Introducing a new era of reading in Middle Grade novels- First time, gadget experiment done in kid lit

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Attention Middle Grade children, Parents, and Teachers; Have you ever seen a children book starting with a Warning for its readers?

UNITED KINGDOM, August 11, 2022 / — Hanna the Guardian of Nature series starts with a Warning for its readers. Claiming, “It is not an ordinary book; it does not even start in an ordinary way.” Then, the book asks its readers to prove their eligibility for reading this series by taking a small love for Nature test, uncovering the mysteries of nature.

This is an interesting e-series and this first book “Born to be Naughty” in this series is a first time experiment ever done in kid lit, in the new era of social media generation children aged 7 to 12 years. It aims to make children understand their emotions, diversity of the world and to use their energies positively by connecting with the nature around them. Children all around the world will connect to observe the actual meaning of diversity in this world by the same internet hash tags given in the book tasks during the story. Which will help kids all around the world realize that kids everywhere in the world are same in terms of having fun in life but there are always cultural differences everywhere in the world and we should always have acceptance for others in our life. Moreover, kids will realize that working together is fun and together they have the power to protect this nature.

Writing for children should always be humorous, as children should enjoy themselves being a kid. This is the reason for the main character Hanna in this series to be a naughty, mischievous 9-year-old girl.

“The only person I am afraid of in this world is me myself.”
That’s Hanna’s motto for naughtiness.
Meeting Hanna can help you solve the most complicated equation:

Naughty + Guardian of Nature = ?

Do not confuse your head with Guardian and naughtiness going hand in hand. As right from the start this is an in-your-face first person story. Hanna is an engaging and interesting character, breaking the fourth wall constantly, commenting to the reader, laughing with and at the reader and even taunting the reader. (She was born to be naughty, remember). Having no siblings but a strong lovable bond with her understanding mother cherish the story of this naughty young girl. When 9-year-old Hanna’s mischievous spirit is about to press her to one of her most daring thrills yet, Hanna discovers an unfortunate baby bird. Becoming a parent figure starts to reveal a special gift of God in her. But the naughtiness does not end here as she doubles her naughtiness with the perfect addition of this new best friend forever in her life.

Hanna the Guardian of Nature e-series, book# 1, “Born to be Naughty” will be publishing on 13 August 2022 on Amazon and on Black Friday 13 November 2022 on Kobo.

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About the Author
I am a super mom. When I started writing my series with my 3 naughty kids jumping and bumping, every where and every time all around me, I realized my power. Writing is my happiness. It gives my life meaning beyond my existence. More about me, I hold a master’s degree in marketing. I am the first international Children author from Pakistan writing an e-series for children. Every day was a challenge for me in my journey as an international children author but I never lose hope at any point in my life.
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I was recently interviewed for a live Tv show in California for my book.

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I recently wrote an article for my book, which is approved for publishing by (world’s best and top platform for kid’s books). It shall be published in their guest posts on 7 September 2022.

Famous book blog of UK Renaissance Writer reviews:
I found Hanna to be an engaging character, and since the book is 100% about her, this is important. This is an interesting experiment in what could be a new genre of children’s literature, a book/internet hybrid between a blog and a novel.
Recommended for tech-savvy children ages 7 to 12.

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India’s number 1 book blog Book Charming as recently interviewed me for my book. It shall be live soon on their blog.

Canadian top book platform N.N lights book heaven has given a special blog post for my book and is giving my book as this month giveaway award.

A more detail article on my book is live on gnews.

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Walter Schindler Wins International Award as Private Equity Advisor

Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards
We must integrate our legal, business and investment advice in order to bridge the growing gap between the supply and demand of energy, water, food, and other global resources.”— Walter Schindler, speaking…

Heart & Soul The Art of Cleo Mitchel

Keep Swimming  Upstream by Cleo Mitchel

Keep Swimming Upstream by Cleo Mitchel

Art by Cleo Mitchel

Art by Cleo Mitchel

Cleo Mitchel, a self-taught award-winning abstract artist, is creating a name for herself in today’s art world.

My profound desire is to motivate and inspire my audience to practice freedom, follow their dreams and follow a path that makes them happy.”

— Cleo Mitchel

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 11, 2022 / — Cleo Mitchel has been awarded the ATIM’s Top 60 Masters Award by ArtTour International Magazine. Originally from the United States, this Artist has earned world recognition for his striking artworks.

Cleo Mitchel is a self-taught award-winning abstract artist whose work is making a mark in today’s art world, a talented artist who has a unique germ of pouring out her heart and soul into any works of art she creates. In her paintings, Mitchel uses shapes, colors, forms, and gestural makes to produce its effect rather than attempting to accurately describe a visual reality.

Mitchel’s works are creative and phenomenal, exploring concepts of humanity and nature in innovative and compelling artistic ways. In her works, mother nature takes center stage. Mitchel cleverly captures clouds, rainbows, plants, and other natural elements in a distinctive method of playing and mixing colors. As per the artist, “Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness,” Mitchel uses colors to capture joyful and peaceful moments and express a rich ambiance and happiness.

During her creative process, there’s no planning or calculation; Mitchel’s approach is to let creativity instinctively lead the way. As a result, spontaneous imagery evolves as the artist naturally creates her works.

As per the artist, her profound desire is to motivate and inspire her audience to practice freedom, follow their dreams, and follow a path that makes them happy. Cleo Mitchel is one of the upcoming artists to watch in the art industry. She is a force to reckon.

Most recently, Mitchel’s trailblazing efforts in the global art scene were acknowledged when she was among the 60 artists to receive the ATIM’s Top 60 Masters Awards year 2022, published by ArtTour International Magazine, an Amazon Best-Seller book.
This book features all artists awarded the 2022 ATIM’s Top 60 Masters Awards.

To learn more about this artist, follow her

News provided by Viviana Puello for ArtTour International Magazine

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ArtTour International Magazine
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Metaverse platform ‘MergeRity’ connects people worldwide with AR objects and spaces



Anything made with AR… ‘Instant recognition’ patented technology.
Communicate with people around the world with AR through my favorite objects and spaces.

Myung Bae-young, CEO of MergeRity, said, “I am confident that a new communication culture will open in the post-5G era, and MergeRity will be at the center of it.”

— Myung Bae-young (CEO)

SEOUL, GEUMCHEON-GU, REPUBLIC OF KOREA, July 29, 2022 / — Contents:
A metaverse platform that can communicate with people worldwide has appeared by grafting augmented reality (AR) to all objects and spaces in sight. IT startup ‘MergeRity’ is the main character. MergeRity plans to spread the metaverse world in everyday life rather than virtual reality based on immersive metaverse technology.
Users can scan objects through the MergeRity app to create and share content with other users. If the scanned thing is a product, you will be provided with all the processes necessary for the purchase, such as where to buy, price comparison, list of similar products, and direct investment.

Anything made with AR… ‘Instant recognition’ patented technology
MergeRity has its own patented technology called ‘Instant Recognition. Through this technology, any object can be made into AR without prior learning and specified as a unique object.

Whereas the existing AR service provided limited content only for pre-learned objects, the advantage of MergeRity is that it allows AR content to be left and communicated even for non-pre-trained things.

When a user creates AR content, the content is shared with the same objects worldwide. This means that everyone around the world can freely communicate with each other based on the same AR content. In addition, Mergerity’s driving engine, ‘Mergeware,’ created by the convergence of technologies such as AI, AR, blockchain, and big data, also acts as a strength.

Communicate with people around the world with AR objects and spaces that I like
MergeRity defines its app as a ‘platform that communicates through my favorite objects and spaces’ and says that a new communication culture will unfold among users worldwide.

Users can scan objects around them and meet platform functions such as social media (SNS), video sharing, e-commerce, and information search that unfold right above the thing.

In particular, the company explains that you can gather with users from all over the world who have the same interests, tastes and experiences as you in the things you are interested in and share a deeper bond than the general community.
The plan is to create a new communication culture by expanding the daily experiences of all users, such as stories left in food, memories left at landmarks in tourist destinations, and wine information search that is usually not well known.

The first step towards becoming a global social media leader
MergeRity is currently discussing business partnerships with domestic and foreign telecommunication companies to become a leading company in the global social media sector. We are preparing for a worldwide launch for users around the world. We are strengthening in-app content for a rich user experience by forming partnerships with various industries such as distribution, manufacturing, and entertainment.

Myung Bae-young, CEO of MergeRity, said, “I am confident that a new communication culture will open in the post-5G era, and MergeRity will be at the center of it.” We will lead the global market by introducing a variety of digital experiences into a service that expands users’ daily experiences.”

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Trumpet the Miracle Wolf Pup is back in her second book – Trumpet Grows Up!

Trumpet the Miracle Wolf Pup: Trumpet Grows Up
Briley & Baxter Publications

More amazing adventures for Trumpet, as she learns and grows at the Wolf Conservation Center
PLYMOUTH, MA, UNITED STATES, July 26, 2022 / — Briley & …

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New book aims to change our thinking, change our behavior, and change the world.
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