.
• Obtain a financial affidavit for the apostil procedure.
• A medical report is required.
• The college administration must get original certificates.
• For certification and apostilship, the provided papers must be delivered to the Philippine Embassy in Guindy Chennai.

You now have the opportunity to realise your dream of becoming a doctor!
There are 15k Indian students studying in the Philippines, and between 2500 and 3000 Indian students attend UV Gullas College of Medicine, so you won’t be studying alone.

UV Gullas College of Medicine
UV Gullas College of Medicine
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Holocaust Survivor Joe Rubinstein Passes Away at 101

Joe Rubinstein on his 101st birthday, September 16, 2021. Photo by John Pregulman: jsp.robmerpartners@gmail.com

Joe Rubinstein holding a copy of the book about his life: Auschwitz #34207 The Joe Rubinstein Story (photo by Crystal Merrill 2019)

Joe Rubinstein holding a copy of the book about his life: Auschwitz #34207 The Joe Rubinstein Story (photo by Crystal Merrill 2019)

Holocaust survivor Joe Rubinstein holding photo of his beloved mother  that he had not seen since he was taken from the Radom, Poland, Ghetto in 1941

Holocaust survivor Joe Rubinstein holding photo of his beloved mother who perished in the Holocaust

“Love Life. Love God. Love each other. That’s all there is.”— Joe Rubinstein

I cannot imagine a world without Joe, but thankfully his life, legacy, and lessons will live on through the example he set for us all. Joe gave us an inspirational map on how to deal with adversity.”

— Author Nancy Sprowell Geise

CASTLE ROCK, CO, UNITED STATES, July 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Holocaust survivor Joe Rubinstein passed away peacefully in Loveland, Colorado, on July 18, 2022. Joe was the believed to be the oldest known Holocaust survivor in Colorado.

Icek Jakub Rubinsztejn ”Joe Rubinstein” was born on September 16, 1920 in Radom, Poland. After Germany invaded Poland, Joe and his family were sent to the Radom Ghetto in 1941.

Two weeks later, Joe was taken from the ghetto and sent to several concentration camps. Joe never saw his family again. His widowed mother, Reska, his older brother, Dawid, Joe’s identical twin, Chaim, his younger brother, Abram, and younger sister, Laja, were all believed murdered at the Treblinka Death camp following the “liquidation” of the Radom Ghetto in 1942.

“It is my deepest prayer,” said Nancy Sprowell Geise, author of the award-winning book about his life, Auschwitz #34207 – The Joe Rubinstein Story, “that at this moment Joe is in the loving embrace of his beloved family. Although he survived decades without them, they never were far from his thoughts and heart. Even at the age of 101, Joe could not speak of them without weeping.”

Throughout his life, Joe defied the odds. He went on, not only to survive several of the most notorious Nazi concentration camps, including over two years at Auschwitz/Birkenau, but to live a long, productive, and joy-filled life. Joe and his bride, Irene, moved to the United States in 1949. Joe would become one of New York City’s leading shoe designers, working for such iconic companies as Korkease Shoes, Herbert Levine Shoes, Nina Shoes, Gelbrow Shoes, and later in California for Sbicca of California and Cherokee of California.

Joe’s philosophy of living so long: “Eat right, exercise every day and help each other. That’s what I did.”

Geise said, “For nearly 70 years Joe never told anyone about his story because he did not think anything good could come of it. After the book about his life was published, Joe was deeply touched by the many letters and feedback he got from people around the world telling him that if he found a way to live a joy-filled life after losing all he did, then they knew they could find a way to face their troubles.”

Geise is grateful that Joe finally decided to tell his story so that his family of origin will never be forgotten. “He became a voice for many who perished in the Holocaust and did not live to share their stories.”

“He was an inspiration to so many,” Geise said. “He will continue to be an inspiration for future generations about not giving in to despair and not turning to darkness. Instead, Joe saw the best in people. He lived into the idea of how we each have a choice in how we respond to adversity. Joe chose joy.”

Joe is survived by his wife, Irene, of 74 years, a son, daughter-in-law, three grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

On his 100th birthday, the City of Fort Collins, Colorado, declared the day “Joe Rubinstein Day.”

Geise said, “Joe told me in one of the last conversations I had with him, that every day he thanks God that he is alive, but that he is ready when God calls him home. Joe loved to remind people that life is precious and that we should never give up on it. I am grateful that he never did.”

To learn more about Joe’s remarkable life: Auschwitz #34207 – The Joe Rubinstein Story https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00VRZ40B2/

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1939919120

Author website: www.nancygeise.com

Facebook for Author Nancy Sprowell Geise: https://www.facebook.com

Publisher website: https://merrydissonancepress.com/

Donna Mazzitelli
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Ditch the Dye, Embrace the Gray and Ignore the Polite Hair Trolls

Pamela Cummins Author
This Curly Woman Went Gray by Pamela Cummins

A new book helps women with all types of hair textures take the steps and use the tools to stop the vicious cycle of covering up the grays.

Clientron introduces the innovative mechanical design – Easy Access M.2 SSD for POS System

Enrich the User Experience with Innovative Design- Easy Access M.2 SSD

Enrich the User Experience with Innovative Design- Easy Access M.2 SSD

a stylish POS system with high value and reasonable price

a stylish POS system with high value and reasonable price

Clientron’s innovative mechanical design Easy Access M.2 SSD with dual storage slots for NVMe and SATA SSD drives makes it easy to utilize your POS storage.

Clientron’s innovative mechanical design Easy Access M.2 SSD with dual storage slots for NVMe and SATA SSD drives makes it easy to utilize your POS storage.”

— Clientron Corp.

NEW TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN, July 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — As technology evolves, storage is getting slimmer and capacity is rapidly increasing. Storage is one of the key elements of a POS system, and customers always demand higher capacity and smaller size while retaining the flexibility to expand storage in the future. Clientron’s innovative mechanical design Easy Access M.2 SSD with dual storage slots for NVMe and SATA SSD drives makes it easy to utilize your storage.

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A POS system not only simplifies the transaction process, but also helps you manage inventory and analyze sales trends, so it stores a huge amount of data such as inventory, transactions, memberships, and everything about your customers. The Easy Access M.2 SSD offers two storage slots for maximum storage of up to 1TB, enough to handle all your business data. In addition, the mechanical design of the Easy Access M.2 SSD tray maximizes the data transfer speed of the PCI-e interface, enabling the POS system to process data faster than HDD or SATA drives.

Clientron’s commitment to providing user-friendly products led to the invention of the Easy Access M.2 SSD featuring high compatibility and flexibility. The latest model, PT2700, is the first POS system designed with Easy Access M.2 SSD, becoming one of the best-selling products in the POS market.

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