New book by Mike Meier “The Final Days of Doggerland” now available as eBook on Amazon

Book Cover, The Final Days of Doggerland by Mike Meier
The ravens in The Final Days of Doggerland by Mike Meier
The protagonist of The Final Days of Doggerland by Mike Meier

"The Final Days of Doggerland," a pre-historic story set in Norther…

Sima Azadegan Makes Red Carpet Appearance to Celebrate Law of Attraction Book Launch

Fashion Designer to the Stars Sima Azadegan on the Red Carpet for Natasha Graziano's Book Premiere

Fashion Designer to the Stars Sima Azadegan on the Red Carpet for Natasha Graziano’s Book Premiere

Fashion Designer to the Stars Sima Azadegan

Fashion Designer and CEO Sima Azadegan

Beverly Hills philanthropist / Sima Collezione founder Sima Azadegan made a special red carpet appearance for Natasha Graziano’s “Be It Until You Become It.”

Sima Collezione is a clothing line of heart and soul. I hope that my truth and my story can trickle down and help other ladies and other people who are going through this journey.”

— Sima Azadegan

MALIBU, CA, US, August 12, 2022 / — Sima Collezione makes custom, six-figure evening dresses for an elite handful of clients. Mrs. Azadegan sketched out her “All Bright” collection while stuck at home, at the start of Covid in 2020. By September of 2021, she had embarked on an international whirlwind of runway shows, starting in Soho, New York. Then in February of 2022, she did shows at Palazzo Visconte, Milan, and Galerie La Bourbon, Paris. In March, she was on to the Forbes 30/50 Women International Summit, Abu Dhabi. Sima Collezione received positive coverage in Vogue, Bazar, Elle, Forbes, and Marie Claire among many more. The designer says that with her dresses, “ladies can tap in to understanding the deeper meaning of life. It’s not just about looking good and trying to make a statement. It’s about really being in touch with your authentic self and your inner light.”

Mrs. Graziano’s book launch was a great place for the philanthropist-turned designer to meet and mingle with other high-powered guests dedicated to personal transformation and the light of consciousness. Mrs. Graziano’s book describes the author’s MBS personal growth system, which pairs breathwork and meditation with purpose to achieve what her fans call life-changing results. “Be It Until You Become It” contains quotes from some early “New Thought” leaders, who strongly influenced today’s Law of Attraction coaches, motivational speakers, and authors.

Mrs. Graziano tells how in the space of about a year she went from rock bottom, hiding a drug addiction and living in her mom’s basement, to sharing a stage with some of today’s highest paid speakers. She has 10 million Instagram followers, who she calls her community. “I realized that every single day, no matter what you’re going through, you will always see a glimmer of light like a candle. And if you focus on that light, you can follow it out of the darkness. This is the light that can guide you to long-lasting happiness,” says Natasha.

Sima Azadegan’s “journey of inner consciousness” took “15 or 16” years of her life. Both women in telling their stories talk not only of abundance, but of being service-oriented, and using wealth as a tool to help others. Sima’s giving activity has included charitable board work and fundraising millions for Hadassah Hospital Neuromuscular Disease Foundation, Children’s Hospital, Children’s International, Beyond Vision and more. Natasha Graziano works with a charity to help the homeless which Sima also supported this night. Mrs. Graziano aims to one day open an orphanage in Africa.

Sima says, “There is a reason that I’m here. It’s to have my story heard. To allow this fashion project to stand for truthfulness. To stand for authenticity… This is not an ordinary clothing line. And I don’t see it as an ordinary clothing line. It’s a clothing line of heart and soul… I hope that my truth and my story can trickle down and help other ladies or other people who are going through this journey. So they know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. You can make it. It is possible to manifest your dreams and live the life you want to live.”

Some of the many notable guests at the event included Natasha’s husband, Michael Graziano, motivational speaker and friend of Oprah, Tim Storey, high stakes performance coach Thomas McCarthy, actor Michael-Leon Wooley (voice of Louis the Alligator in Disney’s Oscar-nominated animated feature film, The Princess and the Frog), and Caroline D’Amore, of the D’Amore pizza family.

Hollywood Sentinel, who was also in attendance stated that “It was really an outstanding event. Numerous guests walked up to fashion designer Sima Azadegan and commended her on what they said was her beautiful and perfectly tailored attire. One young woman, an aspiring fashion designer, was eager to get advice from the A-list designer. Sima was as kind and gracious as ever, even offering to give free coaching to the young artist.” Sima will be sharing more of her fashion advice with the public at the end of this month of August on a podcast which will be found at Hollywood Sentinel dot com. Both influencers will also appear in the online magazine later this summer.

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Gilligan Speaks!

Bob Denver Audio Book

Dreama Denver

Bob & Dreama Denver

TV icon Bob Denver’s book Gilligan, Maynard, and Me, reissued for the first time In 3 decades as a digital audio book.

It has been a joy for all of us to make this audio book a reality.”

— Dreama Denver

PRINCETON, WV, UNITED STATES, August 10, 2022 / — Unavailable for years, Gilligan, Maynard, and Me, TV icon Bob Denver’s story, in Bob’s own words and his voice, so familiar to millions of baby boomers, is now available for the first time in decades! This new audio book release also contains a special introduction from Bob’s wife and award-winning author, Dreama Denver. This audio book is a must-have for fans of classic television!”

Of the reissue, Dreama Denver says “ When Bob’s book, “Gilligan, Maynard, and Me,” first came out, I loved it and encouraged everyone to read it. He was a great storyteller, and reading his words was almost as good as hearing him say them.

At the time, Bob recorded his book on cassette (remember those?), but audio books weren’t as popular in the 90s as they are now in the 21st century. So with the help of my management and my publisher, we had the cassette recording digitized, a new cover art design, and voila! So now Bob Denver/Gilligan fans can listen to Bob himself as he takes you behind the scenes of his most iconic TV roles.

It has been a joy for all of us to make this audio book a reality. And as his wife of 30 years, I’m thrilled to offer you the experience of winding down or settling in on that road trip as Bob’s voice reminisces about the actors he worked with and the experiences he had during a career that spanned 55 years.”

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Bestselling author Leslie Lew helps women stand in their power

Leslie Lew
Asian Women Trailblazers

As a trauma-informed self-defense coach, she doesn’t just teach defensive moves; she helps women stand in their power from the streets to the workplace
A self-defense mindset is going to change your life and finding…

Bestselling author Mihae Kim Stefani gives her best to every client, big or small

Mihae Kim Stefani

Mihae Kim Stefani

Gimga Design Group

Asian Women Trailblazers

The founder and creative director of successful design and marketing firm Gimga Group loves to mentor young designers which she appreciates learning from them.

Don’t set the bar so high, but don’t set the bar too low either.”

— Mihae Kim Stefani

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 10, 2022 / — Mihae Kim Stefani has always loved art. In particular, graphic design. Even as a child, she would notice the creative elements of logos, packaging, signage, and retail spaces. Growing up in an Asian family, however, her interest in art was not seen as the path to a legitimate career and was therefore not encouraged. Instead, Mihae played the cello and was destined for music school when a high-school art teacher saw her potential and helped her put together a portfolio. Having immigrated to Baltimore from Korea when she was 11, Mihae didn’t know the ins and outs of applying to college in the U.S., but her teacher helped her get into some art schools. “My mom was not really thrilled about me going to art school instead of music school,” she recalls, “but luckily, she understood that was my passion.” Her only request was that her daughter stay close to home, so Mihae enrolled in the Corcoran School of Art & Design at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

After graduation, she gained experience at design firms in Baltimore and New York. But then Mihae swerved out of design and into food, following her other passion into launching an Asian gourmet shop in Georgetown, DC. The venture lasted four years until she realized she missed designing. She started slowly growing a freelance design clientele while offering free graphic design services to a friend in exchange for being able to use his Mac to teach herself how to use design software. Over the next couple of years, her design confidence grew. She combined that confidence with her previous entrepreneurial experience and launched Gimga Design Group.

That was 31 years ago. From those modest beginnings, Gimga Group has grown into a full-service firm, offering branding, publications, marketing, social media, web design, and events. Through it all, Mihae has treated all her clients with the same respect and dedication. “I give 110 percent to every job, whether it’s a small project for a mom-and-pop shop or a huge project at the World Bank Group.” She is also willing to do whatever is needed for a client. “Just because I’m an owner of the company doesn’t mean I can’t pick up trash or make a delivery,” she says. It’s always a team effort.
Learn more about the design firm and its services at or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @GimgaGroup. You can also read much more of Mihae Kim Stefani’s story in the inspiring new book Asian Trailblazers Who BossUp, a collection of in-depth interviews with Asian women who have broken the mold, overcome obstacles, and have a wealth of advice to share.

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Believe in yourself, says bestselling author Sabrina Li, even when others don’t

Sabrina Li
Asian Women Trailblazers

She’s defying expectations all her life and she advises other women not to listen when people tell them things are impossible. Set your goal and work toward it.
Rather than thinking of success as a source of happine…