Dr. Gloria Pope All Set to Arrive In Cleveland

HERO was released March 11, 2022

Upcoming Book Signing Event At Loganberry Books

CLEVELAND, OHIO, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, August 19, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Outside of MojuBa Festival and Culture and The Red Ball Gala taking place on September 15, 2022.

Dr. Gloria Pope, Author of Hero: Memoirs of Infertility, educator and entrepreneur will be hosting a book signing event at Loganberry Books located in the quirky and upbeat neighborhood of Larchmere Blvd.

In Hero, the reader has the unique opportunity and privilege to bear witness to moments of vulnerability, relationship dynamics, and different points of view of several couples as they embarked and sometimes struggled through their experience with IVF treatment.

Dr. Pope also takes the stage and opens up about her own emotional journey while in support of her wife as she went through IVF treatments and grappled with her own issues with infertility. The author hopes the reader can gain knowledge of how to support loved ones, and learn from each individual perspective.

Dr. Pope will also grace Loganberry Books with a short reading at the book signing.

Dr. Gloria Pope is an Award-Winning Business Catalyst and Founder of Black Girl Everything LLC which is a supportive for-profit network that seeks women of the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to create and sustain their business.

BGE hosts various workshops, retreats, and pop-up tours across the United States of America. VIP collective members gain exclusive benefits such as one-on-one discounted coaching sessions and invitations to participate in celebrity events. The Collective has also hosted book pop-up tours in the city of New York and Detroit, Michigan.

Coming up for Black Girl Everything is their Annual Retreat on Friday, October 7-9th, 2022 located at ‘Retreat House’ in Lakeville, Pennsylvania. This year’s topic is Women’s Wellness . Speakers will focus on wellness topics such as: Inner Wellness and Personal Balance, Growing Your Circle, and Beauty & Wellness and so much more. This is a magical time to enjoy great food, music, and drinks while connecting with other business owners.

This years retreat is sold out but there are still sponsorship opportunities. If you want to become a sponsor, please email Quenyana at quenyana@scubedproductions.com.

To obtain media credentials for the events, please email Quenyana at quenyana@scubedproductionsinc.com.

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KC Craichy’s Book The Super Health Diet Peaks at #3 on The Wall Street Journal’s Bestseller List

The strong sales showing continues for this highly regarded natural health book.
ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA, August 18, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — A week after reaching the top sales spot on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, the book The Super Health Diet by…

Changing Needs of Employees Drive New Mandate for Today’s Leader

Three healthy leadership principles are love, positivity and growth.  Three healthy leadership practices are clarify, connect and coach.

Healthy leadership is built upon three principles and three practices

Book title is Healthy Leadership:  How to Thrive in the New World of Work.  It's an actionable guide for leaders.  By the best selling authors, Lee J. Colan and Julie Davis-Colan

16th book release from best selling authors, Healthy Leadership: How to Thrive in the New World of Work

Love, Positivity and Growth are Essential for Leaders and Employees to Thrive in the New World of Work

Healthy leadership is like a cultural magnet that attracts people to your team and the cultural glue that makes them want to stay. If today’s workers don’t see it, they will look for it elsewhere.”

— Julie Davis-Colan

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, August 18, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Expansive research by Gallup shows a clear shift in focus for today’s worker who values purpose over paycheck, development over satisfaction, a coach over a boss, strengths over weaknesses. Along with these shifts, we see today more than ever people striving for good health in the broadest sense: healthy relationships, a healthy diet, a healthy mind, healthy emotions, healthy conversations, and healthy finances. With all this focus on healthy everything, the authors asked, “What about healthy leadership?”

“Healthy leadership is like a cultural magnet that attracts people to your team and the cultural glue that makes them want to stay. If today’s workers don’t see healthy leadership, they will look for it elsewhere. Healthy leadership addresses human needs—it’s personal”, said CEO advisor, Julie Davis-Colan.

“Healthy leadership is not about the leader, but it starts with the leader. It’s about the people you serve. As a leader, when you help others grow, you grow — and growing people fuel growing, healthy organizations”, added Organizational Psychologist, Lee J. Colan.

This new approach to leadership is comprised of three principles and three practices that are no longer nice to do in today’s new world of work. They are a new leadership mandate.

The three healthy leadership principles are:
• Love: Do what is in the best interest of others.
• Positivity: Manage negative emotions and increase positive ones.
• Growth: Seek new insights, knowledge, and improvements.

The three healthy leadership practices are:
• Clarify: Crystalize a desired future and motivation to get there.
• Connect: Build ties between work and human needs.
• Coach: Unlock the potential in others.

This actionable guide helps leaders apply these principles and practices so everyone can thrive: leaders, employees and organizations,

Healthy Leadership is the 16th release by best-selling authors, Lee J. Colan and Julie Davis-Colan. It is available on Amazon and with quantity discounts at CornerStoneLeadership.com.

About the Authors

Lee J. Colan, Ph.D. and Julie Davis-Colan, M.S. have been encouraging and equipping leaders for healthy growth since 1999. They are both former corporate executives and current CEO advisors.
Lee is an organizational psychologist. Julie is a corporate health strategist. They have a unique knack for converting complex leadership challenges into simple actions that empower leaders.
In addition to advising CEOs, between the two of them they have authored 16 leadership books that have been translated into 10 languages.
Learn more at theLgroup.com.

To receive sample chapters from the book, contact Lead@theLgroup.com.

Endorsements for Healthy Leadership

“Healthy Leadership perfectly captures the leader of the future, and how you can become the executive your team and company need. Filled with practical and actionable tools to get started with today, this book will revolutionize your work, career, and life!”
Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach and New York Times best-selling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“The principles and practices of Healthy Leadership come down to a simple truth I’ve been talking about for years: It’s not about you—it’s about the people you serve. Lee and Julie have created a hands-on guidebook to help you become the kind of leader people are searching for right now. If you believe Healthy Leadership matters in today’s workplace, read this book!”
Ken Blanchard
Coauthor of The New One Minute Manager® and Simple Truths of Leadership

“At Edward Jones, we ask our associates to lead with courage in ways that are purpose-driven and leader-led. Healthy Leadership is about what it takes to help high-performing teams feel supported and succeed in serving their clients, colleagues, and communities. It’s how to lead with purpose.”
Penny Pennington
Managing Partner, Edward Jones

“Healthy Leadership is like Google maps for today’s leader. It’s a trusted guide for leading in a new world of work. The starting point is where you are today. The destination is a win for everyone involved – the leader, the team, and the business.”
Daniel L. Jones
Chairman & CEO, Encore Wire

“The world of work has clearly changed. This excellent book is a practical guide for leaders who want to thrive in this new world, to be a positive force for good. Healthy leadership will change your business!”
Frank Dulcich
Chairman & CEO, Pacific Seafood Group

Excerpt from Healthy Leadership

Healthy leadership is more vital today than ever because peoples’ relationship to work has changed, and so has the nature of work itself. Expansive
research by Gallup clearly shows that today’s worker is more purpose-driven, development-oriented, and focused on strengths.

Purpose over paycheck.
Your team members don’t just work for a paycheck—they want meaning. They want to work for organizations with a compelling purpose. Compensation is important and must be fair, but it’s rarely the sole driver of career choices. And Ping-Pong tables, cappuccino machines, free snacks, and such are not strong motivators, either. The emphasis for today’s team member has switched from paycheck to purpose, and so must your leadership approach.

Development over satisfaction.
Today’s employees are not pursuing mere job satisfaction. They strive for development—both personal and professional, which are increasingly inseparable. They want self-growth and a position in an enterprise that is itself growing—so that they can contribute to it and be part of its story. As a result, they don’t want bosses. They want coaches. They want someone in their corner who values them as both a person and an employee—someone who helps them understand and cultivate their strengths.

Strengths over weaknesses.
Today’s team members don’t want to focus on fixing their weaknesses; rather, they want your help in building their strengths. Weaknesses rarely, if ever, transform into strengths, while strengths can develop infinitely. Leaders should not ignore weaknesses but instead put employees in positions to maximize strengths. This benefits both the individual and the organization.

This new healthy leadership model benefits leaders at every level, and everyone they work with. It matters in an up economy or a down
economy, in a start-up or a mature business, a local company or a global enterprise.

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Kingston, MA author Donna Laitinen publishes book, “The Highest Frequencies of Love”

Book is written for parents of children on the autism spectrum and available on Amazon August 24th
My purpose is to awaken compassion in our world, which I do through my work as an author, behavioral change specialist”— Donna LaitinenKIN…



Author Judy Rentz pens the most painful days of her life in her book Fighting to Survive

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, August 17, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — For many people, pain is something that just happens, a part of life. Same with the Christian author, Judy Rentz, who believes that pain made and makes her stronger. And she tells her story in her book “Fighting to Survive.”

“Fighting to Survive” was published in December last year by Xulon Press, with different formats. The paperback has over seventy pages while Kindle has over fifty. And for every page, Rentz brings herself back to the very painful days she had endured because of pudendal neuralgia; starting from her search for anyone or someone who can take the pain away to finally finding help.

And no matter her predicament, Rentz still believes that it is all no pain, no gain. And because she is very open about her spirituality, she does not shy away from openly sharing her prayer and church life in the book, which both guided her all throughout.

“She is also honest about her doubts. She doesn’t just pray to God; she literally cries out to Him. She is also honest enough to admit how suicide has crossed her mind more than a time or two… She can sometimes feel like death is her only release,” says Pacific Book Review.

Growing up exposed to a religious upbringing, Judy Rentz naturally cherishes life in a way that she sees light in every situation. Through this fact, she wrote “Fighting to Survive” with the hopes of bringing inspiration to those who have been and are experiencing the same type of pain that she did.

An honest biography that touches on pain, survival, and faith, perfectly fitting for those in need of guidance, “Fighting to Survive” is available on Amazon.

About Bookside Press:

Bringing stories and ideas to life, one tap at a time.

Bookside Press is all about creating buzz in the digital world. Buzz that’ll have each vital message be heard loud and clear. Headquartered in Canada, this hybrid publishing and advertising company aims to share the magic of its authors’ books with the world. With a dedicated team of creatives and marketing professionals, Bookside Press collaborates with clients in building better brands that stand out and reach greater heights.

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One Stop Books’ “Beware of Companies” Spills All of the Unseen Corruption Running Rampant in the Business

CLAIM INSANITY OR BE FIRED! Pascale Batieufaye gives us a glimpse of the exploitation and corruption that can happen in the workplace.

The best part is not just a story of woes detailed by a person who was wronged by his own employer, but rather a cautionary tale for anyone who might find themselves in a similar situation.”

— Pascale Batieufaye

NY , NY, UNITED STATES, August 17, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Beware of Companies that Rip Off Their Employees: How I Recovered from Injurious Employment Practices–So Can You! Is An Eye-Opener to the Challenges of Being in the Corporate World—And How to Overcome It.

Beware of Companies is the life of Pascale Batieufaye from 1996 to 2004. It sequentially took place over two decades ago when he used to work as a guest service representative at a corporate gambling den.

He reveals the intimidation he suffered as an employee for one of the largest gambling corporations in the United States. “I have centered “Beware of Companies” on the emotional suffering I faced while working for my previous employer,” shares Batieufaye. He worked for eight years as a Guest Services Representative for Knossos Inc. During his time there, he developed and submitted a design for expanding the gaming industry.

Although he was faced with significant pressures from his employer, he was able to combat anxiety using healthy alternatives to medication. In Beware of Companies, economic readers and business minded individuals will be able to have maximal triumph over bantered letdowns, with a better handle on organizational behavior through minimal steps.

“The book outlines guiding ethics for those who have experienced maltreatment and anxiety in their own workplace.” “Beware of Companies “gives readers an inside look at what large corporations attempt to hide from the public in addition to providing useful principles on rebounding from professional setbacks.
Readers will discover the crookedness that occurs right under the noses of the patrons, and unearth the oppression that the employees had to deal with on a daily basis.”

. A company is a place where every person’s suggestion is welcome and each employee’s skills and talents are celebrated. However, what if the workplace is actually not what we thought it to be?
. What if you found out that your employer was hiding secrets from the public? A job is supposed to secure one’s finances, but what if it was actually the cause of your financial troubles?
. · How his own ideas were stolen from right under Batieufaye’s feet.
. Ideas flow freely through the work environment, and the good ones are scooped up and put into action. But what happens when your ideas are suddenly being claimed by someone else?
. All of these questions are addressed in Pascale Batieufaye’s tell-all memoir.
· Corruption’s role in the mental health of himself and other employees at the company
· Gambles employees took when attempting to contribute, knowing all too well they may not receive proper credit for those ideas.
· The emotional suffering that workers had to deal with on a daily basis
. Advice for others who were taken advantage of by their employers.
· And so much more!

Go here to see the author’s blog!

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Communication Exercises for Couples Guide Released

Couple Therapy
Couple talking on swingset
Couple talking

If schools taught how to have conversations within the context of close relationships, fewer couples would need relationship counseling.”— Yvonne Judge, Marriage and Family Therapist…

Anthology raising funds for non profit supporting cancer survivors and caregivers and raising awareness about cancer

Fired Up! 2 book cover, stories of inspiring changemakers

Fired Up! 2 – inspiring stories

Fount of Grace Creatives FoGC logo

Fount of Grace Creatives logo

Fired Up! 2 multi-author book collaboration features inspiring stories of cancer warriors and other trailblazers who also share their step-by-step roadmaps

APPLE VALLEY, MINNESOTA, USA, August 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — After the success of #1 Amazon international bestseller Fired Up! Fount of Grace Creatives announces the paperback release of Fired Up! 2, another #1 Amazon international bestseller.

Fired Up! 2 is a transformational anthology written by global women changemakers who share their inspiring stories of changing their test into a testimony. They survived storms, overcame health challenges, thrived despite difficult times and built businesses and roadmaps along the way. They share empowering and motivating stories of how God has used their pain and turned it into their purpose!

As these torchbearers overcame the various storms in their lives, they realized something amazing. They had developed insights into the storms they had each gone through and learnt valuable lessons. They desired to share these lessons with other women who were experiencing similar storms and to give them the keys to fighting and overcoming their storms. Each of the authors also shares their 5-step actionable roadmaps to help you live a more fired up life..

They are on a mission with a single goal: Change the world, one woman at a time!

Find out how:
– Heather beat a terminal cancer diagnosis and is now cancer-free
– Vanessa valiantly battled cancer for 5 years with a never-give-up spirit but unfortunately, early in August, she succumbed to ovarian cancer
– Shelby beat cancer and got her doctorate in her 50s while taking care of her elderly parents and teenage daughter
– Laura recovered completely from an almost complete paralysis and is back to her airline job
– Donna survived childhood storms and became VP of a tech giant and now has her own thriving business
– Saira got out of a narcissistic relationship and built a successful, award-winning spiritual business
– Rebecca refused induction of labour after her first premature twin delivery and death of her firstborn son and God’s perfect protection

Some reviews:
“Fired Up 2 is a book I found hard to put down with powerful stories shared by some incredibly women who navigated adversity with all the strength they could muster and won. Every woman’s story touched my heart. Their outlook on life and the roadmaps they shared were practical and inspiring. Congratulations to all involved!” – Anne Ryan, Business Mentor & Money Coach

“Absolutely loved this amazing book!!!!
The stories of these women are so real and raw. Loved it so much”

“The stories of strength and resilience are so amazing in this book. Plus the bonus of the roadmaps to help you on your path and journey are so helpful! One of the authors, Vanessa, passed away the week after the book was released, which is amazing she was able to share her story with the world!! 🙏💙💙”

“This book is very uplifting and inspiring as you read through each woman’s story. It is humbling and offers hope.”

“This is a book that will inspire people who are going through difficult times that “This too would pass away” and there is something better on the other side.”

All proceeds from the sales of the book would go to a non profit supporting cancer survivors and caregivers, and raising awareness about cancer, Beyond the Ribbon! You can help support the charity and also get inspired and fired up by reading the inspiring stories and actionable roadmaps.

The e-book is available on Amazon: https://bit.ly/firedup2ebook
The paperback is available on Amazon: https://bit.ly/firedup2pb

Rebecca Grace Vijay
Fount of Grace Creatives
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Women’s Rights Advocate Maya Hennessey to be Featured on Close Up Radio

SUN CITY, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, August 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Sixties was a turbulent time of upheaval and great transition for women fighting for equal pay, safety, and equality. It has been a long arduous battle and today women are still not equally represented. We have so much more work to do. Nonetheless, we honor the struggles of women who came before us to change the course of history for the better.

Maya Hennessey is a consultant, trainer, and author who specializes in treatment and recovery of pregnant and parenting addicted women, interagency collaboration and cross training systems, to help families ravaged by poverty, trauma, malnutrition, and the stigma of addictions. Maya is also the author of If Only I’d Had This Caregiving Book.

“As a strong and outspoken advocate of women’s rights, everything I accomplished were the results of being inspired by remarkable women I met on my journey. In the sixties and seventies, in Illinois, where I’m from, we struggled to pass laws against domestic violence and sexual harassment. Looking back, I am proud and humbled to see that we made a difference. Currently, I am writing my legacy stories to pass along the lessons I learned, mistakes I made, and the powerful and unforgettable women I met. I hope my stories inspire women to continue the fight. May the upcoming advocates for women’s rights, help us achieve what we all deserve as proud, nurturing, intelligent, trailblazing women.”

As a child, Maya was exposed to a toxic life environment of abuse and a painful broken upbringing. At only 11 years old, Maya began running away from home, by 15, she was gone for good. Her youth was marred with the sting of teen pregnancy, sexual assault, and domestic violence. In the 1960s women who sought help from public aid, were turned away without assistance for married women. The patriarchal system back then offered no protection and no services for women. Yet, Maya’s indomitable spirit kept her going.

“A pivotal seed was planted the day I attended my first march for women’s rights. I experienced a surge of hope, spurred on by hundreds of women. We walked along Lake Michigan, holding signs and swapping stories of injustices we’d endured, gathering ideas about ways to speak out. I felt less alone with my heartache, and came away with greater determination and confidence to fight for women’s rights.”

In 1970s and 80s, as an alcoholism counselor, Maya pushed relentlessly for gender sensitivity in alcoholism treatment programs.

“I went up the ranks in the addictions field to supervisor, program director and Executive director of substance abuse treatment agencies, grateful for like-minded mentors and colleagues.”

Maya become a powerful sought-after speaker on women’s issues. In 1992 she was hired as the first women’s specialist for the Illinois Department of Alcholism and Substance Abuse (IDASA). Requests came from other state agencies for Maya’s help as a consultant, trainer and conducted compliance reviews and action plans to improve outcomes for women.

“My legacy stories will pass along my struggles, mistakes, epiphanies and triumphs, while striving for change so we can all live with harmony, comfort, safety and joy.”

Another significant endeavor is Maya’s book If Only I’d Had This Caregiving Book a must read for all of us who are struggling as caregivers, including single moms caring for children and aging parents, ill or disabled loved ones.

In the early 90s, Maya’s husband was diagnosed with brain cancer. With help from friends and neighbors, she did her best to care for him. But the stress of long hours at work during the day, and nights caring for him, took its toll. Maya collapsed two months before he tragically passed away. While bedridden, Maya journaled about the relentless demands of caregiving. She found research showing that the immune system of caregivers deteriorates along with the patient. Maya created a model to help family caregivers, as one day we all face the inevitable reality of caregiving.

“My book is filled with exercises to help caregivers develop a network of support to sustain families through the advances and setbacks of caring for ill, disabled, or aging loved ones.

Maya says that women’s rights woefully deteriorated in recent years. In the 1980s, with law makers and hundreds of volunteers in Illinois, the laws changed and services added for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Yet, today, there are states that won’t fund rape kit analysis, including Arizona, where Maya now lives and is pushing for change.

“The reversal of Roe Vs. Wade felt like a terrible setback, until I heard that voters in Kansas maintained the right to an abortion in their state’s constitution. Thank you Kansas for being a great role model. May other states follow suit! Maya encourages women to run for political office and/or empower and support lawmakers, governors and mayors to change laws for a woman’s right to choose and protect a woman’s right to safety and privacy.

“Women working together across this great nation are unstoppable. Four years ago, to save the Affordable Care Act, we marched, protested, visited the offices of lawmakers, made calls, sent emails, letters and distributed handouts. We successfully saved the Affordable Care Act. So, let’s keep walking and talking until all women in every state can live in safety, dignity, respect, and love.”

Close Up Radio will feature Maya Hennessey in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on August 18th at 11 a.m. EST

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

For more information, visit www.mayahennessey.com

Written By: Beatrice Maria Centeno

Lou Ceparano
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1st Option for International Students to Study MBBS is DAVAO MEDICAL SCHOOL FOUNDATION

Davaomedicalcollege.org University Entrance

Davaomedicalcollege.org University Entrance

Davaomedicalcollege.org Specimen Lab

Davaomedicalcollege.org Specimen Lab

Davaomedicalcollege.org grandeur Library

Davaomedicalcollege.org grandeur Library

Davaomedicalcollege.org Vertical Dissection's of Human Body

Davaomedicalcollege.org Vertical Dissection’s of Human Body

Davaomedicalcollege.org 2022 International Students Graduation

Davaomedicalcollege.org 2022 International Students Graduation

Davao Medical College Destination for International Students In-Spite of New NMC Guidelines

CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU, INDIA, August 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dream Destination for Education – Philippines

Philippines – An Island that is a Precious Treasure by itself
Being the second largest Archipelago in the world, the Philippines is made up of 7,641 islands. It’s beloved for over 36,000 Km of Pristine White Beaches, but it has more to offer visitors than the Sandy Stretches. From its chaotic capital Manila & crumbling colonial towns to island – hopping and volcanic vista, the Philippines offers history, culture and more for it to be unique.
The country has got it ALL!

Paradise like beaches, a variety of yummy traditional foods, but the best of all, the Filipinos!
The “Pinoys” (nickname for Filipinos around the world) are known for their hospitality, Filipino hospitality is a thing here. We just love them – Anywhere in the world you see a Filipino, their faces always exude this feeling of warmth and friendliness. The country is made up of fewer than around 7,500 islands, of which only 2,000 are inhabited and some 5,000 remains yet unnamed. This fascinating country also has around 175 different languages spoken by its people. They made karaoke famous and they have the camp fest, most colorful public transportation we would have seen.

Education in Philippines:-
The education system of the Philippines has been highly influenced by the country’s colonial history. That history has included periods of Spanish, American and Japanese rule and occupation. The most important and lasting contributions came during America’s occupation of the country which began in 1898. It was during that period that English was introduced as the primary language of instruction and a system of public education was first established – A system modelled after the United States School System and administered by the newly established department of Instruction.
The United States left a lasting impression on the Philippine School system. Several colleges and Universities were founded with the goal of educating the Nation’s teachers. In the year 1908, the university of the Philippines was chartered, representing the first comprehensive public university in the nation’s history.

Like the United States, the Philippine Nation has an extensive and highly inclusive system of education, including higher education in the present day. The United States continues to influence the Philippines’ education system as many of the country’s teachers and professors have earned advanced degrees from universities of the United States.
Structure of Education in the Philippines:

Education in the Philippines is offered through formal and non – formal systems. Formal education typically spans 14 years and is structured in a 6 + 4 + 4 system: 6 years of primary school education, 4 years of secondary school education leading to a bachelor’s degree. This is one of the shortest terms of formal education in the world.

Although English was the sole language of instruction in the Philippines from 1935 to 1987, the new constitution prescribed that both Pilipino (Tagalog) & English are the official language of instruction and communication.

Davao City:

Davao City is famous for its fruits such as Pomelo, Rambutan, Lanzones and Durian that are the must-tries. This City has the freshest and highest quality produce in the Country. Its exports of Banana, Pineapple, Orchids and Tuna, among the others are considered the best in the world. Its Pomelo, Durian & Mangosteen are sought after by the rest of the Country.

Davao City is a well developed and modern city of Philippines and also a good place of living. It is situated in the South Eastern part of the Mindanao Island and hence it is also called the Southern Mindanao. Davao City lies at the mouth of Davao River near the head of Davao Gulf. Here the ports handle inter island passenger traffic and trade of Copra, Corn (Maize) and Rice. Because this is an international port, the city ships huge quantities of Abaca, which is a natural fiber and also the main product grown in the adjacent agricultural Hinterland.

Davao boasts of the country’s highest peak MT. Apo, which is also the highest mountain Volcano in the Philippines, can also be found in Davao. Because of its elevation and sheer significance Mount Apo is a popular climbing destination. The most prized Philippine Orchid Species like the Vanda, Sanderiana, some of the most exotic fruits and the endangered Philippine Eagle are found in this city. Davao Del Sur is home to a host of ethnic groups whose culture and way of life have been preserved. Davao has the ingredients of what a global city would be like: Agile in its integrating technology with existing local culture, multicultural in identity, and daring in warding off undesirable elements from the periphery. Davao city, located in Mindanao is tagged as “The land of promise” of the Philippines.

Davao City, having a literacy rate of 98.7, is dubbed as the center of education in the Mindanao region. It is also one of the most progressive areas in the Philippines that takes pride in ensuring quality education to the public. The city has been renowned as one among the cleanest cities in the Philippines. It is proud to be the only Asian City that has an integrated emergency response system similar to that of the United States and Canada – The Central 911. It responds to all kinds of emergencies -Medical, Fire, Police Assistance, Natural or Man Made. Lying at the Southeastern corner of the Philippines, Davao City, the largest in the country (2444,000 Hectares). The City offers spectacular natural beauty with forests, the highest mountain in the Philippines, Mount Apo and beautiful coral islands. A diverse population of indigenous, migrant, and expat communities call Davao home.

NEET 2022 Examination was conducted on July 17th 2022 and about 19,00,000 aspirants applied for NEET 2022 and the results are anticipated by 21st August 2022.

Davao Medical School Foundation – Philippines – Affordable Medicine Degree :-

The Davao Medical School Foundation marked its presence in July 1976. Its college of medicine was thus the first such college to be set up in Mindanao and is dedicated to providing medical education and training of the highest order leading to the provision of effective medical care in both rural and urban communities.

Davao Medical School is the first and only medical college in Davao City, Mindanao (3rd largest city in Philippines). The college is recognized by the National Medical
Council (NMC) and World Directory of Medical Schools (WDMS) listed which allow Indian Students to practice as a doctor in India upon successful completion of their BS – MD degree from Philippines. DMSF is considered as one of the top Medical Universities for pursuing MBBS. It has several tie – ups with reputed Universities.

The Govt of Philippines’s deciding authority for medical Education is CHED (Commission on Higher Education) has amended the Curriculum according to the new NMC Guidelines increasing the Duration of MD Course to 54 months (4.5 yrs) from 48 Months (4 yrs) & also Registrable License to Practice.

The major facilities for a college such as a campus, Labs, classrooms, food court and transportation are provided through the management. All the labs and classrooms in the DMSF are modernized and are constructed according to the standards of modern technological development. The entire campus is connected with high speed internet for the convenience of the students. Speaking of the labs present in the Davao Medical College, they are the first and only medical college in the Philippines to have the simulation type laboratory. A 3D simulation lab is developed to make sure that the students understand their subjects well.

Davao Medical School Foundation has invested massively in the infrastructure of the campus to provide the most advanced, ultramodern lab facilities. Advanced, state of the art lab facilities such as Simulation Labs, Anatomage table, 3D dissection labs, Microbiology labs, Cadaver dissection labs are available here. Our students get free and liberal access to all these facilities so that they develop and perfect their skills and subject knowledge.

Pull up your socks, gear up, It’s time to take the adventure of studying Medicine here @ DMSF!

Suba Ramesh
+91 94455 53877
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