HeiSpark® announces the exclusive launch of Cocoa Hero Cookies at McEwan Fine Foods TD Centre, Toronto

HeiSpark® Cocoa Hero Illustrations: Diamond Light®, Francois and Vincent®, HeiMaya©

HeiSpark® Cookie at McEwan Fine Foods, TD Centre, Toronto, Canada

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, August 8, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — HeiSpark® announces the exclusive launch of Cocoa Hero Cookies at McEwan Fine Foods TD Centre location in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

HeiSpark® Cookies
Made exclusively with HeiSpark® stars and branded with HeiSpark® illustrations:

Francois HeiSpark® Cookie:
Made with Sir Francois Pralus Master Chocolatier’s world famous, multi award winning Maison Pralus Melissa milk chocolate couverture.

Vincent HeiSpark® Cookie:
Made with award winning “Best Gourmet Innovation”, Carre De Cafe® coffee couverture. Invention and joint venture of Vincent Ferniot, gourmet celebrity/journalist/entrepreneur and Sir Francois Pralus, Master Chocolatier.

Diamond Light© HeiSpark® Cookie:
Made with world famous “Golden Bean” and multi-award winning Organic Heirloom Trinitario Cocoa, milk chocolate couverture. Grown by Bertil Åkesson’s Bejofo Estate, in Madagascar.

HeiMaya© HeiSpark® Cookie:
Made with “the world’s purest chocolate”, Xoco Gourmet’s Single Variety Mayan Red™ Cocoa milk chocolate couverture, grown by Xoco Gourmet partner farmers in Central America.

ABOUT HeiSpark®, a division of Coco Doro Corp.
HeiSpark® is a registered trademark in Canada, United States of America, European Union, China and Japan.

HeiSpark® Wish APP and E-Book Reader, in partnership with Make-A-Wish® Canada:
Available for download on iOS Devices, APP Store®, Apple Inc.®, Android, Google PlayStore®, and Google LLC.®
Created and designed by: Christine Kevorkian, Canada
Illustrations: by Suam Fonseca, Honduras
Built by: Sigma Solve Inc., USA

HeiSpark® Books:
Francois and Vincent©, Diamond Light© and HeiMaya©
Written by Christine Kevorkian
Illustrations by Suam Fonseca
E-Book Reader: Diamond Light© and HeiMaya©
Translated in: Arabic, Armenian, Bengali, Binary, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Urdu.

The McEwan Group is recognized as one of Canada’s premier hospitality companies with a portfolio of innovative restaurant locations, grocery stores and an exceptional catering service. Chef Mark McEwan began his career as the executive chef at Toronto’s upscale Sutton Place Hotel. From here, he opened the ground-breaking North 44 and McEwan Catering which set a new standard for Toronto’s culinary scene. Chef McEwan continued to push dining innovation with the launch of Bymark, ONE and Fabbrica which now has 3 unique locations. Inspired by global food halls, Chef McEwan opened McEwan’s Groceries which have 2 locations across Toronto. Chef McEwan then showcased his innovative approaches to Middle Eastern, North African, and South Asian cuisine with Diwan at The Aga Khan Museum. Now, Chef McEwan mentors budding chefs in his kitchens, through his bestselling cookbooks and as head judge on Food Network’s hit series Top Chef.

Make-A-Wish® creates life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. We are on a quest to bring every eligible child’s wish to life, because a wish is an integral part of a child’s treatment journey. Research shows children who have wishes granted can build the physical and emotional strength they need to fight a critical illness. As an independently operating affiliate of Make-A-Wish International, Make-A-Wish Canada is part of the network of the world’s leading children’s wish-granting organization. We serve children in every community in Canada, and in more than 50 countries worldwide. 
Since 1983, Make-A-Wish Canada has granted over 36,000 wishes across the country, over 900 last year alone. 
For more information about Make-A-Wish Canada, visit makeawish.ca.

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Tissa Richards

Through the engagement of Tissa and her clients with our programs, we will work jointly to expand the positive governance of risk-taking to current and aspiring board members in new audiences.”

— David R. Koenig, President and CEO of The DCRO Institute

GLOBAL, ORGANIZATION, August 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The DCRO Institute is pleased to announce repeat Silicon Valley founder and CEO, leadership advisor, and board coach Tissa Richards has joined the DCRO Institute as an Affiliate Partner. This synergistic partnership will provide global leaders and board directors with the ability to attain DCRO Institute credentials like the Certificate in Risk Governance® and the Qualified Risk Director® designation and guide them to think more strategically about boardroom influence, value propositions, and how to navigate the C-Suite and career progression via Tissa’s live and online courses, training, and experience.

The DCRO Institute is a global collaborative of board members and c-level executives that offers a comprehensive library of on-demand courses, study programs, director development tools, networking, and sharing of best practices to foster better risk governance at organizations of all types. Affiliate Partners of the DCRO Institute bring our standard programs, as well as custom programs using our materials, to their clients. They also help the DCRO Institute to identify and disseminate local best practices to its global audience.

“Tissa comes to us as a highly regarded executive, entrepreneur, and leadership advisor,” said David R. Koenig, President and Chief Executive Officer of the DCRO Institute. “Through further engagement of her clients with our programs and her sharing of her skills with our enrollees, we will work jointly to expand the influence of positive risk-taking to current and aspiring board members in new audiences.”

“I work with thousands of senior leaders and board directors every year, and many of those executives need to think more strategically about how to assess and reduce risk. Partnering with the DCRO Institute will provide them with resources to do that. I’m excited to help the DCRO Institute and its clients think about the board journey more holistically: how to cultivate and develop influence, articulate and communicate a compelling value proposition that propels candidates into board opportunities, and strategies to be an effective and collaborative board member and executive,” said Tissa Richards..

Among the programs offered by the DCRO Institute are its flagship course, The Board Members’ Course on Risk®, which is taught by some of the world’s leading figures in risk governance. The program features lessons by nearly 50 board members, c-level executives, and well-known authors from five continents, and graduates of the program are awarded the Certificate in Risk Governance®. Holders of the Certificate in Risk Governance® are leading in boardrooms and c-suites on five continents. Read testimonials about the program at www.dcroi.org/testimonials.

The DCRO Institute also offers the Qualified Risk Director® professional designation. This prestigious designation recognizes the distinguished ability to link corporate strategy to the positive governance of risk-taking. Permission to use the designation is granted to experienced senior executives and board members from diverse industries, experiences, and geographies who have completed a comprehensive evaluation process. Applicants are evaluated across their business experience, risk management and risk governance acumen, demonstrated personal leadership, and educational background. Candidates must demonstrate breadth and depth across all four to gain permission to use the designation.

The DCRO Institute’s full course library is vast and comprehensive. To learn more about our work with boards and individuals, please visit www.dcroi.org.

About the DCRO Institute – The DCRO Institute is the home of the Qualified Risk Director® designation. We work globally to bring risk expertise to the boardroom and c-suite. Graduates from our programs are leaders in boardrooms and c-suites on five continents. Our goal, which is emblazoned on our logo, is to help organizations Innovate, Sustain, and Create Value. Visit www.dcroi.org to learn more.

About Tissa Richards – Tissa Richards is a keynote speaker, leadership expert, and corporate facilitator who works with Fortune 1000 and hyperscale organizations, guiding them to create blueprints for individual and organizational success, develop high-performance cultures, and diversify C-suites and corporate boardrooms. As a repeat software founder and CEO, Tissa sits at the intersection of entrepreneurship, fundraising, and executive leadership. She has raised millions of dollars for her companies, won awards for innovation and products, and holds multiple patents for complex cybersecurity software. This year alone, Tissa has helped dozens of her clients secure public board roles and nearly doubled that number in securing private board positions. She has guided countless executives in improving their compensation packages by clearly and confidently articulating their compelling value propositions. She has created and leads courses on accelerating the path to the boardroom, delivering content to individuals as well as corporate cohorts. Learn more at www.tissarichards.com or https://www.tissarichardsleadership.com/

For more information, please contact David R. Koenig at +1.612.286.1776 or by e-mail at david.koenig@dcroi.org.

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The Irresistible Company partners with Sangiovanni Partners

Irresistible Company and Sangiovanni Partners Logos

New collaboration sets up the New-York based firm as a leading provider of end-to-end support for technology start-ups.
By working with Sangiovanni Partners, we can ensure that our clients have the b…

Holocaust Survivor Joe Rubinstein Passes Away at 101

Joe Rubinstein on his 101st birthday, September 16, 2021. Photo by John Pregulman: jsp.robmerpartners@gmail.com

Joe Rubinstein holding a copy of the book about his life: Auschwitz #34207 The Joe Rubinstein Story (photo by Crystal Merrill 2019)

Joe Rubinstein holding a copy of the book about his life: Auschwitz #34207 The Joe Rubinstein Story (photo by Crystal Merrill 2019)

Holocaust survivor Joe Rubinstein holding photo of his beloved mother  that he had not seen since he was taken from the Radom, Poland, Ghetto in 1941

Holocaust survivor Joe Rubinstein holding photo of his beloved mother who perished in the Holocaust

“Love Life. Love God. Love each other. That’s all there is.”— Joe Rubinstein

I cannot imagine a world without Joe, but thankfully his life, legacy, and lessons will live on through the example he set for us all. Joe gave us an inspirational map on how to deal with adversity.”

— Author Nancy Sprowell Geise

CASTLE ROCK, CO, UNITED STATES, July 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Holocaust survivor Joe Rubinstein passed away peacefully in Loveland, Colorado, on July 18, 2022. Joe was the believed to be the oldest known Holocaust survivor in Colorado.

Icek Jakub Rubinsztejn ”Joe Rubinstein” was born on September 16, 1920 in Radom, Poland. After Germany invaded Poland, Joe and his family were sent to the Radom Ghetto in 1941.

Two weeks later, Joe was taken from the ghetto and sent to several concentration camps. Joe never saw his family again. His widowed mother, Reska, his older brother, Dawid, Joe’s identical twin, Chaim, his younger brother, Abram, and younger sister, Laja, were all believed murdered at the Treblinka Death camp following the “liquidation” of the Radom Ghetto in 1942.

“It is my deepest prayer,” said Nancy Sprowell Geise, author of the award-winning book about his life, Auschwitz #34207 – The Joe Rubinstein Story, “that at this moment Joe is in the loving embrace of his beloved family. Although he survived decades without them, they never were far from his thoughts and heart. Even at the age of 101, Joe could not speak of them without weeping.”

Throughout his life, Joe defied the odds. He went on, not only to survive several of the most notorious Nazi concentration camps, including over two years at Auschwitz/Birkenau, but to live a long, productive, and joy-filled life. Joe and his bride, Irene, moved to the United States in 1949. Joe would become one of New York City’s leading shoe designers, working for such iconic companies as Korkease Shoes, Herbert Levine Shoes, Nina Shoes, Gelbrow Shoes, and later in California for Sbicca of California and Cherokee of California.

Joe’s philosophy of living so long: “Eat right, exercise every day and help each other. That’s what I did.”

Geise said, “For nearly 70 years Joe never told anyone about his story because he did not think anything good could come of it. After the book about his life was published, Joe was deeply touched by the many letters and feedback he got from people around the world telling him that if he found a way to live a joy-filled life after losing all he did, then they knew they could find a way to face their troubles.”

Geise is grateful that Joe finally decided to tell his story so that his family of origin will never be forgotten. “He became a voice for many who perished in the Holocaust and did not live to share their stories.”

“He was an inspiration to so many,” Geise said. “He will continue to be an inspiration for future generations about not giving in to despair and not turning to darkness. Instead, Joe saw the best in people. He lived into the idea of how we each have a choice in how we respond to adversity. Joe chose joy.”

Joe is survived by his wife, Irene, of 74 years, a son, daughter-in-law, three grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

On his 100th birthday, the City of Fort Collins, Colorado, declared the day “Joe Rubinstein Day.”

Geise said, “Joe told me in one of the last conversations I had with him, that every day he thanks God that he is alive, but that he is ready when God calls him home. Joe loved to remind people that life is precious and that we should never give up on it. I am grateful that he never did.”

To learn more about Joe’s remarkable life: Auschwitz #34207 – The Joe Rubinstein Story https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00VRZ40B2/

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1939919120

Author website: www.nancygeise.com

Facebook for Author Nancy Sprowell Geise: https://www.facebook.com

Publisher website: https://merrydissonancepress.com/

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