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New Book by Carol McLeod ” MEANWHILE: Meeting God in the Wait ” Available Now

MEANWHILE: Meeting God in the Wait
Carol is a best-selling author of 15 books

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The Strength of the Nation

Author Luisa Plancher tells readers how to make America great again in her book
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The Devil Shares a Blueprint for Saving the World in Thomas Poppe’s Latest Book, “Espresso With the Devil”

Thomas Poppe’s “Espresso With the Devil”

The best-selling author’s compelling dialogue explores enduring themes, resulting in an insightful self-help guide for overcoming life’s greatest challenges

Through insights learned from the devil, the reader must search internally to make sense of his lessons and find their own personal and spiritual enlightenment out of them.”

— Thomas Poppe

SALZBURG, AUSTRIA, July 29, 2022 / — Best-selling author Thomas Poppe has announced his most recent release, “Espresso With the Devil: The Night he Revealed his Secrets to me to Save the World.” Poppe’s latest work explores some of life’s most compelling questions and tribulations, ultimately forming a blueprint for navigating the labyrinth of life. And while the concept sounds intriguing in itself, the way Poppe weaves this roadmap is equally as enthralling.

Poppe’s book is written in a dialogue format between a traveling writer and journalist a mysterious character named Fred. The two meet in an airport hotel bar at 3 am—the Devil’s Hour–somewhere in the Western US. The meeting between the two isn’t a chance encounter—it’s a carefully orchestrated meeting by Fred. The reader learns Fred has a story to tell, and he has named the journalist as his chosen mouthpiece to tell his story.

But readers quickly learn Fred isn’t any ordinary protagonist. He is the devil himself, and he’s in trouble.

Fred aims to use the journalist as a pawn in his quest to regain his terrifying grip on humanity. Humanity is on the cusp of collapse thanks to its own self-destructive behaviors. Fred fears this self-destruction is rendering his powers and efforts to destroy humanity useless. So in an effort to regain his supremacy, Fred believes that by revealing all of his secrets on how humans can resist him, they will rise in solidarity against him, reinvigorating his cause and power.

But to share his message with the world, Fred needs a willing human partner to act on his behalf. If the journalist can get his plan out to humanity and convince them to rise against him, he can accomplish his dark mission.

Throughout the pair’s early morning conversation, Fred divulges all of his secrets. He explores life’s most pressing themes and tribulations and how he has used them against humans, including the environment, religion, nutrition, migration, racism, gender, Coronavirus, health systems, terrorism, hate speech on the web, and more.

Poppe’s style throughout the dialogue is biting and humorous while encouraging the reader to think for themselves about what messages to take away. The reader is a voyeur of the pair’s deep conversation, which helps them form their own judgments about the topics being discussed and create a self-crafted strategy for navigating challenges in their lives.

‘“Espresso With the Devil” ultimately serves as a self-help book sans the typical self-help format,” said Poppe. “Through insights learned from the devil, the reader must search internally to make sense of his lessons and find their own personal and spiritual enlightenment out of them. I hope readers will find it an enlightening read that will help them find their own clarity of life through critical thinking and deep personal reflection.”

“Espresso With the Devil” is Poppe’s latest effort in an already prolific career. Poppe, along with frequent co-author Johanna Paungger, is one of the most successful writers in German, boasting sales of nearly 20 million copies with his books translated into 30 languages.

“Espresso With the Devil,” is available for purchase on Amazon and at other online booksellers.

Author’s Bio
In 1991 Thomas Poppe published, together with Johanna Paungger, the runaway bestseller “Vom richtigen Zeitpunkt” (The Power of Timing) about the influences of lunar rhythms on everyday life.

Numerous other books by the author duo followed, heralding a renaissance in health awareness and providing a myriad of practical tips for everyday life. Their work saw translation in 30 languages and more than 20 million copies sold in German alone.

In addition, they have developed a comprehensive calendar program that puts the insights of lunar knowledge into practice day by day.

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Flipped portrait of President Trump by Julian Raven after January 6th coup attempt.

The disgraceful insurrection on January 6th, 2021 caused artist Julian Raven to completely rescind his support for former President Trump.

New Book 'Odious and Cerberus: An American Immigrant's Odyssey and his Free-Speech Legal War Against Smithsonian Corruption'

Front cover of new book by artist and former Trump supporter Julian Raven

Raven's gripping odyssey is graphically depicted in the free-speech trilogy.

The Return of the Raven is now, the final chapter in ‘Odious and Cerberus: An American Immigrant’s Odyssey and his Free-Speech Legal War Against Smithsonian Corruption’ By Julian Raven


…a wonderful book about his own Pilgrim’s Progress confrontation with America’s cultural and legal elite—a funny, revealing, and entertaining story of one man’s struggle against overwhelming odds.”

— Laurence Jarvik

WASHINGTON D.C., DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, July 22, 2022 / — New York Artist Julian Raven continues his 1st Amendment free-speech crusade with the release of his new book, ‘Odious and Cerberus: An American Immigrant’s Odyssey and his Free-Speech Legal War Against Smithsonian Corruption.’ On the heels of over three years of litigation that took Raven all the way up the marble steps of the U.S. Supreme Court, his new book documents and exposes the glaring and unresolved legal enigma that the mysterious Smithsonian Institution continues to present to the Washington D.C. landscape and the American tax-payer, to the tune of 700 million dollars per year.

Raven’s giant 7×15 foot presidential portrait of Donald Trump, painted in the summer of 2015, was seen across the nation and unmistakably in Washington D.C. It was the feature article in the August 2019 Washingtonian magazine and on the front page of the Washington Times, having been odiously rejected by the National Gallery’s Director Kim Sajet. The unprecedented free-speech claims against the Smithsonian were the catalyst to uncovering an even greater Smithsonian legal dilemma; That of, what exactly is the Smithsonian Institution? What is the entity status of the Smithsonian Institution?

Raven exhaustively documents the legal schizophrenia he encountered, which is pertinently illustrated in Federal Judge Trevor McFadden’s ruling, claiming that the Smithsonian Institution is the government “through and through…the National Portrait Gallery has historically communicated messages from the government, in the sense that it compiles the artwork of third parties for display on government property” and yet Peter G. Powers, former Smithsonian’s general counsel, from another Smithsonian scandal documented in the book, said: “that virtually all Smithsonian properties, including the museums on the Mall in Washington, legally belong to the Institution and not to the federal government….” In a speech written for Chief Justice Warren Burger, he quotes Chief Justice Howard Taft in his capacity as Smithsonian Chancellor saying, “The Smithsonian is not, and never has been considered a government bureau. It is a private institution under the guardianship of the government” This legal conundrum in Raven’s case is so severe that the federal court’s ruling continues to violate the separation of powers doctrine, trampling Raven’s 1st Amendment rights. The Supreme Court rejected this unresolved issue of federal law. It will only now be resolved with a congressional amendment to the Smithsonian Act of 1846, the pursuit of which is Raven’s next chapter on his remarkable American odyssey.

Raven’s support for former president Trump came crashing down at the January 6th insurrection. Raven publicly called the former president to repent and resign in the Washington Times and the Washingtonian magazine.

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